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The Wooden House in Slovenia

Contemporary Slovenian Home design by studio PIKAPLUS architects

3 May 2017

The Wooden House, Slovenia

Architects: studio PIKAPLUS

Location: Slovenia

The Wooden House

The Wooden House

Awarded 1st place nationally in 2016 for the best wooden construction in Slovenia. This timber house is a residential building embodying the elusive architectural quality of blurring the line between external and internal spaces.

Contemporary Slovenian Home

The Wooden House in Slovenia

The Wooden House was designed with the intent to provide a resilient shelter from adverse weather, whilst creating the internal environment replicating the sensation of being outdoors.

Contemporary Slovenian Wooden Home

New Slovenian Wooden Home

Soft wooden interiors are shielded by a durable outer shell. Special consideration was given to the positioning of the house: situated in a natural environment at the verge of a large forest clearing, without disturbing the exceptional beauty of the landscape.

Slovenian Wooden Property

Slovenian Wooden Residence

With little room to maneuver, given the compact nature of the building plot, the focus was to utilize available space to serve the occupants’ wellbeing.

Slovenian Home

Slovenian House

Contemporary Slovenian Timber Residence

Contemporary Slovenian Timber Property

The project used wood as the dominant material in order for the house to blend with the wooded background. Simplicity in the design of The Wooden House is complemented by the oblique lateral facade, adding captivating nuances.

Contemporary Slovenian Timber Home

Contemporary Slovenian Timber Home

All rooms with the exception of the bathroom face the sizable glass facade, letting in vivid colors and shapes of the natural surroundings. The living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom with sauna are on the ground floor while two bedrooms are upstairs, overlooking the rooms in the ground floor.

Contemporary Slovenian Timber Property

Contemporary Slovenian Timber House

The landscaping design around this timber house respects the natural environment.

Contemporary Slovenian Timber Home

The Wooden House

The Wooden House in Slovenia – Building Information

Architects Firm: studio PIKAPLUS
Lead Architects: mag. Jana Hladnik Tratnik u.d.i.a., Tina Lipovž u.d.i.k.a.
Project location: Kanji Dol, Slovenia
Construction Start: 2014
Completion Year: 2015
Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 82 sqm

The Wooden House

Awarded 2nd place nationally in 2016 for the best wooden construction in Slovenia

Photographer: MIHA BRATINA

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Location: Slovenia, central east Europe


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