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22 Apr 2013

Danish Architecture Centre Copenhagen Harbour Buildings
image from DAC

Danish Architecture Centre Bridge Exhibition

‘Your Harbour’ – New Copenhagen Docklands Architecture

A new exhibition at the Danish Architecture Centre takes visitors on a journey through the history of Copenhagen’s harbour and on into its future.

The exhibition YOUR HARBOUR – Copenhagen Harbour past, present and future will be on show at the Danish Architecture Centre from 22 March to 16 June 2013 and will continue out into the harbour throughout the summer.

Copenhagen Harbour buildings and boats
image from DAC

In this large scale exhibition Danish Architecture Centre casts the spotlight on the rapid development of Copenhagen’s harbour. YOUR HARBOUR invites visitors on a journey through the harbour’s historical development from its past existence as a military and industrial harbour to its present existence as a culture harbour and recreational area, where the harbour has well and truly returned to the city and its citizens.

Your Harbour has been created by the Danish Architecture Centre in association with the Museum of Copenhagen, the City of Copenhagen and Gehl Architects. The project is supported by the A.P. Møller and Hustru Chastine Mc-Kinney Møller Foundation, Realdania and Nordea-fonden.

Danish Architecture Centre Copenhagen Harbour Buildings Danish Architecture Centre Copenhagen Harbour Buildings
images from DAC

The harbour is your new Sunday walk

Harbour baths, canoeing clubs, oyster banks, new bridges, cultural institutes, company headquarters and harbour parks. Now that the industry has moved away, the harbour is well and truly returning to the city. This year witnesses the opening of the Inderhavn Bridge and several smaller bridges, which will create a completely new link around Copenhagen’s inner harbour. Suddenly it will be possible to take a walk around the harbour, just as we have done for generations around the lakes.

Danish Architecture Centre Copenhagen Harbour Buildings Danish Architecture Centre Copenhagen Harbour Buildings Danish Architecture Centre Copenhagen Harbour Buildings Danish Architecture Centre Copenhagen Harbour Buildings
images from DAC

“Today the harbour is completely different from what it was just ten years ago. With the exhibition YOUR HARBOUR we want to take the people of the city and visitors to the city back into the harbour’s history and forward into the harbour of the future. The exhibition will show how the harbour today has become Copenhagen’s new, large public space. We have created an exhibition, which will appeal to the whole family, and which will take place, not only here in the Danish Architecture Centre, but also out in the harbour itself,” says Nanna Bjerre Hjortenberg, Head of Presentation and Debate at the Danish Architecture Centre.

The bridges are coming
This year four new bridges will see the light of day in the Inderhavn and will, in no uncertain terms, create new options for the city’s cyclists and pedestrians, who will be able to cut corners between the city centre and Christianshavn. The exhibition will provide visitors with an insight into the new bridges and an opportunity to experience the new Inderhavn Bridge at close quarters in a giant model, where they can have a go at opening and closing this sliding bridge. What is more, the sliding bridge is the first of its kind in Europe, and is in itself an enormous feat of engineering.

From armed forces and industry to cultural buildings and new opportunities
Visitors will be transported through traces of the harbour’s history, giving them a sense of the very presence of history, with insights into events and episodes that were pivotal in shaping the appearance of the harbour as it is today. Hear, for example, how the soya-bean cake factory exploded and created a particularly polluted harbour.

Travel back to the 1800s, when Kvæsthusbroen was constructed, on the same site where the Royal Danish Playhouse stands today, and where Kvæsthusmolen is in the process of taking shape. Or hear the story of the time, when the people of Christianshavn turfed an international star architect out of Krøyers Plads.

“Over the years, the harbour has been a forum for industrial conflicts, cultural conflicts and duels between public and private operators – between grassroots organisations and politicians – between owners and users. And today it is still a battle zone for many different interest groups. We want the exhibition Your Harbour to show how the harbour’s development has been created out of a complex alchemy of accident, planning and ruthless business, and ultimately by the many public and private operators, who make it their business to leave their mark on it,” says Nanna Bjerre Hjortenberg.

The harbour baths and other pioneer projects
Looking at a selection of pioneer projects, such as the Harbour Baths, the Royal Danish Playhouse, Kvæsthusmolen and the Bryggebro Bridge, which have paved the way towards a new way of using the harbour, visitors will also get a chance to peer into the near future. They will see how future harbour projects, such as the Bryghus project, will help to draw urban life from the centre around Strøget to down around the harbour, creating a new waterfront and breathing life into it.

Danish Architecture Centre Copenhagen Harbour Buildings DAC Copenhagen Harbour Buildings DAC Harbour Buildings Danish Architecture Centre Copenhagen Harbour Buildings
images from DAC

An exhibition for all the family
YOUR HARBOUR is also an exhibition for children, the youngest of whom can go exploring on a special, child-size sensory trail. Special “sensory boxes” will let them see, listen, smell and feel their way, inspiring them to go out and explore the harbour and hunt for particular harbour objects.

Throughout the Easter break they will also have the opportunity to build LEGO bridges in the large LEGO Architecture Workshop, “Bro Bro Brille”

Explore the harbour
YOUR HARBOUR is much more than an exhibition. Afterwards visitors are encouraged to go out and explore the harbour.

At selected places along the quay we have positioned “hotspots”, where people can experience the development of the harbour from a setting for industry to a place of recreation, and hear accounts of the past, present and future harbour in a collection of new audio stories, which can also be downloaded as pod walks at home or at the exhibition.

Throughout the period of the exhibition and the rest of the summer you can explore the harbour on foot, on water or on bicycle, on a series of guided tours. Keep a lookout for them on www.dac.dk/kalender

Photography competition on Instagram

If you are on the social picture-sharing platform, Instagram, and have an eye for new, fun ways to use Copenhagen Harbour’s many well-known and less familiar areas, you can add the hash tag#havnenerdin to your photos. The best photos will be displayed in the exhibition, and every week we will select the photos of the week for the Danish Architecture Centre’s Facebook page. On 16 June the winner of the photography competition will be presented with an iPhone 5.

Read about all these activities on http://www.dac.dk/en/dac-life/exhibitions-1/2013/your-harbour/

Danish Harbour Bridge Designs

6 Mar 2013

Danish Architecture Centre International Conference

Dedicated to Architecture – institutions as drivers of change

17 – 19 Apr 2013
20 Apr (optional Post-conference tour)

The Danish Architecture Centre is delighted to host the conference “Dedicated to Architecture – institutions as drivers of change”. Leaders of international architecture institutions, curators and professionals are invited to join the exploration of future visions for the architecture institution.

The Danish Architecture Centre is preparing the emergence of a new architecture institution in Denmark. The institution is scheduled to open in 2016 in a building designed by OMA, situated in the heart of Copenhagen.

Danish Architecture Centre International Conference
image from DAC

In collaboration with a number of Danish and international players we have initiated a conference looking into the role the architecture institution can and should play in the 21st century. We hope you will share the information with your readers and members.

The speakers at the conference represent a broad range of aspects within the architectural world: Urban development, contemporary architecture, exhibition development, preservation, etc.

• OLE BOUMAN, Creative Director of the Hong Kong & Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism & Architecture
• LARRY NG LYE HOCK, Group Director at Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)
• FRANCIS RAMBERT, Director at Department of architecture – Institut français d’architecture, Cité de l’architecture & du patrimoine
• CARLO RATTI, Director at MIT Senseable City Lab and associated partner at Carlorattiassociati
• MICHAEL STEVNS, Partnership Manager at The Crystal
• FLEMMING BORRESKOV, Chairman at Danish Architecture Centre (DAC) and CEO at Realdania
• KENT MARTINUSSEN, CEO at Danish Architecture Centre
• EVA FRANCH I GILABERT, Director at Storefront for Art and Architecture
• GREGORY K. DREICER, Vice President at Chicago Architecture Foundation (CAF)
• MAARTEN GIELEN, Founder of Rotor

Three central themes will be the focal point of three days of networking, workshops, roundtable discussions and inspirational presentations:

• IMPACT – How does the 21st Century Architecture Institution create value for society?

• CONDITIONS – How is the 21st Century Architecture Institution organized?

• METHODS – How can the 21st Century Architecture Institution further develop the products we offer to our audiences?

The conference will bring together about 100 international capacities in the field of disseminating architecture. Attached you will find the conference flyer and a list of the invited parties.

• Take part in an intense debate
• Share your experience and visions as drivers of change
• Build valuable connections
• Be updated about current exhibitions and projects from architecture institutions worldwide

Wednesday 17th- Friday 19th April 2013
Post-conference tour. Saturday April 20th (optional)

Find the programme and more at: www.dedicatedtoarchitecture.dk

For general inquiries about the conference and the programme, please contact
Project Manager Anette Sørensen E: conference@dac.dk T: + 45 3257 1930 / +45 2287 6849

Danish Architecture Centre Exhibition

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Location: Danish Architecture Centre, Strandgade 27B, DK-1401 Copenhagen K, Denmark

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