Municipio de La Ametlla, Swimming Pool Building Catalonia, Spain

Ametlla de Mar : Catalonian Swimming Pool

Catalan Leisure Development in Baix Ebre design by Pich-Aguilera Architects

Catalonian Swimming Pool Building

Design: Pich-Aguilera Architects

Location: Ametlla, Catalunya, north east Spain

The building consists of three rectangular buildings joined up by a lobby.

23 Jul 2012

Municipio de La Ametlla

The natural environment is built around the swimming pool. A lobby with access distributes the functioning spaces, towards the dressing rooms, with direct access to the pool and the other sporting spaces.

Ametlla de Mar: Catalan swimming pool building
photo : Simon Garcia • arqfoto

The main objective of the project is to give, as many spaces of usage as of distribution, of illumination and natural comfort. We plan to use translucent and see through materials with a double polycarbonate cellular skin with ventilation and reusage of the natural air constantly. The system allows the caption of diffused light, controlling its intensity, towards the inside during the day and it generates on the other hand, interior-exterior, a large lumincent dynamic fountain during the night.

Catalonian Swimming Pool Building Ametlla de Mar -Catalonian Swimming Pool Building
photos : Simon Garcia • arqfoto

The structural system is based on big lights and three dimensional, which allow to be flexible the usage of the space.

The main design strategy is the application of sustainable criterion, optimized in passive behaviour, reducing the environmental impact and the energy demand. The openings, the constructive systems, the incorporation of overhangs and vegetation are planned for an optimum solar control. The amount of natural ventilation is increased and the optimum amount of systems and facilities is calculated to produce the right and efficient amount of energy. The possibility of cogeneration and production of energy was analyzed from the biomass boilers, there exists the preinstalation options to be able to put it in practise in the future.

Municipio de La Ametlla Ametlla de Mar : Swimming Pool Building Catalonia
photos : Simon Garcia • arqfoto

Ametlla de Mar Catalunya – Building Information


Promotor: Ametlla City Council
Use: Swimming Pool, fitness rooms, sporting rooms and padel courts
Authors: Felipe Pich-Aguilera Baurier, architecte; Teresa Batlle pages, architecte
Group Directors: Angel Sendarrubias, tech architect; Xavier Milanes, architect; Pau Casaldaliga, architect
Project Director: Ivan Acevedo, architect

Volume of the construction: 2.214 sqm
Final cost (PEM): 3.075.898,80€
Work period: 10 months
Energy Certificate: Calification B
First place Project competition, work and Management

Ametlla de Mar images / information from Simon Garcia

Location: Ametlla, comarca of Baix Ebre, Catalonia, Spain – near Barcelona

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