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Netherlands Architecture Institute – NAI

Nederlands Architectuur Instituut Event News – daringdesign exhibition, Holland

21 Feb 2012

Netherlands Architecture Institute Event

‘Special Economic Block’ featured at NAI Symposium

Wednesday 22 Feb, 2012
Start: 19:30h (doors opens at 19:00h)
Language: English
Location: Auditorium NAI, Museumpark 25, Rotterdam
Registration necessary

NAI Symposium- Maxwan A+U : ‘Special Economic Block’

14 Jul 2011

Netherlands Architecture Institute Photos

The Netherlands Architecture Institute, NAi Rotterdam, reopened the renewed building of architect Jo Coenen on June 30, 2011, photos © Ton Hermans.

Netherlands Architecture Institute:
Netherlands Architecture Institute - Netherlands Architecture Institute Exhibition

Part of the NAi Rotterdam library with over 30.000 books:
NAi Rotterdam library - Netherlands Architecture Institute Exhibition

New restaurant NAi:
restaurant NAi

NAi Rotterdam managing director Peter Haasbroek with drawing of the famous Dutch architect Pierre Cuypers. The NAi ownes one of the world’s largest architectural collections:
Peter Haasbroek

View from the 5th floor of the Netherlands Architecture Institute at new high buildings in the center of Rotterdam:
Netherlands Architecture Institute view

14 Jun 2011

Netherlands Architecture Institute Reopens

Remodelled NAI hotspot for architecture and design

NAI, museum of architecture will reopen its doors to the public on 1 July 2011

After a renovation, the revamped Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) will open its doors on 1 July 2011. From that moment on the museum of architecture will be a provocative hub of knowledge for architects and designers as well as an exciting, appealing hotspot for everyone else for whom architecture is meaningful.

Besides the renovation of the premises, the range of facilities and activities that the NAI has to offer has been given a thorough overhaul as well. The NAI will present an engaging package of activities, not only for professionals but also for architecture enthusiasts, students, teachers, schoolchildren, youngsters and tourists.

Netherlands Architecture Institute Netherlands Architecture Institute Rotterdam Netherlands Architecture Institute Building NAI Rotterdam
Netherlands Architecture Institute images : A2 Studio

The renovation
The NAI is situated in the architecture capital of the Netherlands, Rotterdam. It has housed one of the largest and finest architecture collections in the world since 1993. Almost 20 years after its completion, the complex has undergone a metamorphosis. A redesign by the original architect, Jo Coenen, was carried out under his personal supervision.

The most eye-catching alteration is the new entrance, skirted by an expansive deck that allows visitors to stroll effortlessly from the street into the museum. Once inside, a spacious entrance area opens up with a café, terrace, bookshop and stairs to the Hands-on Deck. The Hands-on Deck is a remarkable new feature, created specially for children, youngsters and adults who are keen to design and build things themselves. The Auditorium will continue to be the venue for debates and lectures, while the new café invites visitors to come in and chat about their NAI experiences or to network.

Brand new presentations
The NAI offers not only inspiring new exhibitions such as ‘Dutchville’, ‘daringdesign’ and ‘Testify!’, but also new educational programmes, a wide-ranging programme of lectures and debates, the NAI café, and a large art and architecture bookshop. All this makes the new NAI the hotspot where those with an interest in architecture and design will feel more at home than ever before.

The NAI will of course continue to serve as the nation’s hub of knowledge for professionals. Architects, urban planners and designers are more than welcome at the informative lectures and inspiring debates, in the comprehensive library, and at high-profile networking events.

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Netherlands Architecture institute – Visiting Address

Museumpark 25, 3015 CB Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Netherlands Architecture institute – Contact Tel. +31(0)10-010-4401200 (9am to 5pm) e-mail:

10 Jun 2011

Netherlands Architecture Institute Event in 2011


Chinese and Dutch designers with guts

1 Jul – 20 Nov

In terms of design, the Netherlands and China seem to be another’s opposite: the small pioneer for conceptual design versus the economic superpower. But daring designers live and work in both countries. Designers with ideas, designers with guts. With the exhibition daringdesign, the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) in Rotterdam will present the most prominent 8 of them.

One by one they will show their eye-catching and sometimes highly controversial projects – from fashion collection to book, from scale model to art project. The opening of the exhibition on 1 July will be even more of a celebration as the renovated NAI will open its doors again after a major overhaul as the number one spot for all those who are interested in their own surroundings. daringdesign will last from 1 July to 20 November.

Urbanus – Urban Tulou:
image from Netherlands Architecture Institute

The 8 designers in daringdesign have much in common. They are critical, raise questions, extend boundaries and do not evade commercially or politically sensitive issues. At the same time they are realistic. They look around them all the time and respond to contemporary developments.

Their work emphasises concepts like context, tradition and craftsmanship, thereby giving design a new significance and more quality in a world that is increasingly dominated by globalisation, commercialisation and standardisation. The 8 designers are:

From China: Ai Weiwei – Sanctuary Estanzuela project with Fake Design
Ruta del Peregrino
image from architects

From China: Ai Weiwei (architect/artist), Urbanus (firm of architects), TO MEET YOU (graphic design agency) and Ma Ke (fashion designer). From the Netherlands: Rem Koolhaas/OMA (firm of architects), Hella Jongerius (product designer), Alexander van Slobbe (fashion designer), and Irma Boom (graphic designer).

From the Netherlands: Rem Koolhaas/OMA – De Rotterdam project:
De Rotterdam
image from architects

Each of them will present a project in which he or she takes up a stance in the design world. The eight installations are part of a spectacular open ‘landscape’ designed by TomDavid Architecten. A lot of attention will be paid to the context in which the 8 designers work.

An impressive series of pictures offers visitors insight into the similarities and differences between China and the Netherlands. At first sight it is the differences that stand out, but there are correspondences too. All 8 designers rise to the challenge of the circumstances in such a way that they can learn from one another.

Arrest of Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei with rockstar Zuoxiao Zuzhou in the elevator when taken in custody by the police, Sichuan, China, August 2009.
Ai Weiwei with Zuoxiao Zuzhou
photo from NAI

The artist Ai Weiwei was unexpectedly arrested by the Chinese authorities on 3 April and is still in detention. A direct assistant has indicated that the installation of Ai Weiwei for daringdesign is not at risk for the time being.


daringdesign is the sequel to Taking a Stance, an exhibition that toured China in 2010. It was put together by the NAI and commissioned by DutchDFA. For daringdesign the NAI has asked the 8 designers to present a new project or to elaborate their existing presentation further. Moreover, the exhibition will be twice the size of its predecessor through the addition of a specially designed contextual layer.

NAI Building Rotterdam
Netherlands Architecture Institute image : A2 Studio

Opening weekend

The opening of daringdesign forms part of the events to celebrate the reopening of the NAI to the public after an intensive period of renovation. The exhibitions Testify! and The City of the Netherlands, as well as the educational DoeDek will open on the same day. For more information about the opening weekend go to

image : Tinker Imagineers

Testify! Design for ‘Eichbaumoper’ – architecten: Raumlaborberlin
photo : Rainer Schlautmann

NAI architect : Jo Coenen

Location: Museumpark 25, 3015 CB Rotterdam, The Netherlands, western Europe

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