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SO Architecture – Major Design

Umm el-Fahem Museum for Contemporary Art, Israel
Date built: 2009-
SO Architecture Umm el-Fahem Museum for Contemporary Art design
image from architects studio
Umm el-Fahem Museum building
Today, in the third millennium, amid the daily reality and worries about war and economic hardship, a museum of contemporary art will be built, and will thus form an island of tranquility, exhibiting the richness of Arab culture in Israel.
The plans for the building of the museum offer it as a symbol, radiating openness to the different and the new, so that it will form a proper stage for Arab-Israeli culture and art, that, while maintaining strong links to the past, looks confidently and optimistically into the future.

SO Architecture – Key Projects

Featured Buildings / Interior Designs by SO Architecture, alphabetical:

Leggenda Ice Cream and Yogurt, Ramat Ishay, Israel
Date built: 2009
Leggenda Ice Cream
photograph : Asaf Oren
Leggenda Ice Cream and Yogurt

Nature and Science Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
Date built: –
Design together with architect Gabby Schwartz
Open design competition winners

Rosso restaurant, Ramat Yishay, Israel
Date built: 2007
Rosso restaurant
photograph : Asaf Oren
Rosso restaurant

Theodore Café Bistro, Israel
Date built: 2008
Theodore Café Bistro
photograph : Asaf Oren
Theodore Café Bistro

Yehiam Memorial, Kibbutz Yechiam, north of Israel
Date built: –
Yehiam Memorial
image from architects
Yehiam Memorial design
The visitor experiences the confined geometry of the place while progressing to the hall. The materials used in the construction are wood and plaster. The space that is revealed inside the building is a clean space, which forms a balance on the one hand of the general feeling, and on the other hand points to the photos of the fallen.

The photos themselves are emphasized by hidden lighting, both natural and artificial. In the interior design work of the site, the photos of the fallen were reconstructed and renovated with the help of computers.

This architectural project was executed on a very small budget.

More architectural designs by SO Architecture online soon

Location: Hibbutz Shaar Haamakim, Israel, the Middle East

SO Architecture Israel – Practice Information

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Israeli Architecture Designs – architectural selection below:

First Inclusive School, Tel-Aviv
Design: Sarit Shani Hay Design Studio
First Inclusive School Tel Aviv Israel
photo : Roni Cnaani
First Inclusive School Tel-Aviv
Tel Aviv-based award-winning designer, Sarit Shani Hay’s flagship project, the First Inclusive School in Tel Aviv puts a fresh face on what inclusive education should look like for school-aged children of today’s generation.

Lee and Murray Kushner Family Building, Jerusalem
Design: HQ Architects
Lee Murray Kushner Family Building Jerusalem
photo : Lior Avitan
Lee and Murray Kushner Family Building
The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance holds an essential place in the cultural history of the city. Initially established in 1933, the academy is both a school as well as a performance venue.

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Solar Flower Tower Israel

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