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Weekamp House in Dedemsvaart

Overijssel Building Development, The Netherlands – design by hamhuis architecten

26 Apr 2016

Weekamp House, Dedemsvaart

Design: hamhuis architecten

Location: Dedemsvaart, Overijssel, Netherlands

New property offers a modern twist on traditional colonial villa styling in the Netherlands

Weekamp House

The team at hamhuis architecten has created a spectacular detached property that provides a modern twist on the design of the traditional colonial houses found in the peat cutting area of Dedemsvaart, the Netherlands. The exterior of the property has been designed to fit the surrounding landscape and provide stunning views out to the Reest River through the vast glass exterior. hamhuis architecten has used bold interior architecture, including an extraordinary spiral staircase without a central column and a floating staircase, both created by EeStairs, to extend the luxurious feel of the inside of the property.

Weekamp House

Weekamp House

“Our client wanted a property that was light and airy and allowed the beautiful green outdoor space to be enjoyed from the inside,” explains Jan Bruining, Architect, hamhuis architecten. “Similarly, when using the garden the house had to fit into the landscape and reflect the history of its location, whilst providing a modern lifestyle.”

Weekamp House

Weekamp House

Although minimalist in it’s design, the exterior of the property is an obvious twist on the traditional villas commonly found in the area. The form and shape of the building eludes to the traditional housing of days gone by, whilst the bold white finish, vast glass exterior and modern windows create a sense of cutting-edge design.

Weekamp House

The glass that encloses one side of the building’s exterior provides beautiful views of the properties surroundings, whilst picking up reflections from the river, trees and fields, creating a harmonious relationship between the two. The inside of the property is flooded with light from the glass frontage and a selection of horizontal and vertical rectangular windows on the rest of the property. In order to unite the interior and exterior space further still hamhuis architecten has designed the property to include space for large indoor plants on the ground floor.

Weekamp House Weekamp House

The largely white interior provides a blank canvas, on which the house plants stand out and become a vivid feature of the open plan kitchen-living room. The plants draw on the colours from outside and create a cohesive theme inside and out.

Weekamp House

From the kitchen living area there is access to the first floor via an exceptional spiral staircase. Bruining explains, “The client was looking for a staircase that was as individual as the property itself, something which pushed the boundaries and reflected the architectural twist on a traditional colonial house. It was decided that a spiral design fitted the theme of taking in the surrounding views, whilst removing the central supporting column would be in keeping with the approach of adding a modern twist to a classic design. We worked closely with the client to develop the design, before turning to EeStairs to bring the product to life.”

Weekamp House

Weekamp House

Bruining adds, “Creating a spiral staircase without a central column is no easy undertaking and required a specialist to ensure that finish matched the same high standard as the rest of the property. EeStairs has a reputation for thinking in terms of solutions and endeavoring to make the seemingly impossible a reality. With their help it was possible to fix and support the treads along the outside wall of the staircase creating a unique combination of a floating and spiral staircase.”

Weekamp House

Weekamp House

The result is breathtaking. At first glance the staircase seems to defy the laws of design, it sparks curiosity and reflects perfectly the clients desire to create a remarkable and individual home. The combination of materials such as the stainless steel handrail and timber treads acts as yet another echo of the brief to unite modern lifestyle with natural elements.

The collaboration between EeStairs and hamhuis architecten doesn’t stop there. The pair also designed and created a floating straight staircase with timber treads and glass balustrades for another area of the house. Although minimalist in style the staircase is captivating – at first glance it appears to go nowhere as it rises up to meet a clear glass landing, fitted with support from EeStairs. The opposite wall is studded with colour changing LED lighting that create a diamond effect on the wall as well as bouncing light off of the glass landing adding to the feeling of a bright interior. Lighting has also been incorporated into the handrail of the staircase to add to the sense of splendor in around the staircase, captivating all who look at it.

Weekamp House

Weekamp House

Weekamp House

“It is incredibly inspiring to work with a partner that is willing to turn conventional designs on their head and is determined to achieve the best possible look rather than the easiest,” explains Cornelis van Vlastuin, Creative Director, EeStairs.

The property also boasts fantastic environmental credentials. Geothermal heating technology has been installed alongside a low temperature heating system and solar panels. Even the white exterior walls are finished using stucco due to its high insulating properties.

Weekamp House

Whether it is modern or traditional design that excites you, it is impossible not to find something in this home that appeals.

Weekamp House

Weekamp House in Dedemsvaart – Building Information

Ground floor: 225 sqm
First floor: 170sqm

Architect: hamhuis architecten bna
Stairs: EeStairs
Loohuis Installatiegroep: Installation
Lighting: Delat light
Doors: Weekamp Deuren

Weekamp House

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Location: Dedemsvaart, Netherlands

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