Juwelry Mayrhofer Linz, Upper Austria Shop Building, Store Design, Property Photos

Juwelry Mayrhofer, Austria

Retail Development in Linz, Upper Austria design by xarchitekten

8 Apr 2009

Juwelry Mayrhofer Linz

Dates built: 2001-08

Design: xarchitekten

Linz Jewellery Store

Juwelry Mayrhofer Linz store building facade

The most interesting trends in the design of shops are concerned with the coherence of the products and their environment – thus the space in which they are presented. Furthermore do we understand shop design as a part of corporate identity, as an instrument of communication for contents and aims. The concept bases on the intention to define space as a sensually perceptive phenomenon and connect it closely to the jewellers manifacts.

Juwelry Mayrhofer Linz Juwelry Mayrhofer Linz Upper Austria Shop Building Upper Austria Shop Building by xarchitekten

A carpet covers the floor, the wall and the curved ceiling.

We understand the skin as the ideal and primordial presentation surface for jewels. Thus the qualities of the skin are translated to the space. With a softly embracing carpet, the initial space is newly formed and becomes a sensual happening: 4 wooden boxes, symbolically understood as treasure caskets, function as display windows, exhibition system and storage.

Juwelry Mayrhofer Linz by xarchitekten Upper Austria Retail Building

Juwelry Mayrhofer – Building Information

Pictures: Max Nirnberger, Lorenz Prommegger

Location: Hauptplatz 22, 4002 Linz, Austria
Client: Mag Michael Mayrhofer

Direct order: 2000
Start of construction: 2001
Handing over Phase I: 2001; Phase II: 2004; Phase III: 2008

Built-up area: 81 m2; Floor space: 55 m2

Juwelry Mayrhofer Linz Juwelry Mayrhofer Linz Juwelry Mayrhofer Linz

Substance: Mixed Stonewall, set with stone pillars
partially under cultural patrimony
arched brick ceiling
irregularly positioned niches

Space Shell: Floor-Wall-Ceiling-Continuum:
Wooden rip construction, axial distance 35 cm
2-part armed RIGIFORM – panelling
Carpet surface on Floor-Wall-Ceiling
The shell was developed, planned and produced in 3D models on different scales (consistent planning).
As support for the constructive realization, the floor plan was printed in 1:1 scale and put on the construction site.
Furniture: surfaced wood
hidden armature, automatic closing device

Photos: Max Nirnberger, A-4020 Linz, Austria

Juwelry Mayrhofer Austria Juwelry Mayrhofer Austria Juwelry Mayrhofer Austria

Collaborator : Christian Hoffmann

Text: xarchitekten

xarchitekten partners: David Birgmann, Bettina Brunner, Rainer Kasik, Max Nirnberger, Lorenz Prommegger

Juwelry Mayrhofer images / information from xarchitekten Oct 2009

Juwelry Mayrhofer Linz design : xarchitekten

Location: Hauptplatz 22, 4002 Linz, Upper Austria, central Europe

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