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Horizontal House, Poland

Modern Polish Residence design by 81WAW.PL Architecture Studio

21 May 2013

Design: 81WAW.PL Architecture Studio

Konstancin, Poland

Horizontal House Poland

Horizontal House Konstancin, Polish Residence
render : Michal Nowak

Detached House Konstancin

Two architects from architecture studio 81.WAW.PL designed ground-floor house, which plan is based on letter “L” and has 250 square meters of usable area. House is equipped in everything what family of four would need to live in a comfortable and cozy way.

Function was defined as a very legible one. To communicate inside, family members need to walk through a hallway located along a longer building wall. Windows placed at the two bottoms of corridor help to lighting up the interior, and opening it to a backyard garden.

The hallway lead to an everyday living area, and next to a private part reserved for family members only. In this part of the house there are three bedrooms with bathrooms. Windows in the sleeping part of the house are smaller than in the daily one. What is more, bedrooms are equipped in moving blinds to control amount of light.

Horizontal House Poland
render : Michal Nowak

Block of the building creates the system of vertical and horizontal surfaces, moved relatively to each other. Using such solution was helpful in isolating a house entrance from the backyard garden. Visible wall protrusion from the garage entry side was made to highlight a main entrance and make it looks more elegant.

Horizontal House Poland
render : Michal Nowak

The whole building was divided into two blocks, first one was designed for a garage and the second one – for living area. Roofings created by moving one slab connect both parts of the house. In addition, moving two blocks apart make it possible to have a great view at the garden part.

Horizontal House Poland
render : Michal Nowak

What is more interesting, the entire house and its nearest surrounding was adapted for accessible for people with disabilities. Both, main entrance and descent from the terrace are equipped in special ramps to make it easier to move in a wheelchair. The hallway was friendly designed as well.

Horizontal House Poland
render : Michal Nowak

A Japan style garden was designed as a part of the whole project. The main decoration element in that garden are flat boulders and short evergreen plants. Paths made from tiny pebbles complete the whole arrangement. Wood and slat of natural stones are façade materials used to finish construction and make this building look like a block rising from the garden, and being its natural part.

Horizontal House Poland Modern Polish home design by 81WAW.PL Architecture Studio Modern Polish residence design by 81WAW.PL Architecture Studio
renders : Michal Nowak

Horizontal House images / information from 81WAW.PL Architecture Studio

Location: Poland, eastern Europe

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