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VJC São Paulo House, Brazil

4 March 2024

Original architectural design: Studio MK27 ; Interior Design: Marina Salles Arquitetura e Interiores

Location: São Paulo, SP, Brasil, South America

VJC São Paulo House, Brazil property

Photos by Fran Parente

VJC São Paulo House Design

VJC São Paulo House, Brasil

Located in São Paulo, the interior renovation project of this 800 square-meter house – with the original architecture designed by Studio MK27 and completed in 2005 – had as its premise the adaptation of the social wing to the new life stage of the residents. The owners established certain points as the compass guiding the development of the proposal: respecting the main characteristics of the architecturally valuable house, making adjustments to the layout to meet the family’s needs, and, above all, creating spaces that prioritize comfort and well-being.

VJC São Paulo House, Brazil property

The silence of the design and the materials defining the architecture of the residence, from the white concrete walls to the wood covering the living room floor and extending to the balcony deck, echoed a blank canvas for the new furniture and the residents’ art collection.

The space originally with few pieces of furniture, reflecting the minimalist character of the construction, now aimed to foster gatherings, narrated by shared moments with teenage children, welcome friends, and stimulate conversations.

In the proposal orchestrated by architect Marina Salles (leading the Marina Salles Architecture and Interiors office), the programmatic reorganization is defined by three spatialities distributed along a linear axis and integrated: the dining room, living room, and a lounge supporting the original fireplace. The layout turns towards the center of the space, promoting interaction among family members.

In the decoration, a transatlantic connection between Brazil and Italy coexists in fine harmony through the curation of furniture pieces that combine icons of modern design from both nations.

VJC São Paulo House, Brazil property

From the entrance, the inviting dining room comes into view, furnished with the Guanabara table (1959) – by Polish designer naturalized in Brazil, Jorge Zalszupin, reissued by Etel – featuring Jacarandá wood top and cement base covered in leather, complemented by a set of Cantu Alta chairs (1958) by Sérgio Rodrigues, owned by the couple. In the background, the canvas by Brazilian artist Daniel Senise, accompanied by artworks installed on the wooden panels identifying the interiors.

In the living room, the carefully chosen pieces seek to express what we believed in interior design: spaces to write stories, foster connections, and build memories. The pair of Groundpiece sofas by Antonio Citterio for Flexform stands alongside the Paulistano armchairs, designed by Paulo Mendes da Rocha (from the clients’ collection), and the rectangular Adi coffee table by Herança Cultural, adorned with Núcleo vases – blown glass with Jacqueline Terpins’ design. On the side of the sofa, the trio of vintage nesting tables holds the Buds 3 lamp, created by Milanese designer Rodolfo Dordoni for Foscarini, while the Jacarandá table, signed by Giuseppe Scapinelli, is adorned with the Moragas lamp on an oak base (1957) by Spanish Antoni de Moragas Gallissà for Santa & Cole. Everything is arranged on a Phenicia Concept rug.

VJC São Paulo House, Brazil property

Suggesting pleasant conversations accompanied by a glass of wine, the lounge establishes a cozy space around the fireplace. In the arrangement, the pair of ZC1 armchairs, with the original design by Zanine Caldas (1948) reissued by Etel (2019), is complemented by Tempo side tables by Isabelle de Mari for Olho Móveis. Additionally, a pair of suede green-upholstered armchairs – designed by Marina Salles and crafted by Jocal – combined with a tea trolley, a center table by Giuseppe Scapinelli (existing), and Pietra ottomans by Isabelle de Mari. Dedicated to reading, the armchair and ottoman Louisiana, by the Italian designer Vico Magistretti for De Padova, accompanied by a leather basket for blanket storage, translating the atmosphere required from the beginning of the project. Above the fireplace, the surface gives way to artworks from the private collection.

The chromatic palette of decorative objects draws inspiration from the nuances found in the fabrics of the armchairs and the beauty of the garden framed through the large glass doors – with vases, sculptures, and cushions in shades of green, ochre, and caramel brown.

Prominently displayed on the larger wall, the sophisticated structure of the 11-meter-long sideboard, originally designed by Márcio Kogan, refreshed with silk straw doors (Nani Chinellato) and a wooden frame – topped by artworks from the couple’s collection. To bring homogeneous light designed especially for illuminating the artworks, the original lighting project was replaced by a discreet triangular profile monolith with a diffuser, without visible bulbs, ensuring an efficient system – designed by Airton Pimenta from Lightworks.

Conceived as an extension of the living room, where residents contemplate the richness of greenery, the veranda features the sculpture “A Arte Salva” by Brazilian visual artist Eduardo Srur, inspiring the palette assumed by the furniture: Senja sofa with earth-toned cushions (Studio Segers for Tribù), Cove armchair designed by Paola Lenti in waterproof red fabric, and Mineral coffee table (Wooding). On the opposite side, the Plano table (Paola Lenti) is surrounded by Kilt chairs in rope and Teak wood (Ethimo).

VJC São Paulo House, Brazil property

VJC São Paulo House, Brazil – Property Information

Project: VJC São Paulo House
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Conclusion year: 2023
Project area: 140 m²

Original architectural design: Studio MK27
Interior Design: Marina Salles Arquitetura e Interiores
Responsible architect — Interiors: Marina Salles Arquitetura e Interiores
Interior design team: Marina Salles, Marina Campidelli, Juliana Fonseca

Photos: Fran Parente

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Location: São Paulo, SP, Brasil, South America

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