Re-use Fallen-church of Grottole Design, Chiesa Diruta, Matera Architecture Competition Entry, Italy

Re-use Fallen-church of Grottole, Matera, Italy

Location: Matera, Basilicata, southern Italy

Reuse the Fallen Church, Chiesa Diruta (Grottole, Matera

Design: BAAG atelier _ badoero+garis architects

Re-use Fallen-church of Grottole, Matera

17 June 2021

Re-use Grottole Church Competition Design

“Architecture is frozen music” (cit. Goethe)

The project for the recovery of the Diruta di Grottole church is designed in relation to three aspects.

First of all, the memory: the building dates back to a distant time, it was able to withstand the earthquake of 1694, only to be abandoned to its fate starting from 1800.

Re-use Fallen-church of Grottole, Matera

Its history and its presence testify to the importance of this building and for this reason our recovery intervention is a duty and necessary to bring to new splendor an artifact that still has a lot to tell, especially to those who will use it in the future.

The design idea therefore defines two simple and rational volumes: the first opaque to complete the roof of the church nave and the second in crystal to complete the accessory building.

Re-use Fallen-church of Grottole, Matera

The volumes will be able to dialogue with the existing in a harmonious way, maintaining the clear distinction between what is history, memory of the past and what is new life, vision of the future.

On the apse side, a cascade of water will join two pools, the first at the level of the church and the second at the level of the square. Water represents the passage of time, an uninterrupted flow that binds the past with the present and the future.

Re-use Fallen-church of Grottole, Matera

The second design aspect is the context: the new volumes are designed in continuity with the surrounding colors in order to maintain a dialogue with the beautiful Lucanian landscape. In the distance, the intervention will attract the attention of observers who will have the curiosity to go to the reborn landmark, bringing new life blood to the town of Grottole.

Re-use Fallen-church of Grottole, Matera

The third design aspect is light: it has always been the most important building material.
In the new space it is designed both from above and horizontally: it will filter from the walls through small through holes in continuity with the pontoon holes of the existing masonry. Zenitally, on the other hand, it will filter through circular openings in the ceiling capable of flooding the interior space with a veiled, almost mystical light.

The interior space will maintain its sacredness, welcoming the new function of concert hall, theater, art space at 360 degrees. Music will flood the interior space by amplifying what the architecture contains.

Re-use Fallen-church of Grottole, Matera

Re-use Grottole Church Matera – Building Information

Location: Italy, Basilicata, Grottole
Year: 2021
Type: International Competition
Status: Project
Architects: BAAG atelier
Team: arch. Francesco Badoero, arch. Valentina Garis
Project Title: Fallen Church

Re-use Fallen-church of Grottole, Matera

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9 Nov 2020

Re-use Grottole Church Competition, Matera

Location: Matera, Basilicata, southern Italy

Re-use Grottole Church Competition, Matera

Reuse the Fallen Church Grottole Matera

The third edition of the contest Re-use Italy: an International Architecture Competition on the reuse of the Fallen-church of Grottole, Matera, Italy.

This third edition concerns The Fallen-church, a XVI century abandoned church in the village of Grottole (Matera, Italy), and participants are asked to turn this space in a concert hall.

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Location: Grottole, Matera, Italy, southern Europe

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