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post updated 13 Apr 2021

Sunlay Design – Latest Building Proposal

Yellow River Hotel, Inner Mongolia, People’s Republic of China
Date: 2011-
Yellow River Hotel by Sunlay Design Group Architects Beijing
image from architects
Yellow River Hotel
“Everything I saw standing on the site was strong contradistinction created by the confrontation between the endless desert and the yellow river which is full of vitality”. It occurred to the architects that given with this unique environment this building massing should be something extremely geometric. Like the pyramid standing in the desert, this building should be breaking the horizon and blending into the landscape, in which way architecture and environment will strengthen each other.

Sunlay Design – Key Designs

Projects by Sunlay Design listed alphabetically:

Ordos Protestant Church, Inner Mongolia, China
Date built: 2009
Ordos Protestant Church by Sunlay Design Group Architects
image from architects
Ordos Protestant Church

Qingcuiyaun Club House, Beijing, China
Date built: 2008
Qingcuiyaun Club House Beijing
photo from architects
Qingcuiyaun Club House

Tianjin Bridge Culture Museum, China
Date built: 2009
Tianjin Bridge Culture Museum
photo from architects
Tianjin Bridge Culture Museum

More architectural projects by Sunlay Design online soon

Location: 4/F.Huatong mansion No.19 Chegongzhuang west Road Haidian District, Beijing, 100048, People’s Republic of China

Sunlay Design Group Practice Information

Beijing architecture studio, northern China

Beijing Architects

Beijing Sunlay Design Group CO., Ltd founded in 1990, is one of the designing companies which firstly implemented the joint stock system directly under the administration of the Ministry of Construction, and has acquired the top-class designing qualification in 1994.

After over a decade’s development, Sunlay Design Group has grown into a medium complex with comprehensive designing capacity, possessing a designing team of over one hundred members. The architects are located in the Haidian District, Beijing.

Zhuang Hua, SDG:
Zhuang Hua Sunlay Design Group Architects
image from architecture practice

The company has accumulated rich experiences in the civil architecture designing of 7 categories covering urban planning and design, design for residential houses, large public building, commercial building, hotel, educational building as well as interior decoration, while lots of experiences are gained from the construction of the large projects over a decade.

For the recent years, with the opening-up of the designing circle, Sunlay Design Group has completed a lot of projects in cooperation with offices from America, German, Canada, Spain, Hong Kong and Singapore and as a result, SDG has been consistently driving its management, research and concepts towards a internationalization development.

While deriving strong points from others, SDG will continue its reforms in depth, and maintain the balanced development in research, management and marketing. It will also exert to seek for an innovative mechanism, carry out the training system for the project managers and architects, improve the quality control system as well as the partnership system by holding in mind that the main task of the architect is to resolve the architect is to resolve the conflicts among aesthetic value, owner’s interest and public benefit.

Chinese Buildings

Beijing Architect Studios

Chinese Buildings – selection below:

Linden Center, Shilong Village, Xiaxi
Design: Anderson Anderson Architecture
Linden Center at Shilong Village, Xiaxi
image Courtesy architecture office
Linden Center at Shilong Village

Changzhou Culture Center
Architect: gmp · von Gerkan, Marg and Partners · Architects
Changzhou Culture Plaza
photography © Schran Images
Changzhou Culture Center Building

Architecture Studios

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