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post updated 5 Apr 2021

Sverre Fehn – Key Projects

Celebrated Norwegian architect, born on 14 Aug 1924

One of Norway’s best known architects, Sverre Fehn died at the age of 84.
23 Feb 2009

Nordic Pavilion, Venice Biennale, Italy by this architect:

Sverre Fehn Nordic Pavilion Venice Biennale
photograph © Adrian Welch, 2010

Venice Biennale Nordic Pavilion Venice Biennale Nordic Pavilion
photographs © Adrian Welch, 2010

The Nordic Pavilion, by this Norwegian architect, was completed in 1962 and has since been a space for collaboration between three nations – Sweden, Finland and Norway. For the period 2017-2021, the art in the Nordic Pavilion will be presented as a joint project, where the three countries are represented on equal terms.

These three Scandinavian countries (note, Denmark not included) will alternate as principal commissioner and manager of activities at the Nordic Pavilion in this order: 2017, Moderna Museet, Sweden; 2019, Frame Contemporary Art Finland, Finland; 2021, Office for Contemporary Art (OCA), Norway.

Key Buildings by architect Sverre Fehn

Aukurust Centre – Aukrustsenteret, Alvdal, Norway
Date built: –

Gyldendal building, Oslo, Norway
Date built: 2008

Hamar Bispegaard Museum, Norway
Dates built: 1969-73
Architecturally, the main objective was to create a museum form to preserve what remains of Hamar Bispegard and Storhamarlaven and make it possible for the digging to be an important feature, like the objects on exhibition. The answer is the “suspended museum” allowing the public to experience history not as book-learning, but brought alive by archeology.”
— Dag Rognlien, ed. Treprisen, Thirteen Norwegian Prize-Winning Architects. Norway: Arkitektnytt, 1988. p118.

“In architectonic terms, we are the eternal passers-by. We walk in and out of buildings and towns, impressed by edifices and squares, but ourselves making no impression. But suddenly, at the end of the 1960s, confronted with nothing but an old barn and a few medieval ruins, one has to reconsider. How to make such a place yields its secrets, how to create a visible record of 1000 years of history.”
– the architects practice

Hedmark Cathedral Museum, Hamar, Norway
Date built: –

Ivar Aasen Centre, Ørsta, Norway
Date built: 2000

Museum Extension, Lillehammer, Norway
Date built: 1959
Design with Geir Grung; Maihaugen

Nordic Pavilion, Biennale di Venezia – Venice Biennale shelter, Italy
Dates built: 1958-62
Venice Biennale shelter Venice Biennale building
photos : Neale Smith Photography
Nordic Pavilion Venice

Norwegian Museum of Architecture, Oslo
Date built: 2008

Norwegian Glacier Museum – Norske Bremuseum, Fjærland, Norway
Date built: 1991

Studio Holme, Holmsbu, Norway

Venice Biennale shelter, Italy : see Nordic Pavilion

Villa Busk, Bamble, Norway
Date built: 1990

More Sverre Fehn buildings online soon

Location: Oslo, Norway, northern Europe

20th Century Norway Architect Practice Information

born & died in Norway: 14 Aug 1924 to 23 Feb 2009

Pritzker Prize Winner 1997

Norwegian Architect

23 Sep – 29 Nov 2009

Sverre Fehn Exhibition at Museum of Finnish Architecture

Sverre Fehn
photo : Stina Glømmi

The work of Norway’s most prominent architect is exhibited in 25 built and unbuilt projects selected by himself. Included are the Norwegian Pavilion at the Brussels World fair 1958 and the Norwegian National Museum – Architecture in Oslo, built 2008.
Producer: Norwegian National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design

Kasarmikatu 24, 00130 Helsinki

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