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Secret Gardens Belgorod

Russian Urban Plan – design by de Architekten Cie.

16 Jul 2013

Belgorod Urban Plan

Design: de Architekten Cie.

Location: Belgorod, Russia

Secret Gardens of Belgorod

The urban plan for the “Quiet Downtown” Belgorod puts together the best ingredients of the living atmospheres of world class cities to create a new mix unique to Belgorod: Green alleyways and brick buildings of New York and Amsterdam, monumental ensembles with intimate courtyards and green gardens of Paris and Vienna, and premium class housing with key-controlled gardens of London and Zurich.

Secret Gardens Belgorod Project
image from architect

Situated in a historically important location of the city, on the axis connecting the main city square and Pokrovsky Church, the proposal is composed of five urban blocks organized around a water and green plaza. Alleyways densely planted with trees connect the busy perimeter roads to the quietness of this central square. The housing blocks are built around green, semi-private, inner courtyards. Each block has two entrance gates into these open-air garden lobbies.

The main entrance gates are located along the streets surrounding the plot, while the secondary entrance gates connect the courtyards with the central water and green plaza and are only accessible for the inhabitants who hold the necessary key. Once in the courtyard, the entrance lobbies to the apartments are accessible to the inhabitants and guests. In each block, parking is organized under ground; the ground floor is occupied with small-scale retail, and office functions. The blocks are characterized by high level of security and services; they are equipped with sports facilities, guest rooms, cleaning facilities, baby-sitting services, private storages, keycard control system and videophones.

Secret Gardens of Belgorod Russia
image from architect

Along the streets surrounding the plot, the blocks are designed to have setbacks in order to emphasize the grandeur of the block by such horizontal articulation of the facade. On the other hand, the facades on the inside, along the central plaza, are designed to emphasize the different building components vertically by treating them with different tones of brick color, window rhythms and balcony styles. In this manner, a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere is to be created in the central public square of the plot. The existing archeological park, the church and Episcopal center are framed by buildings with green roofs sloping towards the perimeter streets creating here a peaceful oasis visually detached from the bustling city. The outside space of the restaurant extends into a sculpture garden, an urban forest and playgrounds.

Secret Gardens of Belgorod Russia
image from architect

The proposal accurately responds to the historical and contemporary conditions of the area; carefully includes the existing landmarks of the plot into the new design; and successfully creates an urban block, which is located in the center of the city but which suggests a good balance between public and private spaces, active and quiet atmospheres.

Secret Gardens of Belgorod Russia Secret Gardens of Belgorod Russia Secret Gardens of Belgorod Russia
images from architect

Secret Gardens of Belgorod Russia Secret Gardens of Belgorod Russia Secret Gardens of Belgorod Russia
images from architect

Secret Gardens of Belgorod images / information from de Architekten Cie.

de Architekten Cie.

Location: Belgorod, Russia

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