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12 Jul 2013

Danish Architecture Centre Exhibition 2013

Add form like Zaha Hadid – family workshops

During the summer vacation The Danish Architecture Centre invites children and their families to take part in special designed workshops inspired by the Zaha Hadid exhibition.

Zaha Hadid World Architecture Exhibition Denmark
photo : Julie Dufour Wiese

On Sunday the 30th of June a large number of families visited the exhibition and in the architectural lab they experimented and created architectural models using a lot of traditional as well as untraditional black and white materials. Julie Dufour Wiese, architect and educator at The Danish Architecture Centre introduced the workshop and helped children with their Zaha Hadid inspired buildings.

During the workshop a lot of unique projects emerged in the architectural lab such as a shopping center, several villas, a transparent tower as well as a lot of solutions to a new bridge in Copenhagen harbor. Olivia, 8 years old, went along with her mother to the exhibition and workshop:’ I was very inspired by the exhibition and my building is shaped as a large Z for Zaha Hadid.

Zaha Hadid World Architecture Exhibition Denmark
photo : Julie Dufour Wiese

You can either use the outdoor or indoor facilities under the large roof and the white material shapes itself following the landscape. I have not tried these model making materials before – but it is lots of fun’. 8 years old Frederik from Luxembourg, who joined the workshop with his family, adds. ‘I have made a shopping center with several levels, and I spend a lot of time adding small round circles to the roof’, he smiles proudly. The next family workshop (in Danish and English) will take place the 24th of July 10-14.

More information: http://www.dac.dk/da/service-sider/kalender/2013/juli/byg-som-zaha-hadid–workshop-for-familier/

26 Jun 2013

Danish Architecture Centre Exhibition

Zaha Hadid – World Architecture
29 Jun – 29 Sep 2013
Zaha Hadid World Architecture Exhibition Denmark
image from DAC
Danish Architecture Centre Events
The summer exhibition at The Danish Architecture Centre features the work of the internationally acclaimed architect Zaha Hadid in her first solo exhibition in Scandinavia.

The exhibition Zaha Hadid – World Architecture can be seen at the Danish Architecture Centre from 29 June – 29 September 2013 The Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid is one of the most sought-after architects in the world. She was the first female architect to receive the Pritzker Architecture Prize – considered to be the Nobel Prize of architecture.

For over 30 years, Hadid has challenged the boundaries of architecture with her dynamic, visionary and complex architectural language that transforms our perception of the architecture of tomorrow. Examples of her work include the MAXXI Museum of 21st Century Art in Rome (2010), Guangzhou Opera House (2010), BMW Central Building in Leipzig (2005), London Aquatic Centre (2011) and, in Denmark, the extension to the Ordrupgaard Museum (2005) north of Copenhagen.

For this summer’s exhibition at the Danish Architecture Centre, Zaha Hadid Architects have created an exhibition experience where you are invited into Zaha Hadid’s experimental universe of sophisticated towers, shell constructions, design objects and pioneering research. The exhibition outlines the evolution of Hadid’s architectural language, showcasing its adaptations and refinements at a variety of scales: from buildings and urban plans to furniture and product designs. Each piece on show is presented within a choreographed ensemble of architectural objects, in which organic shapes and advanced geometry are unified in seamless perfection.

In 2005, Zaha Hadid Architects completed their only building in Scandinavia to date; the Ordrupgaard Museum extension north of Copenhagen. By interpreting the varied contextual relationships of museum’s setting and exploring diversity in the galleries’ design the unique expression of the museum extension adds an exciting new dimension to Ordrupgaard’s original, neo-classical building.

The exhibition at the Danish Architecture Centre is Zaha Hadid’s first solo exhibition in Scandinavia. During the exhibition period there will be a number of talks and lectures. Keep up to date via www.dac.dk

The exhibition, Zaha Hadid – World Architecture, has been developed by Zaha Hadid Architects in collaboration with the Danish Architecture Centre and with the support of Realdania and Kvadrat

Danish Architecture Centre, Strandgade 27B, 1401 Copenhagen K, Denmark
Opening hours:
Monday – Friday 10.00 am – 6.00 pm (Wednesday till 9.00 pm)
Saturday – Sunday 10.00 am – 5.00 pm, free guided tour of the exhibition every Sunday at 12.00 pm (Danish) and 2.00 pm (English)

6 Mar 2013

Danish Architecture Centre Event

‘Dedicated to Architecture – institutions as drivers of change’
17 – 19 Apr 2013
20 Apr (optional Post-conference tour)
Danish Architecture Centre International Conference
image from DAC
Danish Architecture Centre Events
The Danish Architecture Centre is delighted to host the conference “Dedicated to Architecture – institutions as drivers of change”. Leaders of international architecture institutions, curators and professionals are invited to join the exploration of future visions for the architecture institution.
The Danish Architecture Centre is preparing the emergence of a new architecture institution in Denmark. The institution is scheduled to open in 2016 in a building designed by OMA, situated in the heart of Copenhagen.

19 Mar 2012

Danish Architecture Centre Workshop – Towers of Babel in KAPLA

Towers of Babel in KAPLA – Architecture workshop in Copenhagen

24 + 25 Mar

Construct your own tower of Babel in KAPLA at the Danish Architecture Center in Copenhagen.

The KAPLA plank was invented by Tom van der Bruggen in 1987 and the planks have ever since been a popular tool in education as well as in play. In French schools e.g. focus is on developing children´s aptitude for organizing elements in a 3 dimensional space using KAPLA. The Danish Architecture Center invites children (age 8-14) and their families to construct towers of Babel using KAPLA Saturday 24th March and Sunday 25th March at 10.00 – 14.00.

The tower of Babel is a symbol of multiplicity and has inspired many architects. Vor Frelsers Church at Christianshavn in Copenhagen e.g. has a tower resembling a tower of Babel. In the KAPLA workshop at DAC it is also possible to draw and paint the KAPLA towers the architectural lab. Workshop facilitators and architects: Julie Dufour Wiese and Charlotte Carstensen. Signing up and more info: www.dac.dk

Architecture workshop Copenhagen
photo : Julie Dufour Wiese

Byg babelstårne på DAC

24 + 25 Mar

Kom og byg dit eget tårn af de unikke KAPLA træklodser, der kan stables til de mest utrolige konstruktioner

KAPLA blev opfundet i 1987 af Tom van der Bruggen, og klodserne har lige siden været et populært redskab i både leg og undervisning. I franske skoler bliver børn bl.a. undervist i rum og form med KAPLA.

Nu inviterer Dansk Arkitektur Center børn (8-14 år) og deres familier til at bygge babelstårne med KAPLA både lørdag den 24. marts og søndag den 25. kl. 10-14. Man kan være med alle fire timer eller blot et par timer, og børn kan deltage alene eller sammen med mor og far.

Babelstårnet er et symbol på mangfoldighed, og det har inspireret rigtig mange arkitekter gennem tiderne. Vor Frelsers kirke på Christianshavn har fx et tårn, der ligner et babelstårn. Der er også mulighed for at tegne og male bygningsværkerne i arkitekturlaboratoriet, hvor Dansk Arkitektur Center afslutter dagen med en lille fernisering af dagens tårne.

Workshoppen afholdes af Julie Dufour Wiese og Charlotte Carstensen, der begge er arkitekter og formidlere. Tilmelding via www.dac.dk, og det koster 50 kr. inkl. frugt og saft at deltage.

20 Feb 2012

Danish Architecture Centre Workshop

LEGO Architecture workshop in Copenhagen

Last week the Danish Architecture Center in Copenhagen housed a LEGO Architecture workshop, where children with their families took part in daily workshops focusing on LEGO Architecture and world-famous icons. Acropolis, the New Opera in Oslo and Turning Torso as well as free style pavilions, towers and new architectural ions build by children and adults will be on display together with drawings until the 26th of February.

As part of the workshop the participants also had the possibility to draw their icons using pastel colors on recycled paper inspired by the present exhibition ‘Drawing by Drawing’ at the Danish Architecture Center. If you didn’t manage to make it to the workshop there will be two last days with LEGO Architecture on the 25th and the 26th of February at 11 am – 15 pm at the Danish Architecture Center in Copenhagen. More info: www.dac.dk

LEGO Architecture workshop Copenhagen LEGO Architecture workshop Copenhagen Danish Architecture Centre workshop Danish Architecture Centre LEGO Architecture workshop
photos : Julie Dufour Wiese

19 Jan 2012

Danish Architecture Centre Workshop 2012

English text (scroll down for Danish):

Family workshop – Architectural drawing

What is an architectural drawing? And how do architects use drawings in their work? Create your own architectural drawing and get some useful and fun tips regarding perspective, line, color and shadow by Julie Dufour Wiese, architect. Find inspiration in the present exhibition Drawing by Drawing or use some of the many objects in the architectural lab.

29 Jan

The Architectural Lab at the Danish Architecture Centre DAC
Strandgade 27B, Copenhagen K

For families and children 6 years up
Workshop entrance: 30 kr.

Danish Architecture Centre Event
photo : Julie Dufour Wiese

Danish text:

Familieworkshop – Arkitekturtegning

Hvad er en arkitekturtegning? Og hvordan bruger arkitekter tegning i deres arbejde? Kom og tegn din egen arkitekturtegning og få gode fif til perspektiv, skygge og streg fra Julie Dufour Wiese, arkitekt og formidler.
Bliv inspireret vores aktuelle udstillinger eller nogle af de finurlige genstande, som vi har stillet frem i arkitekturlaboratoriet.
Læs mere om udstillingen Drawing by Drawing

Dato: Søndag den 29. januar
Tid: kl. 10-14
Sted: Arkitekturlaboratoriet i DAC, Plan 2
Addresse: Strandgade 27B, København K
Pris: 30 kr., betales ved indgangen

Konktaktperson på DAC: Pia Rost Rasmussen prr@dac.dk

The exhibition catalogue will be available from 9 Feb in DACs bookshop:

Architectural Lectures accompanying the exhibition:
Peter Cook – 24 Jan
David Gersten – 8 Feb
CJ Lim – 9 Mar

Danish Architecture Centre – Drawing by Drawing Exhibition


Drawing by Drawing explores architects’ drawings as a medium; the exchange of ideas and visions through drawing – exemplified by the network of people around the architect Svein Tønsager.
Exhibition in the Danish Architecture Centre
13 Jan – 18 Mar 2012
Free guided tours every Sunday in February 14-15 hrs.
More info regarding Drawing by Drawing: http://english.dac.dk/visArtikel.uk.asp?artikelID=7547

6 Dec 2011

Danish Architecture Centre Workshop 2011

Architecture for children and their families

Text written for e-architect by architect Julie Dufour Wiese:

On 27th of November 35 children and their parents took part in the family workshop ‘Meet an architect and make a model’ at The Danish Architecture Centre in Copenhagen, where children could model their design ideas and receive advice on how to make an architectural model guided by Julie Dufour Wiese, architect and facilitator, who also introduced the universe of model making including the traditional as well as more unusual materials. The results were a lot of exiting, innovative and fun models of pavilions, museums, hotels as well as platforms situated in dramatic landscape inspired by the exhibition DETOUR.

Danish Architecture Centre Workshop Danish Architecture Centre Workshop Danish Architecture Centre Workshop
photos : Julie Dufour Wiese

The Danish Architecture Centre (DAC), situated in the Gammel Dok Warehouse overlooking Copenhagen Harbour, is Denmark’s leading exhibition venue for architecture and Urban development where adults and children are generating knowledge on architecture, building and town planning. DAC has developed a teaching programme for schools linking to DAC’s exhibitions including digital materials, books, seminars etc and in 2011 DAC has also, as a new initiative, been offering open workshops for families last Sunday each month as well as activities during school holidays. The aim is to offer fun and educational activities of high standard and quality.

The Family workshops will continue in 2012 beginning with ’Architectural drawing’ Sunday the 29th of January at 10.00 – 14.00, facilitated by Julie Dufour Wiese.

Danish Architecture Centre Workshop Danish Architecture Centre Workshop
photos : Julie Dufour Wiese

For more information: www.dac.dk
Manager of DAC Learning Pia Rost Rasmussen: prr@dac.dk

Photos: Julie Dufour Wiese

2 Mar 2010

MIND YOUR BEHAVIOUR – How Architecture Shapes Behaviour

12 Feb – 13 May 2010Close Up : 3XN at The Danish Architecture Centre

Kent Martinussen, CEO of the Danish Architecture Centre, will welcome visitors and introduce the exhibition.
Kim Herforth Nielsen, Principal of 3XN, and Kasper Guldager Jørgensen, Head of the Development Department, will show visitors round.
Danish Architecture Centre 3XN Exhibition Danish Architecture Centre Exhibition Danish 3XN Exhibition 3XN Architects Exhibition
photos : Adam Mørk

Architecture can get people talking together. Architecture can calm children in the classroom. Architecture can make passive people more active. Architecture can shape corporate culture. Architecture can encourage people to find new paths, discover new aspects of their city – and of themselves. In short, architecture can shape your behaviour.

MIND YOUR BEHAVIOUR opens February 12 at the Danish Architecture Centre. It will be on display until May 13 2010.

Close Up: 3XN – MIND YOUR BEHAVIOUR is financed by Realdania and supported by E. Pihl & Søn, Ltd., HS Hansen, Skandinaviska Glassystem, Middelfart Sparekasse, The Danish Arts Foundation and The Ministry of Culture.

MIND YOUR BEHAVIOUR invites you to step in behind the scenes at one of the largest and most successful architectural companies in Denmark, 3XN, known for prestigious projects such as: Ørestad College, the new Denmark’s Aquarium, ‘The Blue Planet’, Saxo Bank’s award-winning head offices and the Danish Embassy in Berlin.

The exhibition is based on 3XN’s most recent and remarkable projects, and provides an insight into the thoughts, visions and processes that lie behind 3XN’s architecture. 3XN has carved out a unique position for itself within Danish architecture and is a strong presence internationally – thanks to the studio’s spectacular buildings, a firm focus on innovation and not least the important position given to human behaviour.

MIND YOUR BEHAVIOUR focuses on and challenges the concept of behaviour as expressed in seven themes directly associated with the design universe of its architectural practice. These themes of ‘Cultural Behaviour’, ‘Learning Behaviour’, ‘Human Behaviour’, ‘Social Behaviour’, ‘Public Behaviour’, ‘Building Behaviour’, and ‘Responsible Behaviour’, place focus on that which happens when architecture shapes behaviour and indeed when architecture through its own behaviour shapes our lives and relationships.

“Our objective is to give the audience a direct, sensual experience of how architecture affect the way we experience things and interact with each other. At the same time, MIND YOUR BEHAVIOUR initiates the public into the thoughts and processes that lie behind 3XN’s architecture”, says Kim Herforth Nielsen, Principal of 3XN.

The sensual experience of architecture is provided by a number of large architectural sculptures on a 1:1 scale. Abstract sections of 3XN’s buildings up to four meters high give the public a direct impression of how architecture affects the way we move and what direction we choose to move in.

Close Up – a platform for dialogue
MIND YOUR BEHAVIOUR is the second event in DAC’s series of debates and exhibitions, ‘Close Up’. The first event was the very successful exhibition YES IS MORE – BIG Bjarke Ingels Group.

“There’s a very good reason why we chose to zoom in on 3XN in this next Close Up exhibition. 3XNs very distinctive buildings have given them a unique position here in Denmark and abroad – a position which they have achieved not just by concentrating on the human element, but also by venturing out into research and development cutting across professional and trade interests. This has enabled them to create a new kind of architecture that lives up to the global call for sustainable buildings and urban environments coupled with high artistic merit”, comments Kent Martinussen, CEO of the Danish Architecture Centre.

In connection with the exhibition, MIND YOUR BEHAVIOUR, the Danish Architecture Centre is staging a number of lectures, debates and events for various branches of industry that focus on the professionalization of the building trade and new patterns of cooperation. There is also the children’s workshop, ‘Mind Me Moving’. Keep an eye on the activities at www.dac.dk

This exhibition is part of the Danish Architecture Centre’s ‘Close Up’ series, focusing on new trends in Danish urbanization and construction. The ‘Close Up’ series is financed by Realdania and sponsored by different partners in the building industry.

Close Up: 3XN
MIND YOUR BEHAVIOUR – How Architecture Shapes Behaviour
Danish Architecture Centre, Strandgade 27B, DK-1401 Copenhagen K, Denmark
Open every day 10-17, Wednesdays 10-21 (free entry 17-21)


Danish Architecture Centre 3XN Architecture Exhibition images / information from 3XN

Danish Architecture Centre SANAA Exhibition : 19 Jun – 1 Oct 2010

Location: Danish Architecture Centre, Strandgade 27B, DK-1401 Copenhagen K, Denmark
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photo : 3XN / Adam Mørk

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