Louvre Museum bookstore / giftshop in Paris, French Capital Building, Store Design France

musée du Louvre bookstore & giftshop

New French Museum Shop design by RDAI agency + Gare du Nord Architecture, France

8 Dec 2016

musée du Louvre bookstore / giftshop design

Architects: RDAI Architecture / Gare du Nord Architecture

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musée du Louvre bookstore / giftshop Paris

Musee Du Louvre Bookstore Giftshop

The musée du Louvre bookstore/giftshop opened to the public on 1 December 2016

Musee Du Louvre Bookstore Giftshop Musee Du Louvre Bookstore Giftshop

Concession of the Réunion des musées nationaux – Grand Palais

Musee Du Louvre Bookstore Giftshop

After two years of work as part of the “Pyramid project”, the museum’s bookstore/giftshop will occupy the entire Allée du Grand Louvre, between the Carrousel entrance and the Pyramid in early December.

Musee Du Louvre Bookstore Giftshop Musee Du Louvre Bookstore Giftshop

The bookstore/giftshop will occupy a new 1,848 m2 area, redesigned by the agencies RDAI Architecture (responsible for the design of the Hermès shops and 2014 winner of the architecture award Equerre d’Argent) and Gare du Nord Architecture. It is made of high-quality materials and finishes, and provides a new, modern, clean and light space containing a great range of products.

Musee Du Louvre Bookstore Giftshop

In mid-April, the main space with its surface area of 982 m2 incorporated the art bookstore, the children’s area, the museum’s art studio space (casts and prints) and a shop selling jewellery, personal accessories, decorative objects and homewares.

The retail area on the first floor, occupying 556 m2, is served by a central escalator leading to the 412 m2 art bookstore with its casts and prints in an area measuring 144 m2. The retail area on the ground floor, occupying 326m2, sells jewellery, scarves and gifts. On 1 December the range on offer will be tailored to the great diversity of museum visitors. An easyaccess retail area of 296 m² will be devoted to souvenirs and stationery.

At the end of December, between the Pyramid and Carrousel, the Allée du Grand Louvre will be transformed into a sparkling walkway under the starry sky that’s being created, to mark the end of a visit to the museum and lead visitors to discover this new retail space.

Musee Du Louvre Bookstore Giftshop

The bookstore at the musée du Louvre Allée Grand Louvre, access between the Carrousel and Pyramid entrances. Telephone: + 33 (0)1 58 65 14 00 Email : librairie.louvre@rmngp.fr Open every day from 9:30 am to 7 pm Late opening (until 9:40 pm) on Wednesdays and Fridays Closed on Tuesdays

The musée du Louvre launched the main phase of the Pyramid project on 5 July 2016. The Pyramid, designed by IM Pei and inaugurated in 1989, was initially designed to receive 4.5 million visitors a year. Twenty-five years later, nearly nine million people visit the museum every year.

The now inadequate visitor reception facilities provoked problems such as long queues, excessive noise and disorientation. The reorganised entry points and reception area under the pyramid will help improve the visitor experience, as logistics facilities (such as ticket desks, cloakrooms and toilets) are moved to the periphery of the pyramid.

The project is a joint effort by museum staff and architecture firm Search. Its ultimate aim is to return the Napoléon hall to its rightful purpose, as a place where visitors can prepare for their visit. It will also restore the grandeur and peacefulness of this iconic location, without any need to make changes to the architecture of the building.

The “Pyramid” project forms part of a wider programme designed to promote the Louvre’s collections. It is the first phase in a large-scale project, driven by an ambition to make visitors the central component of the museum and its permanent collections.

Musee Du Louvre Bookstore Giftshop

Librairie boutique du Musée du Louvre Paris – Fiche Technique


Addresse / Address : Allée du Grand Louvre

Ouverture / Opening : Aile Sud / South wing : Avril 2016 Aile Nord / North wing : Décembre 2016

SURFACES / AREA Surface totale / Total area : 1848 m2 Surface de vente / Retail area: 1278 m2

Aile Sud / South wing : 982 m2 Surface de vente RDC / Retail area Ground Floor : 326 m2 Souvenirs, papeterie, bijoux, foulards, cadeaux / souvenirs, paper mill, jewellery, gifts Surface de vente 1er étage / Retail area First Floor : 556 m2 Librairie (412 m2), moulages & estampes (144 m2) / Library (412 m2), mouldings & engravings (144 m2)

Bureaux administratifs / Back offices : 210 m2 Stock, réserves, logistique / Stock, reserves, logistic : 240 m2

Aile Nord / North wing : 296 m2 Souvenirs, papeterie / souvenirs, paper mill

Bureaux administratifs 1er étage / Back offices : 120 m2

Musee Du Louvre Bookstore Giftshop

RMNGP OPC / ScMc : GEMO Bureau de contrôle / Building control agency : RISK CONTROL Coordinateur SPS / H & S coordinator : CONPAS Coordination

Architecte mandataire / Design architect representative : RDAI Architecture Denis Montel & Nicolas Karmochkine, architectes associés Architectes assistants / Assistants architects : Jérôme Delafosse, Romain Buyer Architecte associé / Architect associated : GARE DU NORD Architecture Nissim Haguenauer, Sacha Discors, Myrtille Fakhreddine

BET TCE & Economiste / Building services engineer & Quantity surveyor : FACEA Éclairagiste / Lighting consultant : Ph. A Concepteurs Lumière & Design Signalétique conception / Wayfinding conception : UNDO REDO


Gros œuvre, plâtrerie, faïence / Structural works, plaster work, faience : SLCR Serrurerie, miroiterie / Metal work, glass : Ets GENDRE Agencement muraux & plafond bois / Cabinetmaking wood walls and ceiling : SODIFRA AGENCEMENT Agencement mobilier sur mesure / Cabinetmaking custom furniture : ELLIPSE BOIS Parquets / Parquet floor : PRODESIGN Sols souples, peinture / Soft flooring, Paint : LAUMAX Chauffage, Climatisation, Plomberie / Heating appliance, Air conditioning, Plumbing : HERVE THERMIQUE Electricité / Electrical : GEREL Affichage dynamique / Digital process : CIGALEI MEDIA Signalétique / Signage : BOSCHER Mobilier du commerce / Commerciale furniture : SILVERA


Finitions murales / Wall finishes : Stratifié bois “Kronodesign” / Wood laminated effect “Kronodesign” Stratifié blanc / White laminated effect

Faux-plafonds / False ceiling : Stratifié bois “Kronodesign” / Wood laminated effect “Kronodesign” Plafond acoustique perforé finition peinture / Acoustic perforated ceiling painting finishing Plafond acoustique “Monoacoustic” / Acoustic ceiling “Monoacoustic”

Mobilier / Furniture : Stratifié effet bois et stratifié blanc / Wood effect and white laminated Résine de synthèse “Kerroc” / Synthetic resin “Kerroc”

Sol / Floor Rez-de-chaussée / Ground floor : Pierre de Bourgogne / Burgundy Stone 1er étage aile sud / First floor south wing : Parquet massif chêne / Wood oak massive floor 1er étage aile nord / First floor north wing : Moquette / Carpet Bureaux administratifs / Back offices : Linoléum / Linoléum

RDAI studio practices architecture, interior architecture and design. Under the creative direction of Denis Montel, the agency Rena Dumas founded in 1972 is imbued with her legacy of rigour and elegance. RDAI-Architecture was established in 2007 by Rena Dumas, Denis Montel and Nicolas Karmochkine to focus on architectural projects. The creativity and versatility of RDAI have won the agency a worldwide reputation.

The firm’s recent work demonstrates the dexterity that has enabled it to conceive a diverse range of projects, within a single sphere of ideas. Working on all scales, from entire buildings to interior environments and individual objects, RDAI’s distinguishing characteristic is its conceptual approach, which involves considering “the whole” in order to produce a rational and coherent project. .

Gare du Nord Architecture
Founded in 2013 by Nissim Haguenauer and Myrtille Fakhreddine, Gare du Nord Architecture works on projects with various scales and programs. Gare du Nord Architecture counts among its constructions, residential buildings in Lille, the interiors design of the Louvre Museum’s shop and bookstore and various major exhibits design as Seydou Keïta showed at le Grand Palais in 2016.

Photos © Philippe Dureuil

musée du Louvre bookstore / giftshop Paris images / information from RDAI – Rena Dumas Architecture Intérieure

Location: 75001 Paris, France

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