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Times Square New York : Architecture

Manhattan Landmark, United States of America – new design by by Snøhetta Architects

May 9, 2017

Times Square Street Furniture

Times Square Renewal, New York City

Design: Snøhetta, Architects, Norway

Times Square, the true heart of NYC, decorated with playful chairs, benches and tables.

Vestre won the tender to provide chairs, benches and tables in Times Square, the true heart of New York City according to many.

Times Square Street Furniture New York City | www.e-architect.com

This is part of a big project signed by top international architecture studio Snøhetta – with which Vestre has been collaborating for a long time – that lasted eight years.

The urban landscape project saw the United States’ most visited destination change from a congested and noisy vehicular area into a world-class public plaza with the addition of over 25,000 square meters of pedestrian-exclusive space.

Vestre aims to improve this iconic public space with their furniture, which represents a move towards quality and sustainability.

Times Square New York building
photo © Adrian Welch

Apr 23, 2017

Times Square Renewal by Snøhetta

Times Square Reconstruction by Snøhetta in New York City

Design: Snøhetta, Architects

Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta was selected in 2010 to transform Times Square in Midtown Manhattan from a congested crossroads—one most New Yorkers avoided—into a pedestrian-friendly public plaza. The $55 million project focuses on the glitzy, billboard-laden heart of the Theater District—a 5.1-acre, bowtie-shaped area between 42nd and 47th streets where Broadway and Seventh Avenue intersect, reports the Architectural Record.

Times Square New York landscape paving
photo © Michael Grimm

A crucial aspect of the plan permanently closed off that portion of Broadway to car traffic. Snøhetta’s design, which eliminated most curbs and introduced dark precast concrete pavers embedded with nickel-size steel discs that capture the neon glow from above, creates a cohesive ground plane.

Times Square buildings Times Square buildings
photo © AJW

“Even when cars were temporarily banned previously, people would still only walk on the sidewalks,” says Snøhetta cofounder Craig Dykers. “There was a preponderance of people smashed along very narrow zones. We wanted our design to allow for the natural movement and collection of people. Removing the curbs created a sense of a plaza.”

source: www.architecturalrecord.com

Jul 6 + 5, 2016

Times Square Buildings New York City

Times Square Buildings in New York City

images from July 2016 © Adrian Welch:

Times Square buildings Times Square buildings

Feb 9, 2012

Times Square interactive heart installation


Times Square heart installation – distant + close-up views
Times Square interactive heart installation Times Square interactive heart installation Times Square interactive heart installation Times Square interactive heart installation
photos © Ho Kyung Lee

BIG + Times Square Alliance + Flatcut + Local Projects and Zumtobel celebrate the Valentine’s Day with an interactive heart installation at Times Square, New York utilizing the flow of people, air and touch to bring the heart to life.

“BIG♥NYC,” a 10-foot tall glowing heart sculpture consists of 400 transparent, LED lit, acrylic tubes donated generously by the Austrian lighting company Zumtobel. The transparent tubes refract the lights of Times Square, creating a cluster of lights around the heart. The hovering heart will appear to pulsate as its tubes sway in the wind. When people touch a heart-shaped sensor, the heart will glow brighter and beat faster as the energy from their hands is converted into more light.

Times Square heart – interaction
Times Square interactive heart installation Times Square interactive heart installation Times Square interactive heart installation
photos © Ho Kyung Lee

“What better place for couples to celebrate love and public art than in the heart of Times Square – this year, we’re inviting couples from across America and New York to come to Times Square and publicly declare their love in front of the beautiful “BIG♥NYC” which will glow brighter on Valentine’s Day as a symbol of our month-long celebration of love.”
Tim Tompkins, President, Times Square Alliance.

The Interactive Heart Sculpture Kicks off a Month of Romance in Times Square, New York City
Times Square interactive heart installation Times Square interactive heart installation
photos © David Sundberg ESTO

Over the last four years, the Times Square Alliance has hosted an annual public art sculpture to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This year’s 2012 Times Square Valentine is on display at Duffy Square from February 6 – 29.

“The heart reflects what Times Square is made of: people and light – the more people, the stronger the light,”
Bjarke Ingels, Founder & Partner, BIG.

BIG love in New York
Times Square interactive heart installation
photo © TSA

“Like a daisy chain of human contact, the more people who hold hands or make contact with others while touching the heart, the brighter and faster the heart will pulse. The “BIG♥ NYC” is an indicator of human energy in one of the most energized places on earth.”
Daniel Kidd, Project Leader, BIG.

Times Square interactive heart – Installation Information

CLIENT: Times Square Alliance
LOCATION: Times Square, At Duffy Square (46th St. and Broadway)
COLLABORATION: Flatcut, Local Projects, Zumtobel

Partner-in-Charge: Bjarke Ingels
Project Leader: Daniel Kidd
Team: Jeremy Siegel, Julian Liang, Chris Falla, Sören Grünert

Times Square

between 40th & 53rd Street; 6th & 9th Avenue

Times Square
Times Square Photo © Tim Collins

Neon center to New York, similar to London’s Piccadilly in conception. Home to the New Year’s Eve ball lowering on No.1 Times Square building. Broadway and many theaters are located nearby.

Times Square New York Times Square Manhattan
Times Square New York – photos © Tim Collins

Madison Square
Flatiron, New York

Madison Square Park
Key New York architecture nearby include the Flatiron building, New York Life Insurance Company building and the Metlife Tower.

Location: Times Square, New York City, USA

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Oct 11, 2019
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Jun 6, 2017
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Make America ♥ Again, Times Square New York | www.e-architect.com
photograph : Jason Isolini
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