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post updated 22 October 2021

Rafael de La-Hoz Arquitectos News

Rafael de La-Hoz Arquitectos – Latest Buildings, chronological:

22 Oct 2021
Abril, La Moraleja Business Park, North Madrid, Spain
Abril Madrid workspace, La Moraleja Business Park
photo © Alfonso Quiroga
Abril Madrid Workspace La Moraleja Business Park
The project, named Abril, is part of La Moraleja Business Park located in one of the most prestigious areas in the north of Madrid and has been promoted by the financial firm Arcano Partners, through its first real estate fund, ASOREF. Fully capable of combining flexible and contemporary workspace with spacious social areas, the building delves into capital costs and challenging construction strategies to enhance #sustainability, making a unique, commercial building that considers the #health of its users and promotes #wellbeing.

17 Jul 2017
Cancer Research and Treatment Centre, Bogotá, Colombia
Design: Rafael de La-Hoz Arquitectos and Construcciones Planificadas
Cancer Research and Treatment Centre by Rafael de La-Hoz Arquitectos
photo from architects office
Cancer Research and Treatment Centre, Bogotá
Based in Bogotá and due for completion in 2020, it will incorporate a research centre and develop a unique care model to cater for the needs of the patients and their families

5 Feb 2013
Repsol Headquarters, Madrid, Spain
Repsol Office Headquarters Campus Building Madrid by Rafael de La-Hoz Arquitectos
photo from architects
Repsol Madrid Campus
Inauguration of the new headquarters of the company Repsol by the architect Rafael de la-Hoz. The new campus, a world reference in corporate offices, is designed as an intelligent building where interaction and exchange among the 4,000 people who work in there is fostered.

Rafael de La-Hoz – Key Projects

Key Architecture Designs by Rafael de La-Hoz Arquitectos, alphabetical:

The High Council of The Chambers of Commerce of Madrid, Spain
Chambers of Commerce of Madrid by Rafael de La-Hoz Arquitectos
photograph : Miguel de Guzmán
High Council of The Chambers of Commerce of Madrid

Las Tablas – Telefonica District C, north Madrid, Spain
Las Tablas Madrid
photograph : Miguel de Guzmán
Las Tablas Madrid : Headquarters for Telefónica de España

More projects by Rafael de La-Hoz Arquitectos online soon

Location: Madrid, Spain

Arquitectos Practice Information

Spanish Architect – contact details


Born in Cordoba in 1955, Rafael de La-Hoz graduated in architecture from the Higher Technical College of Architecture of Madrid, and went on to obtain an MDI Masters in the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Rafael de La-Hoz now directs his own architectural studio (Rafael de La-Hoz Arquitectos) and participates in town planning projects and important architectural works in Spain, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Hungary, and the United Arab Emirates. Many projects by Rafael de La-Hoz Arquitectos have been the results of national or international architectural competitions.

Rafael de La-Hoz, architect:
Rafael de La-Hoz
photograph : Luis Asín

Most recent awards by Rafael de La-Hoz Arquitectos include: the COAM (Distinction from the Official Architects’ Association of Madrid) 2007 and 2005 Distinctions for Architectural Works; The “2007 International Work Award” for Telefonica’s Distrito C, awarded at the XIst Biannual of Argentinean Architecture (Buenos Aires); The Award for Innovation in the “Quality, Architecture and Housing Awards” 2005 and 2006 of the Community of Madrid; the “Bex Awards 2005” (Greece) in the Technological Innovation” category and the “American Architecture Awards 2004 of the Chicago Antheneum (USA)”.

Rafael de La-Hoz is a visiting professor at the Universidad Camilo Jose Cela, and is a member of the Editorial Council of the COAM Architectural Magazine. Rafael de La-Hoz participates in numerous conferences, activities and judging panels, and his work is published in national and international architectural books and magazines.

Rafael de La-Hoz Arquitectos – Current Projects

– “Smart City” Complex, in Bucharest, Romania (2008-11)
First Prize in Architectural Competition
– “Danube Bay” Residence in Budapest, Hungary (2008-11)
– New Repsol headquarters in Méndez Álvaro, Madrid (2008-10)
– The Hércules Towers in Campo de Gibraltar, Los Barrios. Cádiz. (2006-08)
– New building for the Criminal Courts, in the Justice Complex of Madrid (2008-11).
First Prize in Architectural Competition
– Isla de Chamartín Tower in the north of Madrid (2007-10).
First Prize in Architectural Competition
– Office Building in Plaza de Colón – Colonial in Madrid (2006-10)
First Prize in Architectural Competition
– Childrens’ theater and cultural center in the “Daoiz y Velarde” complex, Madrid (2008-10)
– Hotel and residential complex in the former Jewish ghetto of Warsaw, Poland (2007-11).
– “Angel Corella” Dance School and Company in la Granja de San Ildefonso, Segovia (2007-11).
– New building of the Juvenile Court in the Justice Complex of Madrid (2007-10)
First Prize in Architectural Competition, jointly won with architect Jaime Duró.
– Headquarters of the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Cordoba (CECO). Córdoba (2006-09)
– Planning of the Extension of the Marina de Vilamoura, Algarve. Portugal (2008-11)
– Building at Gran Vía 48 in Madrid. The first completely new building to be built on Gran Via in the XXIst century (2007-09)
– El Paraíso Foundation. Córdoba (2007-09)
– Remodeling and extension of Marina Port Sherry. Puerto de Santa María.Cádiz.
– Residential-vacation complex Águilas (Murcia), San Roque (Cádiz) and Bernia Golf, Altea (Alicante) (2007-10).
– Residential and sport complex in the former bus station in Granada (2007-09)
– “Alegra” Office and entertainment center(2007-09).
– Headquarters of AMA, Madrid (2007-10).
– Numerous residential buildings in: Majadahonda (Madrid); Torneo (Huelva); Pirotecnia II (Seville) and Cortijo del Cura in Córdoba (2007-09).
– Restoration of seven apartment and hotel buildings that make up the so-called “Manzana Canalejas” on Madrid’s Calle Alcala. (2007-10)
– Residence “Wronia 45” in Warsaw, Poland (2007-09).
– Residential and hotel complex in Dubai (2007-09).

Rafael de La-Hoz Arquitectos – Key Recent Projects

– New auditorium and pavilion in the Fundación Rafael del Pino extension, on Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid (2001-08)
– Headquarters of the Telefonica company, Distrito C, in las Tablas, Madrid (2005-07)
– Hotel “Confortel Atrium” for the Once group. Madrid (2007-08)
– Housing in Majadahonda, Madrid (2006-08)
– Experimental youth housing in Tres Cantos. Madrid (2003-06)
– Remodeling of Industrial Building, RIOFISA, Madrid (2005-06)
First Prize in Architectural Competition
– Headquarters of Garrigues Abogados. Madrid (2004-06)
– Olympic Committee Auditorium. Madrid (2003-05)
– BMW dealership in Madrid in Las Tablas (2003-05)
First Prize in Architectural Competition.
– “Pórtico” Building, current headquarters of Marsans in Campo de las Naciones in Madrid (2002-05)
– Headquarters of Uría Menéndez Abogados. Madrid (2002-05)
– Headquarters of the Junta Municipal de Retiro. Madrid (2001-04)
– Planning and extension of ski stations in Boi Taüll. Lérida (2004)
– The High Council of the Chambers of Commerce of Madrid, Madrid (2002-06)
First Prize in Architectural Competition.
– Housing Renfe I and II in Córdoba (2002-04)
– Housing Pirotecnia I in Seville (2002-04)
– “Pentax” Building in the airport neighborhood, Madrid (2001-03)
– Headquarters of Endesa. Campo de las Naciones. Madrid (2000-03)
– Business Center “Bilma”, Madrid (1999-2003)
– Headquarters of Vodafone. Madrid (1999-2002)
– “Encina Real” Housing complex, 60 homes in Encinar de los Reyes, Madrid (1998-2002)
– Business Center “Parque Norte”, Madrid (1997-2001)

Rafael de La-Hoz Arquitectos – Emblematic Projects

The Castelar Building, the Imserso Headquarters, The Spanish Olympic Committee, the extension of the Marine Ministry, the Alcala II Penitentiary, Aquinas Dormitory, the Castellana 110 Building, and the National Center of Supervision of Telefonica (Aravaca) in Madrid. In Andalusia, the Chamber of Commerce, the “El Aguila” Factory, the Caja Provincial de Ahorros, the Maimon Castle, the Canals Chalet, the Caja Provincial de Ahorros and the General Hospital in Cordoba. And in Malaga, the Palacio de Congresos de Costa del Sol, among others.

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