Yali Birdwatcher Hotel, Chile Nature Reserve Design, Project Architect, Images, Proposal

Yali Birdwatcher Hotel Architecture

Contemporary Building, El Yali Nature Reserve, Chile, South America, by Sebastián Irarrázaval

page updated 21 Aug 2016

Yali Birdwatcher Hotel Chile

Architect: Sebastián Irarrázaval

Own undertaken on a wetland in Chile

Yali Birdwatcher Hotel Yali Birdwatcher Hotel

Yali Birdwatcher Hotel will be located in Chile, in el Yali Wetland, one of the most important wetlands in South America and the biggest mediterranean wetland in the region. It is a hotel for birdwatchers and will have 12 rooms on top, each one with independent access.

The hotel will follow eco-friendly practices; the first : the location, its great asset; one of the most important wetlands in Chile. Secondly we will apply to Leeds certificate and will follow “green hotel” philosophy. This includes eco friendly practices in building, operating and managing the hotel such as solid and liquid waste treatment, water and energy-use reduction and rain water management, use of renewable energy, use of recycled content in building materials, use of local and regional materials, using paint, sealants, carpets and adhesives with low VOC (volatile organic compound).

Since the El Yali Nature Reserve area is windy, we will include eolic energy. In order to generate low impact during construction:

1: the building will be grounded on pillars.
2. Construction will be based on prefab construction ( modular units of steel structure, timber from renewable forest, and tensile isolated roofs made with fabric and wi wi wicker natural wicker).

The hotel is only part of a bigger project. Other buildings, such as bird watching platforms and Wetland Centre will follow same ideology to honor the specificity of el Yali Wetland.

Yali Hotel Chile Photos from Sebastián Irarrázaval Mar 2008

Yali Birdwatcher Hotel Yali Birdwatcher Hotel Chile Yali Hotel

YALI WETLAND is the most important wetland of the central coast and central-north of Chile. It has more than ten bodies of water, among them Cabildo, Matanzas, Colejuda, El Rey, Seca, Los Molles and Los Boldos lagoons, and El Yali stream. It is a unique wetland, one of five in the world located in Mediterranean region.

For this reason it has beenconsidered a Wetland of International Importance, meaning that it belongs to one ofthe 9 RAMSAR´s sites in Chile. Within El Yali wetland is found the El Yali National Reserve, with a surface of 520 ha. Ofland protected by CONAF. Owing to its particularities, great variety of habitat, and high bird biodiversity, El Yali hassparked great scientific interest and has become a place worthy of being visited.

El Yali is the place with the highest gathering of bird fauna in the central region of Chile. Around 116 species of birds inhabit this beautiful Reserve. Among them, outstanding are the coscoroba swan, black-necked swan, chilean flamingo, Franklin´s gull, brown-hooded gull, whitecheeked pintail, cinnamon teal, lake duck, rosy-billed pochard, red shoveler, cocoi heron, silvery greb, white tufted greb, burrowing owl, phalaropes and many others.

Location: El Yali, Chile, South America

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