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Strings attached House in Bnei Atarot

Contemporary Residential Redevelopment Israel – interior design by Studio Perri

17 Jul 2018

Strings attached House in Tel Aviv

Interior Design: Studio Perri

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Strings attached House

Strings Attached House in Bnei Atarot

A private house of 185 sqm in Bnei Atarot “moshav” in Israel, that was built 10 years ago and was no longer suited to the needs of the family living there, was upgraded from a characterless old-fashion space to a villa with a prestigious and up-to-date look.

Strings Attached House in Bnei Atarot

Bnei Atarot is located on the site of the Templer colony of Wilhelma, established in 1902.

Strings Attached House in Bnei Atarot

The proximity of Tel Aviv metropolitan area has led to suburbanization of the village gradually decreased. In the late 1990’s a new residential neighborhood was built on the northeastern edge of the moshav, consisting of private homes. The house owner grew up in Bnei atarot and decided it’s the right place for him to raise his family.

Strings Attached House in Bnei Atarot

Before the renovation the house included one floor with a living room, dining room and kitchen, one bathroom and two bedrooms – one shared by the two children, and one for the parents.

As the years passed, the children grew and the needs of the family changed.

Strings Attached House in Bnei Atarot

The new plan was to design and build a second floor that will contain a master suite for the parents – a bedroom, a walk-in closet and bathroom. In addition to design separate rooms for the children, to renovate the bathrooms in the ground floor, and to design and decorate the house with furniture, lighting, textiles and decoration.

Strings Attached House in Bnei Atarot

The house design has modern clean lines, and a touch of nordic style, using wood and metal as the main materials.
The living room furniture has a soft gray sofa, two armchairs and two wool mats which contrasts with the dark floor tiles. The dining room has a massive teak wood dining table and modern, delicate black chairs. the beautiful garden is framed by the dark grey windows.

Strings Attached House in Bnei Atarot

Strings Attached House in Bnei Atarot

The high wooden ceiling (up to 8 meters) in the living area was painted white to provide a more specious feeling and reflect the natural light. Lighting fixtures made of bamboo strings are hung from the high ceiling.

Strings Attached House in Bnei Atarot

The strings are used as the Continuing Motif in the house, it repeats in the staircase railing, the ceiling, and the living room table made from black metal strings.

Strings Attached House in Bnei Atarot

A new staircase was planned for the new gallery floor, which combines oak paths and a delicate rail frame of strings that extend from the upper to the lower staircase, and serve as a modern kind of grille to separate the two flights of stairs.

Strings Attached House in Bnei Atarot

The parents’ bedroom was furnished with modern textile in the bed and curtains, adding softness and warmth to the space. A walk in closet was created by placing the back of the closet facing the bedside, instead of a wall, and the closet was covered with woolen wallpaper. On the other side of the closet is a storage bench, and from the sloping ceiling on top of it a stainless steel hanging rod.

Strings Attached House in Bnei Atarot

The kids rooms are designed in their favorite colors with costume made carpentry.
The parent’s bathroom benefits from the beautiful wooden ceiling painted in white, and is decorated with delicate tiles and wooden chest. The main bathroom was completely renovated and covered with black and white tile, and a vintage style chest.

Strings Attached House in Bnei Atarot

Strings attached House, Bnei Atarot – Building Information

Project size: 185 sqm
Site size: 500 sqm
Completion date: 2017
Building levels: 2

Strings Attached House in Bnei Atarot

Photographer: Aviad bar ness

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Location: Bnei Atarot, Israel, Middle East

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