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Cayan Tower Dubai, the UAE

11 December 2021

Having visited Dubai, it is impossible not to arrange an excursion to inspect the architectural structures of this emirate. Any architectural solution should be described by the word “most”: the most conceptual, the most unique, the most amazing and so on.

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill brought their most progressive ideas to life and brought to the attention of the inhabitants of this city and the whole world an incredible building that impresses with its structure.

Coming to this city, do not deny yourself the pleasure of admiring this beauty. You can get here by public transport, or by using SUV rental for maximum comfort in hot conditions.

Cayan Tower Dubai, UAE Twisting Skyscraper


The building has 75 floors and a height of 307 meters. The tortuosity of the structure is that the building rotates 90 degrees from the very bottom to the top. You might think that we can only see this in our dreams, where the laws of physics do not apply. However, architects and designers were able to bring this incomprehensible idea to life. From the outside, the building looks like a futuristic concept, while inside, the designers have worked out a completely rational structure with commonly used materials and similar floor plans. It is the epitome of art that can function as an ordinary skyscraper.

Designers who have designed similar skyscrapers in other countries of the world did not take risks and used the standard column lattice, which led to an uneconomical use of space inside. The client of this building in the United Arab Emirates did not allow the creation of a small space inside for the sake of a beautiful appearance, which led to the use of modular curtain walls. This led to the fact that the designers had to abandon standard solutions and come up with an exceptional solution for the construction of a complex structure.


Inside the building, in the central part, there is an elevator around which the building structure revolves. The designers had to abandon the reinforced concrete columns inside the building, which could be damaged during operation due to gravity. The architects decided to introduce different columns, which would differ in their slopes and heights. This was necessary to obtain a stable, solid building. In the process of creation, more than 3 thousand columns were involved, which look vertical, but in fact, they shift depending on the level of the floor. The concrete slab serves as a pile plug.

If you look at the building, it seems that the floors are slowly rising, however, in fact, parameters such as the width and angle of inclination between the columns do not change in any way.

Cayan Tower Dubai, UAE Twisting Skyscraper

Designers monitored the behavior of the structure to prevent any displacement and not put the lives of builders and ordinary citizens at risk. Since the risk of difficulties has decreased, it has not been possible to get rid of it.

Research has shown that the tower is exposed to the wind in the same way as ordinary skyscrapers. Such a building structure will disperse wind currents around it, reducing their influence during strong winds in the desert.

From the side

If you examine the building from different angles, you can see that each floor does not look like an ordinary rectangular, but rather slightly curved. This was done to demonstrate the uniqueness of the design. This technique helps to add slimness to a building that looks thin compared to the rest of Dubai’s epic architecture.

Standing in front of the building, it may seem that the central part of the building is spinning. If you approach from the side at an angle, you will be able to notice the outline of an hourglass.

Cayan Tower Dubai, UAE Twisting Skyscraper

Inside the building

Outside, it may seem that this is just a sculpture of the artist, which is monolithic inside. However, inside the building, there are many entertainment complexes such as a restaurant, swimming pools, tennis courts, spas, as well as residential apartments.


The quality of the surface, the geometric solutions for the structure of the building are what distinguishes this tower from all others. A building inside can surprise you just as well as outside. It is worth visiting such a place at least once to observe the work of art and the ingenuity of architects and designers.

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Twisting Dubai Skyscraper

Twisting Dubai Skyscraper
Architects: Skidmore Owings & Merrill
Cayan Tower Twisting Dubai Marina skyscraper building
photo from architect
Cayan Tower Dubai design by SOM Architects

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