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Çanakkale Antenna Tower Competition

Turkish Design Contest – organised from Arkitera Architecture Center

6 Dec 2013

Çanakkale Antenna Tower Competition Shortlist

Eight Architects Shortlisted for Çanakkale Antenna Tower Architecture Competition

Team FR-EE & KOTU+MAPmx Studio & Werner Sobek are selected to proceed in the international competition to design a 100m tall Observation & Broadcast Tower in Çanakkale, Turkey. Eight teams, including Snøhetta, Sou Fujimoto Architects and AL_A, among others have been shortlisted from a total of 130 entries.

Çanakkale Antenna Tower Competition – winners of this Turkish design contest, 28 Feb 2014

Çanakkale Antenna Tower Competition Shortlist


FR-EE/Fernando Romero Enterprise & KOTU+MAPmx
Studio & Werner Sobek

Ian Ritchie Architects & Arup

OLAF GIPSER & ARUP & Deniz Aslan

Powerhouse Company & IND [Inter.National.Design]

Snøhetta & Özer/Ürger Architects & Battle Mccarthy

Sou Fujimoto Architects

Çanakkale Antenna Tower in Turkey

Located in the historic city of Çanakkale, three hours southwest from Istanbul, the new Observation Tower and broadcast antenna will sit on a hill-top in a national forest reserve, overlooking the Dardanelles strait that connects Europe and mainland Asia.

The 8 finalists are asked to submit a design proposal, which integrates the technical standards for 21st century broadcasting and an intriguing design concept to advance the architectural profile of the city. Design teams have until February 15, 2014 to submit their designs.

The Çanakkale Observation Tower seeks to invite the public inside with exhibition spaces and recreational facilities at the lower levels of the tower. Indoor and outdoor observation decks will offer panoramic views of the city for local citizens and visitors.

The winning proposal will be announced in March 2014. The construction is projected to be completed in time for the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Galipoli by 2015.


The international competition for the future Çanakkale Observation Tower is organized by the City of Çanakkale. The jury is comprised of City officials and international experts, including the Governor of Çanakkale Ahmet Çinar, Secreteray General Ayhan Gider, Caroline Bos from UNStudio and Louis Becker from Henning Larsen Architects.

24 Oct 2013

Çanakkale Antenna Tower Competition 2013

Çanakkale Antenna Tower Architecture competition

The competition is structured as a pre-selection international design competition, where the first stage is aimed for pre-election and the second stage for design development.

Çanakkale, a city of unique urban heritage, is situated on the northwestern coast of Turkey along the Aegean Sea and Dardanelles. The new antenna tower to be designed will be located at the southern outskirt of Çanakkale and will broadcast to the surrounding cities. The site for the proposed tower is on the top of a hill – and within a national forest – providing stunning views of the Dardanelles.

Çanakkale Antenna Tower Competition
aerial location image Arkitera Architecture Center

The competitors are strongly recommended to consider the technological requirements of the broadcasting tower and recreational potentials of a public entity with equal emphasis.

The scope of the competition is not only limited to the design of an iconic antenna tower but also includes development of innovative concepts for creating outdoor and indoor spaces enabling public programs of leisure, recreation and exhibition that will attract local people as well as tourists. The design and the position of the project should create a destination in the region that will be renown throughout Turkey.

Due to technical specifications, the antenna tower to be designed is required to have a height of 100 meters. Public functions could be located at a variety of levels up to 30 meters. In addition to spaces that are intended for technical use and limited to personnel access only; public spaces for educational, recreational and exhibition purposes and open to general public should also be considered.

A comprehensive structural report is expected. Simple sketches showing the load path in the selected structural system for the tower shall be provided. Criteria for the selection of the proposed structural system shall be discussed.

Founding Jury Members
Emre AROLAT Architect, EAA
Louis BECKER Architect, Henning Larsen Architects
Caroline BOS Architect, UNStudio
Oğuz Cem ÇELİK Structural Engineer, Istanbul Technical University
Arzu ERDEM Architect, Istanbul Technical University

Substitute Jury Members
Murat AKSU Architect, MuuM
Melike ALTINIŞIK Architect, Salon Architects
İsmail MORKOÇ Structural Engineer

Deadline for registration and submission of portfolios: November 27, 2013 (until 17:00)
Announcement of 8 participants for the second stage of the competition: December 4, 2013

1st Prize 100.000,00 Turkish Liras
2nd Prize 80.000,00 Turkish Liras
3rd Prize 50.000,00 Turkish Liras
1st Honorable Mention 25.000,00 Turkish Liras
2nd Honorable Mention 25.000,00 Turkish Liras
3rd Honorable Mention 25.000,00 Turkish Liras
4th Honorable Mention 25.000,00 Turkish Liras
5th Honorable Mention 25.000,00 Turkish Liras

Name: Çanakkale Antenna Tower International Competition Secreteriat Address: Barbaros Mah.Atatürk Cad. Yatırım ve İnşaat Müdürlüğü No:215/B 17100 ÇANAKKALE
Tel: +90 286 2181055 +90 286 2200022 / Ext:6501-6505
Fax: +90 286 2181053
E-mail: competition@canakkaleantenna.gov.tr
Website: www.canakkaleantenna.gov.tr

You can download the Çanakkale competition brief from: http://www.arkitera.com/files/yarisma/496/brief_en.pdf

Çanakkale Antenna Tower Competition images / information from Arkitera Architecture Center

Location: Çanakkale, Turkey


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