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Indonesian House : Architecture

Contemporary Indonesian Residence: New Home design by Budi Pradono Architects, Southeast Asia

27 Aug 2009

Azwar Anaz House Indonesia

Date built: 2009

Design: Budi Pradono Architects [bpa]

Azwar Anaz House Indonesia Contemporary Home in Indonesia Azwar Anaz House
photos : Ahkamul Hakim

Azwar Anas House is an interesting new Indonesia property design.

Contemporary Home Indonesia Indonesian Residence Contemporary Indonesian Residence
photos : Ahkamul Hakim

New Indonesian Home New Indonesian Property Contemporary Property in Indonesia
photo : FX bambang SN

Indonesian House Contemporary Residence in Indonesia Contemporary Residence
photo : FX bambang SN

New Property in Indonesia Azwar Anaz House
photo : FX bambang SN

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Budi Pradono Architects – architectural practice based in Indonesia

Location: Indonesia, Southeast Asia

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Budipradono Architects [bpa] is a research based architectural studio with interdisciplinary practice focus on contemporary lifestyle, hospitality and urban design through an inclusive and rigorous methodology of research, expansive collaboration and experimentation. The works develops through research analysis of practical as well as theoretical issues ranging from program, typology, material, structure, and use, to larger networks of social, environmental and cultural consideration.

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