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Rotterdam Architecture Photos

Netherlands Building Development Pictures by Ton Hermans – Architectural Designs in Holland

31 + 30 Jan 2016

Rotterdam Building Photos

Photographs of key buildings taken around this major Dutch city, photos © Ton Hermans.

Timmerhuis in Rotterdam
Design: OMA
Timmerhuis in Rotterdam
Timmerhuis Rotterdam Building by OMA

75 years of post-war reconstruction in Rotterdam

Reconstruction in Rotterdam

‘Wederopbouw’, or Reconstruction, is the term used to describe the process of repairing the damage to The Netherlands after World War II. Rotterdam was one of the hardest hit cities in the Netherlands, states The bombing of 14 May 1940 destroyed 24,000 homes, 2,400 shops and another 4,000 buildings, almost wiping out the entire city centre.

A symbolic picture with reference to the upcoming festival of the Rebuilt City of Rotterdam, in March 2016, 75 years after the destruction:

Reconstruction in Rotterdam

Reconstruction Plan
No stone was left unturned in rebuilding the city. On May 18, 1940, city architect Witteveen was commissioned to draw up a reconstruction plan. Within ten days, he had drafted a rough outline. The bombing was of course disastrous, but at the same time it was an opportunity to reconstruct the city and solve a number of major urban issues.

From the outset, the guiding principle was to completely redesign the centre rather than restore the original street grid and repair important buildings. The 144 buildings which could have been renovated were instead demolished; only the Sint-Laurenskerk church, Town Hall, the Post Office and the Schielandshuis were preserved.

75 Jaar wederopbouw – 75 years of Rebuilding | Rotterdam Festivals

29 Nov 2012

On Tuesday, November 27, the brick sculpture “Wall Relief no.1” from 1955 by Henry Moore, part of the former Bouwcentrum at the Weena, was transported to a parking lot nearby as construction of the “First Rotterdam” (Architecten Cie) began.

Rotterdam Wall Relief Rotterdam Wall Relief Rotterdam Wall Relief

Later this famous work of art gets its old place back along the Weena in the new tower.

Rotterdam Wall Relief Rotterdam Wall Relief Rotterdam Wall Relief

Photo from 45 years ago, just after the wall was finished:

Rotterdam Wall Relief

19 Nov 2012

Rotterdam Central Station – by the architectural team of Benthem Crouwel, Meijer & Van Schooten en West 8:
Rotterdam Central Station Rotterdam Central Station Rotterdam Central Station

Rotterdam Central Station Rotterdam Central Station Rotterdam Central Station

31 Mar 2012

Next to the KPN-office (architect Renzo Piano) DE ROTTERDAM of architect Rem Koolhaas (OMA) rises each week one floor behind the Noordereiland and will become the largest building by far in The Netherlands:
De Rotterdam

DE ROTTERDAM, seen behind an old warehouse – now in use as a home for students:
De Rotterdam

Rotterdam Central Station – roof construction at the new Central Station for train and subway, now 30 m high:
Rotterdam Central Station

Roof construction at Rotterdam CS:
Rotterdam Central Station

First pile underground – cycle-store for 5,400 bicycles:
Rotterdam Central Station

Roof construction and Metro-entrance:
Rotterdam Central Station

The apartment building B-TOWER *, in the middle of the picture, at the east-side of the LIJNBAAN, now finished. Architect Wiel Arets. *‘B’ because it stands next to the department store Bijenkorf. (Bee-hive):
B Tower Rotterdam

26 Mar 2012

The new Rijnhavenbrug (Rhineharbour bridge) that was opened last month. It connects the Wilhelminapier with Katendrecht and can only be used by bicycles and pedestrians. It has a bend (change of direction) in the middle. In the distance is Hotel New York, the former headquarters of the Holland America Line:
Rhineharbour bridge

Part of the Unilever building on the Weena boulevard now is in use by The Royal Bank of Scotland:
Unilever building

14 Jul 2011

The Netherlands Architecture Institute, NAi Rotterdam, reopened the renewed building of architect Jo Coenen on June 30, 2011, photos © Ton Hermans.

Netherlands Architecture Institute
restaurant NAi

View from the 5th floor of the Netherlands Architecture Institute at new high buildings in the center of Rotterdam:
Netherlands Architecture Institute view

22 Dec 2010

Erasmus Bridge:
Erasmus Bridge Rotterdam

13 Dec 2010

Rotterdam Building photos © Ton Hermans, Rotterdam

The ‘New Orleans’ by architect Alvaro Siza, in the sightline of the mainboulevard, the Coolsingel, on 11 Dec. 2010. Seen during the celebration of the 345th anniversary of the founding of the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps on 10 December 1665. 40 years ago I made a plan for high-rise buildings on the same place, at the other side of the river, visible from the Coolsingel:
New Orleans Rotterdam

First sketch (1969) for a high-rise area on Feijenoord, visible from the Coolsingel. Text: Jan Klerks, Chairman Rotterdam Skyscrapers Foundation:
Feijenoord Skyscraper Rotterdam

Scots Church, inside on 11 Dec 2010, with Minister Rev. Robert Calvert:
Scots Church Rotterdam

6 Dec 2010

Rotterdam Building photos © Ton Hermans, Rotterdam

Buildings viewed from the ’Wineharbour-island’:
Wineharbour Island Rotterdam

High-rise building on the Wijnhaveneiland, realised in recent years. Only the Regentessebridge, dating from the end of the 19th century, survived WWII here:
Wijnhaveneiland Rotterdam

New head office (32x133m) for Unilever Food, above the old building from 1891, by architects JHK Architecten:
Unilever Food Rotterdam Unilever Office Rotterdam

The lying of a commememoration-stone on the place where, before the bombardment on May 14 1940, the Scottish Church stood. Built in 1643, when Rotterdam already had a large Scottish community. The 1952 rebuilt Scottish church is located elsewhere:
Scottish Church site Rotterdam

Schotse kerk, 1952, by architect Meischke, C.A. ; First stone: Nov.13, 1951:
Schotse kerk Rotterdam Schotse kerk

Scheepmakerstoren building by architect Taco Pino:
Scheepmakerstoren Rotterdam

Buildings along the Scheepmakershaven:
Scheepmakershaven Rotterdam

Development of the Leuvehaven – one of the annual World Harbour Days:
Leuvehaven Rotterdam

One of the oldest harbours of Rotterdam: the Leuvehaven.
Left: the new Inntel Hotel building by architects MAS Architectuur:

Building the ’bridge construction’ for Unilever, Nassaukade, Rotterdam:
Unilever Rotterdam

29 Nov 2010

Rotterdam Architecture photos © Ton Hermans, Rotterdam

Difference in scale: the white Erasmushuis (HBU) 1940 by architect Dudok and the Schielandtoren, apartments by architects de.Architecten Cie, 1995:
Schielandtoren Rotterdam

New apartments in 17 floors above a 60 years old department store. Binnenwegplein, part of the Lijnbaan, first free pedestrian area on the Continent:
Binnenwegplein Rotterdam

Start of a floating quarter in the Rijnhaven by architects Public Domain Architecten:
Floating Quarter Rijnhaven

Green walled building along the Binnenrotte:
Binnenrotte Rotterdam

Delftse Poort, office building. Part of ING bank building by architect A.Bonnema:
Delftse Poort Rotterdam

C & A-store building, Coolsingel by architect Pi de Bruijn:
C & A-store Coolsingel Rotterdam

Schouwburgplein by Adriaan Geuze:
Schouwburgplein Rotterdam

Euromast, 185 m high, by architect H. A .Maaskant:
Euromast Rotterdam

New buildings under construction. Building on right of C&A with HBU on the roof is from before the war, by architect Willem Dudok:
Willem Dudok Building Rotterdam

Three High-rise buildings:
Left: Schielandtoren, by architects de.Architecten Cie.
Middle: Robeco by architect Quist.
Right: Generale Bank building by architects Murphy/Jahn.
Robeco Rotterdam

Rabobank Building with giraffes by architects Kraaijvanger Urbis:
Rabobank Building Rotterdam

Office buildings: Nationale Nederlanden head office building by architect A.Bonnema.
Unilever head office building (in the distance next to it) by architect J.Hoogstad
(in front: building of large underground parking)
Nationale Nederlanden head office Rotterdam

Another important square that was part of plan from 1946 of Van Traa – the Hofplein:
Hofplein Rotterdam

Window-cleaning on the glass roof of the ‘Book Block’ building:
Book Block Rotterdam

Plan of townplanner Van Traa in 1946 for the rebuilding of the whole devastated red area – rebuilding Rotterdam after the destruction by the German Luftwaffe on May 14 1940. Photo on Schouwburgplein:
Van Traa plan Rotterdam

26 Nov 2010

Rotterdam Building photos © Ton Hermans, Rotterdam

Office building ‘Het Boekenblok’ (‘Bookblock’), Blaak 31, by architects KCAP ; right photo – distant apartment building by architect Piet Blom:
Het Boekenblok Rotterdam Blaak 31 Rotterdam

The Manhattan Hotel by architects Webb & Partners, Toronto. Built in 2000 as The Millennium Tower, nowadays building known as The Manhattan Hotel:
The Manhattan Hotel Rotterdam The Manhattan Hotel Rotterdam Skyscraper

Rotterdam Skyscrapers – in middle is the Maastoren by Dam & Partners:
Rotterdam Skyscrapers

Rotterdam Skyscrapers – on left is the World Port Center by Norman Foster, London:
Rotterdam Skyscrapers

Rotterdam Transport Center building – new traffic Center for train & subway:
Rotterdam Skyscrapers

Old & new Rotterdam architecture: behind the Queen Victoria is the World Port Center building by Norman Foster:
World Port Center Rotterdam

Three Rotterdam high-rise buildings completed during recent years, from left to right:
Willemswerf, office building by architect W.G.Quist
Red Apple, apartment building by architect K.Christiaanse
Waterstadtoren, apartment building by architect H.Duijzer
Rotterdam Skyscrapers

Residential building Statendam by architect Kollhoff. Part of the rebuilding of the centre of Rotterdam that was destroyed during the bombardment in May 1940:
Statendam Rotterdam

22 Nov 2010

Rotterdam Theater Architecture Photos

New theater ‘Lantaren Venster’, part of New Orleans, Rotterdam by architect Alvaro Siza:
Lantaren Venster Theater Lantaren Venster Theater Rotterdam Lantaren Venster Venue Rotterdam
photos © Ton Hermans, Rotterdam

On 6 Nov 2010 the new Lantaren Venster building was opened at the Wilhelminapier by Her Majesty the Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

Lantaren Venster Rotterdam Lantaren Venster Theatre Rotterdam Lantaren Venster Theater
photos © Ton Hermans, Rotterdam

18 Nov 2010

Rotterdam Station Architecture Images

Rotterdam Architecture photos © Ton Hermans, Rotterdam
Just opened in Rotterdam Line E : subway station buildings (Rotterdam Transport)

Metrostation Rotterdam Central by architect Maarten Struijs:
Metrostation Rotterdam Central Metrostation Rotterdam Central Metrostation Rotterdam Central

Subway station Blijdorp by architect Maarten Struijs:
Subway station Blijdorp Rotterdam Subway station Blijdorp Subway Blijdorp Rotterdam

Pathé ‘Schouwburgplein’ – Multiplex cinema building by Koen van Velsen, 1994-95
Pathé Schouwburgplein Rotterdam

8 Nov 2010

Rotterdam Architecture Photographs

Cube-houses by architect Piet Blom:
Cube-houses Rotterdam Cube-houses Rotterdam Cube-houses Rotterdam Cube-houses Rotterdam
pictures © Ton Hermans

View from the Lloyd Pier to the east with the new buildings:
Lloyd Pier Rotterdam
picture © Ton Hermans

New office-building ‘Maastoren’ Rotterdam, 165 m high, by architects Dam & Partners:
Maastoren office building Rotterdam Maastoren Rotterdam
pictures © Ton Hermans

Buildings on the south bank of the river Rhine/Maas:
Rotterdam south bank
picture © Ton Hermans

Buildings in the city north of the river Rhine/Maas:
Rotterdam north bank
picture © Ton Hermans

Part of the destoyed city in 1940. The Cube-houses are built here now:
Rotterdam destruction
picture © Ton Hermans

Buildings in the city north of the river Rhine/Maas:
Rotterdam north bank buildings
photo © Ton Hermans

Underground Railway and Subway Station Rotterdam Blaak:
Rotterdam Subway Station
photo © Ton Hermans

Subway station Wilhelminaplein Metrostation Rotterdam:
Subway station Wilhelminaplein Rotterdam
photo © Ton Hermans

New underground shopping center building:
Rotterdam underground shopping center
photo © Ton Hermans

Underground Station Rotterdam Blaak:
Underground Station Rotterdam Blaak
photo © Ton Hermans

Oldest and at that time highest office building on the continent ‘Witte Huis’ (White house), 1898, by architect W.Molenbroek:
Witte Huis Rotterdam
photo © Ton Hermans

The New Orleans building by architect Alvaro Siza:
New Orleans Tower Rotterdam
photo © Ton Hermans

Base of the New Orleans building:
New Orleans Tower Rotterdam
photo © Ton Hermans

View across the city to the New Orleans building:
New Orleans Tower Rotterdam
photo © Ton Hermans

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New Erasmus MC Building
photo © Rob van Esch
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