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Karuizawa Villa, Japan : Nagano Architecture

Contemporary Japanese Villa – design by Jun Sakaguchi

14 Jan 2013

Karuizawa Villa

Location: Nagano, Japan

Design: Jun Sakaguchi

Nagano Residence

Jun Sakaguchi designed this weekend house in a beautiful setting of leafy resort area.

Karuizawa Villa Nagano, Japan property interior
photograph : bonobo

The original idea was to hang the internal space with a structural timber frame like a hammock. Two levels of comfortable space open up to the outside and hovers over the ground maximising the view and emphasising the ‘living in the trees’.

Karuizawa Villa Nagano, Japan house
photo : bonobo

Selected materials such as timber cladding, timber floor board and natural stone are in harmony with the surrounding environment and the building sits there as if it has been there for long time.

Karuizawa Villa Japan Karuizawa Villa Japan Karuizawa Villa Japan
photos : bonobo

Karuizawa Villa – Building Information

Location: Karuizawa, Nagano, Japan
Credits: Jun Sakaguchi as a practice director of PTW Architects in association with bonobo
Completion: 2009
Area: 280 sqm

Photos: bonobo

Karuizawa Villa images / information from Jun Sakaguchi

Location: Nagano, Japan, East Asia

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Nagano is located in former Shinano Province and developed from the Nara period as a temple town at the gate of the famous Zenkō-ji, a 7th-century Buddhist temple which was relocated to this location in 642 AD, and as a post station on the Hokkoku Kaidō highway connecting Edo with the Sea of Japan coast. During the Sengoku period, the area was hotly contested between the forces of the Uesugi clan based in Echigo Province and the Takeda clan based in Kai Province. source: wikipeia

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