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ZAC Beauvert Grenoble Building

Grenoble Housing Development, France – design by AKTIS Architecture et Urbanisme

21 Sep 2011

ZAC Beauvert

Location: Grenoble, southeast France

Living in a city park

Design: AKTIS Architecture et Urbanisme

ZAC Beauvert Grenoble building design
picture © theNood

‘Little Wood’

Aktis won the competition for 53 housing units in ZAC Beauvert, Grenoble. In “Little Wood“ project we have combined our commitment to urban and architectural quality to a design approach open and innovative. This is not about designing town houses, as access is not individualized, but it is about to find within the apartments the “livability of a home.”

The project follows a logical division that assembles complex constructions in various combinations. We have combined density and intimacy, working on limits, playing on various sensory perceptions and offering a reinterpretation of the traditional house.

The houses of 3 to 7 apartments are arranged in order to preserve to the maximum the existing trees but also so that each unit benefits from the best orientation, and that the views are not disrupted by the vis-à-vis.

ZAC Beauvert Grenoble building

ZAC Beauvert Grenoble building France
images from AKTIS Architecture et Urbanisme

The idea of the “inhabited park” is reinforced by the houses withdrawn from the street alignment and as well by the terrain that is completely free from any traffic. Parking is underground, there where are no existing trees.

ZAC Beauvert Grenoble building plans

ZAC Beauvert Grenoble housing
images from AKTIS Architecture et Urbanisme

ZAC Beauvert Grenoble – Building Information

Project Title: “Little Wood”
Client: Atélier Gröll
Architect: Aktis Architecture et Urbanisme
Site area: 6,500 m²
Gross Floor area: 4,200 m²
Location: Grenoble, France
Status: Ongoing studies
Project start date: Spring 2011
Cost: 1,73M HT
Collaborators: Adela Ciurea, Claire Chantereau – architects ; CET – fluids engineer

Images: Perspective : theNood ; Computer graphics : Adela Ciurea

AKTIS Architecture et Urbanisme are based in Grenoble

ZAC Beauvert Grenoble Housing images / information from AKTIS Architecture et Urbanisme

Location: Grenoble, France

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