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B House – Ramat Hasharon Property

Residential Development Israel – design by Tal Goldsmith Fish Design Studio

27 Oct 2015

B House in Ramat Hasharon

Design: Tal Goldsmith Fish Design Studio

Location: Ramat Hasharon, Israel

A Shell within a Shell – B house

The house was planned for a couple holding senior positions, who decided to move their offices to their home so as to be with their young children throughout the day.

Berger House

The challenge was to plan a space where the parents would have constant control and eye contact with the children and, on the other hand, the possibility of separation and privacy while working.

Berger House

The solution provided is a system of glass and aluminum partitions that envelopes the nucleus and the heart of the house, and allows control over the movements between the floors and the spaces on the floor.

Berger House

The opening of each partition enables the passage between floors; stairs, the elevator, and movement around the floor; living room, kitchen and the work and utility rooms.

Berger House

When the partitions are closed – the public area is separated from the rest of the rooms and movement in the open space is made possible only to a limited area.

In the living room, above the fireplace, a library having various angles is located. The geometric library is made of aluminum, weighs approximately half a ton, and is fused as a single unit in order to refrain from complicated connections that were created as a result of the various angles. It was hoisted precisely into the constructive framework that holds the heavy weight. The scale of monochromatic colors that was chosen for the house were seasoned only with light touches of color, and the content of the library in the living room is what creates the main splash of color in the space.

The bedrooms are located on the second floor. The parents’ suite is divided into two areas, where a chest of drawers that also serves as the back of the bed separates the sleeping area from the closet area.

Berger House

The master wash room is located at the end of the corridor that is created between the bedroom closets and that is covered entirely by grey stone – floor, walls and a sink surface with two sinks also built from the same stone. The use of one kind of stone as covering, surface, sinks and bench is intended to create a calm, monotonous and pleasant environment for the user. Within the framework of a productive dialog with the clients, we created a restrained, modern space, free of excessive decorations.

A pallet of materials and colors were chosen that was pleasant and harmonious for our clients. The materials and the textures that were chosen have contrasts that create a slight tension between the elegant and the industrial.

Berger House

Despite the broad range of materials, there exists a harmony that is obtained by the use of a limited number of hues and rich textures.

The possibility of sliding the dividers creates many scenarios of interesting compositions and different senses of space by the passage of light, air and movement with the opening and closing of the dividers.

Berger House

Photography: Amit Geron

B House in Ramat Hasharon images / information from Tal Goldsmith Fish Design Studio

Location: Ramat Hasharon, Tel Aviv, Israel, Middle East

Location: Israel, Middle East

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