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Drehmo Building, Wenden

Assembly + Office Building, Sauerland, Germany design by wurm + wurm Architects.

27 Aug 2013

Design: wurm+wurm architekten ingenieure GmbH

Location: Wenden, Sauerland, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Drehmo Building, Wenden, Germany

Photos by Ester Havlova, Walter Fogel

New building of Drehmo GmbH in Wenden

„form follows site“

Drehmo GmbH, Wenden

In Wenden, the southernmost town of the german region of Sauerland electromechanical actuators for water management, the power plant sector and the oil and gas industry are manufactured.

Drehmo Building Wenden Germany

The special cut of the new building of the Drehmo GmbH is owed the topographical situation in this region. The moving landscape caused the terracing of the landscape and produces irregularly shaped lot. The unusual floor plan, generated by this contour, and the hillside situation with a view over the valley determine the character and exceptional styling.

Drehmo Building Wenden Germany

The basic arrangement consists of the assembly hall with the affiliated areas of the loading bay and an automatic shelf storage. The two-story administrative wing situated in front of the assembly hall forms with this an entrance situation. The basement accommodates staff rooms and the canteen, which is naturally lit via a courtyard and expands into this free area with glazing from floor to ceiling.

Drehmo Building Wenden Germany

The roof with an oversized, band-like Attica spans the entire complex. This band is different in height, as it flows to the building around. The homogeneous materiality of the attic, roof soffits, columns and parts of the wall covering, using lighter aluminum expanded metal panels, the corporeal of construction is emphasized.

Drehmo Building Wenden Germany

Constructively effective struts inclined tension between the individual levels or to ground, forming a kind of contemporary framework, it acts like a muscle, supporting and shaping at the same time. A bright expanded metal, even in details processed accurately, draws sharp the contours and ridges.

Drehmo Building Wenden Germany

Inside contrast light wooden floors with large exposed concrete surfaces. Spacious air spaces and the two-story atrium enable always new, surprising perspectives. Slanted concrete columns, already nested in itself, create dynamic images in the overlay.

Drehmo Building Wenden Germany

Drehmo Building Wenden Germany

Drehmo Wenden – Building Information

Project title: New building Drehmo Wenden
Architects: wurm + wurm architekten • ingenieure • GmbH
Design: 2009
Completion: 2013
Site: Wenden, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Drehmo Building Wenden Germany

Client: Drehmo GmbH, Zum Eichstruck 10, 57482 Wenden
Internet: www.drehmo.com
Area of the new building: 7500 m²
Support structure planning: wurm + wurm architekten ingenieure GmbH, Bühl

Drehmo Building Wenden Germany

Photos: Ester Havlova, Walter Fogel

Copyright holder of the pictures: wurm+wurm architekten ingenieure GmbH.

Drehmo Building Wenden Germany Drehmo Building Wenden Germany Drehmo Building Wenden Germany Drehmo Building Wenden Germany Drehmo Building Wenden Germany

Drehmo Building Wenden Germany Drehmo Building Wenden Germany Drehmo Building Wenden Germany Drehmo Building Wenden Germany Drehmo Building Wenden Germany

Drehmo Building Wenden Germany Drehmo Building Wenden Germany Drehmo Building Wenden Germany Drehmo Building Wenden Germany Drehmo Building Wenden Germany

Drehmo Building, Wenden images / information from wurm + wurm, architekten

wurm + wurm

Location: Wenden, Olpe district, Sauerland, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, western Europe.

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