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Casa Ocho al Cubo, Marbella House

Modern Marbella Home: Architecture design by Sebastián Irarrázaval Architects

page updated Aug 20, 2016 ; 17 Mar 2008

Ocho al Cubo House

Architect: Sebastián Irarrázaval

Ocho al Cubo House Ocho al Cubo House Chile

Photos: Cristóbal Palma
Date: 2004-06
Location: Marbella, Chile, South America
Area: 300sqm

Sebastian Irarrazaval sent us this concrete house, located on a complex in the chilean country side next to the beach, featuring houses from the best chilean architects called 8 al Cubo.

The house is to be inhabited during weekends; special occasions when persons, on the one hand, inhabit space during long periods of time and on the other hand, inhabit space in an informal and more distracted way.

For that reasons the configuration of house focuses on shadows as the main element that qualifies space, making space to change during the day and indeterminacy of physic and programmatic boundaries, making circulation as free as fluid is the relation between different spaces.

The configuration of the house poses multiple way of moving form one place to another, being through the center of the house or through its perimeter.

Casa Ocho al Cubo Photos from Sebastián Irarrázaval Mar 2008

Location: Marbella, Chile, South America

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