Grand Park Hotel Rovinj, Croatian Accommodation Architecture Photos, Interior

Grand Park Hotel Rovinj

New Accommodation Building in Istria, Croatia, Europe – design by 3LHD Architects

14 Jan 2019

Grand Park Hotel Rovinj Accommodation

Location: Ul. Ivana Matetića Ronjgova 11, Rovinj, Croatia

Design: 3LHD architects, Zagreb

Grand Park Hotel Rovinj Accommodation Building

Grand Park Hotel Rovinj is the biggest hotel investment in Croatia in the last few years, worth over 600 million kuna’s (over $90million). Due to its importance, the project was given the status of a strategic investment project in Republic of Croatia.

Grand Park Hotel Rovinj Building by 3LHD
photos courtesy of architects

3LHD is the author of architecture, and the interior is designed by the renowned Milan office Lissoni Associati.

Opening is planned in April 2019. It will be operated by the client Maistra d.d., a hospitality group in Croatia (

Grand Park Hotel Rovinj Building by 3LHD

Grand Park Hotel Rovinj is located near the marina, directly on the coast of Rovinj. Along with its content value, one of the site’s main features is a captivating view towards the old town and the island of St. Catherine.

The new Grand Park Hotel is planned as a five star business hotel open all year long, intended for organisation of smaller conferences, meetings and events, and targeted for clients with high expectations and demands. The hotel will have 209 accommodation units collocated on six terraced floors.

Grand Park Hotel Rovinj Building by 3LHD

The building adjusts to the slope of the site by its volume, irregular floor plan and height. The fourth and the fifth floor are completely above ground. They are planned as pavilions with dominant green roofs and deep canopies. Most of the public spaces (main entrance area, restaurants and bars, congress hall, indoor and outdoor pool with wellness) are located here. Besides their mixed content, these two floors differ from the rest by the way of their design and their different relation to the landscape.

The remaining floors are spaced both above and under the ground. The accommodation units are in the frontal, aboveground areas with a view of the sea and the old town. Service spaces and parking garages are located in the underground areas. The ground floor – on the promenade and the square in front of the hotel has an additional entrance for guests, commercial and catering/hospitality facilities.

Grand Park Hotel Rovinj Building by 3LHD

The areas alongside the promenade are functionally and formally different from other spaces. They are intended to be a point which connects the old town urban fabric with the tourist and park spaces of the Monte Mulini zone. A relaxing atmosphere is created by water surfaces, carefully selected paving and greenery, which frame particular content zones and makes the whole area both attractive and accessible. The landscape design includes a revitalisation of the surrounding greenery and park with around 350 new trees.

Grand Park Hotel Rovinj Building by 3LHD

The multifunctional congress hall is turned in the direction of the St. Euphemia church. An unobstructed view from the hall will be possible because of a large window – measuring 15×3,2m this is the largest single piece glass that can currently be produced in the EU. The total surface of the glass is 48m2 and it weighs more than 5200kg.

View of pool:
Grand Park Hotel Rovinj pool in Istria Croatia
render : Lissoni

Grand Park Hotel Rovinj, Istria – Building Information

Project number: 202
Project name: Grand Park Hotel Rovinj
Program: leisure, tourism
Status: under construction
Project start date: 02.02.2015
Project end date: 01.07.2018
Construction start date: 21.03.2017
Planned construction end date: 01.07.2018

Address: Ul. Ivana Matetića Ronjgova 11
City: Rovinj
Country: Croatia
Geolocation: 45°4’32” N, 13°38’12” E
Type: commission

Site (m2): 35361
Size (m2): 49341
Footprint (m2): 15497
Level (m): 4.80
Volume (m3): 181811
Client: Maistra d.d.

Author: 3LHD

Project team: Saša Begović, Marko Dabrović, Tatjana Grozdanić Begović, Silvije Novak, Sanja Jasika Lovrić, Zorislav Petrić, Hrvoje Bilandžić, Vibor Granić, Leon Lazaneo, Krunoslav Szorsen, Ivana Šajn, Mia Andrašević, Uršula Juvan, Duje Katić, Daša Manojlović, Kristina Marković, Maja Milojević, Goran Mraović, Tomislav Soldo, Dragana Šimić, Deša Ucović, Ines Vlahović Mazinjanin
Project team collaborators: Denis Hrvatin, Deša Jelavić, Marta Kolar, Valentina Krekić

Interior design: Lissoni Associati
Building physics: Mateo Biluš (AKFZ studio)
Noise protection and acoustics: Mateo Biluš (AKFZ studio)
Special projects – kitchen: Zoran Divjak (Dekode)
Landscape design – building, zone around the building: Nataša Tiška Vrsalović (Dionaea-vrtovi)
Landscape design – wider zone: Katja Sošić (Studio KAPPO)
Structural engineering: Ivan Palijan (Palijan)
Traffic planning: Tomislav Kraljić (C5 Koncept)
Hydrant network – infrastructure: Duško Mičetić (Građevno projektni zavod)
Electrical engineering and fire protection system: Željko Omrčen (Agenor plus)
“Hotel Park trafostanica” project: Željko Omrčen (Agenor plus)
HVAC: Vladimir Paun (Termotehnika)
Gas installation project: Vladimir Paun (Termotehnika)
Pool systems: Vladimir Paun (Termotehnika)
Plumbing and drainage: Vladimir Paun (Termotehnika)
Elevators: Rok Pietri (Lift Modus)
Sprinkler installation: Branimir Cindori (Apin sustavi)
Geodetic survey: Sebina Stepančić Salić (Geoistra)
Fire safety, safety at work project: Maksim Carević (Inspekting)
Geotechnical study: Milan Mihovilović (GEO-5 d.o.o.)
Bill of quantities: Lucija Ivas (FOREL projekt)
3D laser scanning: Zlatan Novak (VEKTRA)
3D: Boris Goreta (2011.-2012.), Jan Ružić, Branimir Turčić (2015.)

Main contractor: Kamgrad d.o.o., Radnik d.d.
Demolition of the existing building: Eurco
Site supervision: Josip Bošnjak (PDM savjetovanje d.o.o.)

Grand Park Hotel Rovinj images / information from 3LHD architects

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Location: Ul. Ivana Matetića Ronjgova 11, Rovinj, Croatia

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