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House in Buzen, Japan : Playground Home

Contemporary Home in Buzen, Fukuoka Prefecture, design by Suppose design office

21 Apr 2011

House in Buzen

Design: Suppose design office, architects

Location: Buzen, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

Photos: Toshiyuki Yano

When they are young, places like a narrow path between houses, the edge of a garden, the back of a shed, under the floor, or an open lot are the preferred playgrounds of children.

House in Buzen House in Buzen

Rather than a park or garden that was built to be played in, we wanted to make a house with a courtyard that would become a playground naturally.

House in Buzen House in Buzen House in Buzen House in Buzen

Rather than a collection of rooms, we think of this house as a collection of constructions, and we produced a design that seems to be made out of various different structures.

Paths covered by a glass roof weave between the disconnected structures to create an interior space that feels exterior, a private space that feels public, a hall that feels like an avenue. In that space the children can run around, you can enjoy a breeze while you eat, read under the sun, and fall asleep watching the stars.

House in Buzen House in Buzen House in Buzen House in Buzen

There is a charm beyond imagination there, beyond normal home life. Just like children who use space outside to its full potential, we wanted to make equal the relationship between inside- and out by using the courtyard as a part of everyday life and bringing inside activities outside.

Beyond making city streets like courtyards to make them feel closer to houses, we want to continue to try and envision the architecture of the future, moving past the inside-outside relationship to find new types of connections.

House in Buzen House in Buzen House in Buzen House in Buzen

House in Buzen information from Suppose design office architects

Location: Buzen, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, East Asia

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