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PKO Bank Polski Private Banking : Polish Interior

New Architecture in Poland by Robert Majkut Design architects

8 Dec 2011

Location: Poland

Design: Robert Majkut Design

Branch of PKO Bank Polski Private Banking

Robert Majkut Design studio, in cooperation with PKO Bank Polski, developed a project for private banking, offered to a selected group of the Bank’s clients.

About the project

The designer’s task was to create a concept of interior design corresponding to the prestigious offer of the Bank as well as being consistent with previously elaborated visual identification of PKO Bank Polski Private Banking. The result is a unique banking institution, providing its customers with security, discretion and best quality of service. The first branch of PKO Bank Polski Private Banking was developed by Robert Majkut Design studio as a pilot project.

The concept

PKO Bank Polski Private Banking

The starting point for this project was Bank’s corporate identity developed by White Cat Studio, above all the modernized logo of PKO Bank Polski in its elegant color version for Private Banking sector – black, white and gold, which created a set of basic colors for the interior. Other graphical elements were also inspiring – in particular one decorative motif consisting of a grid of elegant, sinusoidal lines, consistently applied in the graphic design for the PKO Bank Polski Private Banking.

The theme of delicate grid was treated in a very innovative way – a bi-dimensional pattern was completely transformed by introducing an additional dimension: it was made spatial by being projected on the tri-dimensional model of the interior. To achieve this effect special software for parametric design was used, which allowed for the creation of a complex and ordered structure formed as a transformation of the subtle grid of lines converging in one abstract point. This complicated geometry setting has become a model to be filled with interior design solutions.

As a composition it is coherent and complete, being a real challenge at the stage of realization. The final effect is a balance between purely aesthetic choices and a mathematical order, accepted by the designer, yet generated by software that was treated not only as a tool, but as a creative factor. It is a kind of metaphorical code which presents the character of the institution and its services, being a mix of mathematical analyses and human element of experience, knowledge, and decision making process.


Branch of PKO Bank Polski Private Banking

Corporate colors of PKO Bank Polski – black, white and gold – have been applied with full consequence, further complemented by shades of gray. The designer has taken an specific way to play with the tones of gold which are set in the interior in a kind of drama. Gold balances strong, graphic contrast between black and white and has unique decorative qualities and rich symbolism – as a warm and noble color referring to such values as prestige, stability and prosperity.

Identificating colors of PKO Bank Polski Private Banking brand appear in the interior in varying proportions and intensity. The customer service area, because of its specific character, is dominated by an elegant combination of black and gold, merely broken with white, but in the back-office area the leading color is white. The walls of meeting rooms are dominated with the color of warm gold, which, after the black reception hall and corridor, symbolizes getting into the essence and heart of the place. The black hides its real “inner” richness of gold, not dazzling, but slowly revealing its presence.

Functional solutions

Branch of PKO Bank Polski Private Banking

The branch is clearly divided into two functional areas – of customer service and the back-office. In those two separate zones, the design solutions are aimed at effectively matching various spaces with their specific functions.

The customer service zone is opened with impressive reception room, directly connected with a spacious lounge that can also serve as an elegant waiting room for customers of the Bank. Both of these spaces are an open whole and are kept in elegant dark hues. The reception leads smoothly to the conference room, and further along the corridor to the comfortably furnished meeting rooms and director’s office. These were designed specially to ensure the discretion of the meetings with the clients, and the advanced multimedia solutions and the system of central control of rooms’ availability provide a customer service at the highest level.

The leading principle for the back-office area was to create a comfortable and efficient workplace for employees. An organizational solution of open-space office was introduced, and the openness and spaciousness of the office area was even further emphasized by subdued colors and glass walls.

Finishing materials

The selection of finishing materials was dictated by the overall concept of creating the interior of the Bank of a high standard. Thus the range of specially selected materials, in terms of quality and color, including the elegant wallpapers and wall coverings, dedicated furniture, carpets and ceiling finishing of a high comfort of use and decorative values. Modern furniture and effective lighting accentuate the individual character of the interior and are important as elements of a diverse and unique aesthetic whole.

The decorative leitmotiv of a fine grid is present in numerous variations. It is repeated in a modified form as a line pattern of flooring and ceilings, as subtle sandblasting on glass walls, as motif of upholstery of the wall coverings, or reflected in the unique transcription of the pattern into the geometry of columns. A striking example of realizing the pattern in the interior is the wall behind the counter of the reception – a unique golden relief consisting of convex rhombuses.

The result

Branch of PKO Bank Polski Private Banking

The project of the branch for PKO Bank Polski Private Banking is the third realization of Robert Majkut Design studio for the private banking sector in Poland. Years of experience, combined with courage in introducing innovative design solutions allowed to create a distinctive and unique interior that corresponds to a dynamic and modern financial institution.

Branch of PKO Bank Polski Private Banking images / information from Robert Majkut Design

Robert Majkut Architect

Location: Warsaw, Poland, eastern Europe

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