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SPA Solo in Brussels

30 May 2023

Design: Ohra Studio

Location: Brussels, Belgium, Europe

SPA Solo Brussels Belgium

Photos by Ohra Studio

SPA Solo, Belgium

The interior design of a Spa complex in Brussels, Belgium. Located on the site of a private house and run by the family the Spa offers spaces for relaxation and massage.

SPA Solo Brussels

The SPA Solo is a small spa complex with a cosy, dimly lit sauna with a gentle scent of eucalyptus, with the massage room being a tranquil oasis with soft lighting and calm music. Whilst also offering a cold pool, shower rooms, a relaxation area, and a lounge area near the reception. Customers follow the way from open and light spaces such as a lounge area with a reception to the darkest parts with a sauna and water pool. Providing the experience of diving deep into the water in the caves.

SPA Solo Brussels Belgium SPA Solo Brussels Belgium

Ohra Studio has chosen the Roman Thermae and subterranean caves as inspiration. Both of them were the first spa typologies and places where many years ago, people discovered the bliss of water and relaxation. Our goal was to re-interpret the ancient implications and the sensuality of the association with water caves in interior design. The rough textures of travertine, wall relief plaster and handmade wooden elements help to deepen us to a sensory level.

SPA Solo Brussels

As there was no natural light in the original building, we were also focusing on a smart lighting scheme to highlight the potential of the space and to convey the atmosphere of an ancient cave. The interior was designed to emulate the quality of the natural-living lifestyle. All of the human senses were considered during the design process, from texture and sound to light, as well as particular scents.

SPA Solo Brussels

The design approach was a simple organization of space with a restrained and carefully considered palette of materials. The essential part of our work is eco-friendliness, which is why for Spa Solo only natural materials were selected, such as natural stone, porcelain, plaster, wood and rattan. It is necessary to surround people with items made from natural materials, the smell of wood and the rough stone surface, while relaxing.

SPA Solo Brussels

The minimalistic style allows us to focus on the essential things. Simplicity is the ultimate goal and the highest form of complexity. Clean lines and a monochromatic palette were our main tools. We translated this idea into an uncluttered, open-plan layout using a monochrome palette of beige and brown paired with concrete and wood. The space is formed by the light and shades, opened and closed rooms, and a natural-beige colour scheme. The emptiness and essentialism of the space allow the client to completely focus on the sensory experience.

The warm terracotta-beige colour scheme, natural wood, travertine, rattan – natural materials allow people to relax and get healthy truly.

SPA Solo Brussels Belgium

SPA Solo, Brussels, Belgium in Brussels, Belgium – Building Information

Design: Ohra Studio –
Project size: 90 sqm
Site size: 380 sqm
Project Budget: 150,000.00

SPA Solo Brussels Belgium

Photography: Ohra Studio

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Location: Brussels, Belgium, western Europe

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