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post updated 23 September 2023

German Housing Design

4 Aug 2022
House Elvesgarden, Bayern, southern Germany
Architecture: Stephan Maria Lang Architects
House Elvesgarden Bayern Germany
photo : Sebastian Kolm
House Elvesgarden, Bayern

2 Jun 2022
Holistic Living, Berlin
Architects: GRAFT
Holistic Living Berlin Homes - German Architecture News
photograph : Tobias Hein
Holistic Living, Berlin Homes

23 Nov 2021
Franklin Mitte, Mannheim
Design: MVRDV
O Franklin Mitte, Mannheim by MVRDV- German Architecture News
image © MVRDV
O Franklin Mitte, Mannheim
The 15-storey building mixes 120 apartments with ground level commercial units and a bar and terrace. With its playful shape, the building also functions as a local landmark, and a key contributor to the character of the neighbourhood at large.

7 May 2021
410 Offshore Borkum, Borkum, Reede
Design: Delugan Meissl Associated Architects
410 Offshore Borkum Reede- German Architecture News
photograph : Piet Niemann, Hamburg
410 Offshore Borkum, Reede
As part of the 410 Offshore Borkum urban development of Borkum-Reede a series of compact and architecturally sophisticated residential units are being created in the northern part of the harbour for workers in the offshore sector.

27 Nov 2018
Planning Dialogue Hafner – Urban Design Competition, Konstanz, southern Germany
Design: KCAP Architects&Planners
Planning Dialogue Hafner - Konstanz Urban Design Competition
image © KCAP, Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl
Planning Dialogue Hafner Konstanz
The plan envisages a mix of 45 ha of residential and 15 ha of commercial areas, including 2.600 apartments, set as several quarters into the soft hills of north-western Konstanz, creating a truly green neighbourhood.

Key Residential Projects online, alphabetical:

16 Jun 2010
IBA Hamburg Smart Price Houses
Design: OBRA, architects
IBA Hamburg Smart Price Houses: Housing
image courtesy of architects
IBA Hamburg Smart Price Houses
The project‘s mission is to address and satisfy the housing needs and desires of present and future residents of Wilhelmsburg, and we believe that the proper consideration of these aspirat ions can realize the promise of imaginative and futurebuilding conception worthy the IBA and the City of Hamburg.

Duisburg Inner Harbour Housing

Schirn Housing, Frankfurt
Schirn Housing Germany
photo © Adrian Welch
Schirn Housing

Unite d’ Habitation, Berlin

Design: Le Corbusier Architect
Unite d' Habitation Berlin
photograph © Isabelle Lomholt
Le Corbusier building

German Architecture welcome

Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin
Date built:1990
Design: Rem Koolhaas Architect / OMA

German Buildings

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German Housing Architecture – no images, alphabetical:

IBA-Block 2 Housing project

Design: Zaha Hadid Architects

IBA Social Housing, Berlin, Germany
Dates built: 1981-85
Design: Peter Eisenman

Interbau Apartment House, Altonaer Straße 4-14, Berlin-Tiergarten
Date built: 1957
Design: Oscar Niemeyer and Soares Filho

Interbau Apartment House, Händelallee 3-9, Berlin-Tiergarten
Date built: 1957
Design: Walter Gropius, TAC with Wils Elbert

Quartier Schützenstrasse
Dates built: 1994-98
Design: Aldo Rossi

Rauchstrasse, Berlin, Germany
Date built: 1983
Design: Hans Hollein Architects

Schlesisches Tor Apartments, Kreuzberg

Design: Alvaro Siza Architects

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