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Casa Miga, Madrid Rio

Contemporary Manzanares Flat Refurbishment Spain design by OOIIO Architecture

5 Feb 2019

Design: OOIIO Architecture

Location: Madrid River, Spain

MIGA House in Madrid Rio

OOIIO Architecture Studio concludes the refurbishment works in a cozy apartment in Madrid River: MIGA House.

Casa Miga, Madrid Rio house interior refurbishment

Photos by Josefotoinmo

Casa Miga, Madrid Rio Property

The large urban Masterplans that result in large-scale major city interventions in the end, over time, directly influence the small scale.

Casa Miga, Madrid Rio house interior refurbishment

“Madrid River”, that urban macro-operation that meant the burying of several kilometers of the M-30 motorway, meant that where before there was a huge barrier of asphalt and cars pulling away different districts of Madrid, isolating the working-class neighbourhoods of the southwest, today we find a large linear park that accompanies the Manzanares River in its course through the capital.

Casa Miga, Madrid Rio house interior refurbishment

The former isolated neighbourhoods are suddenly pedestrian connected to the centre of Madrid and enjoy large green areas. The “macro” urban operation, immediately began to profoundly change the “micro”.

Casa Miga, Madrid Rio house interior refurbishment

It is in this context of recycling, change, the beginning of a new life where this small intervention happens, MIGA House.

Casa Miga, Madrid Rio house interior refurbishment

MIGA House is a project of integral refurbishment of an old apartment in a humble block of houses of Madrid River.

Madrid River house interior refurbishment

MIGA House aims to demonstrate that the standardized, the depressed, can be reborn with optimism, colour, light and imagination.

Madrid River house interior refurbishment

A simple apartment of just 60 m2 with an old distribution full of partitions and partitions that suffocate its spatiality, can through a good interior design project become a modern and fun flat, adapted to the new contemporary family social structures, perfect for a working couple who wants to live in a design apartment, without having to spend tens of thousands of euros.

Madrid River house interior refurbishment

For this project, the architects wanted to play a lot with the expressiveness of materials, textures, colours … Fine and sophisticated finishes are combined with rough cheap surfaces, looking for contrasts that are further enhanced with artificial lighting.

Madrid River house interior refurbishment

After studying the structural functioning of the building and how to multiply the entrance of natural light into the interior, OOIIO Architects decided to eliminate all of the old distribution to create a pair of “closed boxes” that define the intervention.

Madrid River house interior refurbishment

One of the boxes, cladded with gilded porcelain tiles, encloses the bathroom and separates the living room kitchen without the need for doors. The other box, cladded with fun porcelain tiles full of animal and plant motifs, encloses the master bedroom. The rest is open.

Madrid River house interior refurbishment

There where storage is necessary, OSB cabinets are placed, also in the kitchen, understood as a “technological closet” for storing pots, cutlery, food … and integrating household appliances, washing machine, etc.

Madrid River house interior refurbishment

OOIIO Architects have also worked on Interior Design choosing the furniture, designing the electrical installation to the detail, supervising the painting and lighting. In short, not leaving anything to chance, taking care that the final result is unique and keeps on the very tight initial budget.

Many times it is better not to despise the old, but to give it a new opportunity, play with its virtues and make it reborn as never before imagined solution.

Madrid River house interior refurbishment

Casa Miga Madrid Rio – Building Information

Status: Built
Project Year: 2018
Location: Madrid, Spain
Area: 60 m2

Design: OOIIO Architecture
Interior Design: OOIIO Architecture
Team: Joaquin Millán Villamuelas, Natalia Garmendia Cobo, Sandra Medina Montoya
Facilities: OOIIO Architecture
Safety & Health: OOIIO Architecture
Client: Private
Builder: Avram Petre Ciumpliliac

Photographer: Josefotoinmo

Casa Miga, Madrid Rio images / information received 040219 from OOIIO Architecture

OOIIO Architecture on e-architect

Location: Madrid Rio, Spain, southwestern Europe

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