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post updated 24 Apr 2021

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25 May 2011
Celtic Museum, Glauberg, Germany
Date built: 2011
Kada Wittfeld Architektur Celtic Museum Glauberg
photo : Werner Huthmacher, Berlin
Celtic Museum
A museum for Celtic art, in direct proximity to a historic burial mound. Similar to an excavated archaeological find, the metal body of the museum juts out from the landscape and forms a counterpart to the burial mound. More of a mysterious object itself rather than architecture, the museum should be stumbled upon by its visitors as a marker of landscape discovery.

Nuremberg Fair, Germany
Date built: 2010
Design: kadawittfeldarchitektur, Aachen
Nuremberg Fair Building
photo : Gerhard Hagen
Nuremberg Fair design
The former centre entrance to the Nuremberg Fair was inappropriate in its “role” as the main entrance: the narrow entrance lobby was difficult to recognize from the exterior and leads into a completely unclear building configuration. The new louvered roof can be seen even from far away, acting as a sign which connects various exterior and interior spaces

Patrizia Headquarters, Augsburg, Germany
Date built: 2010
Design: kadawittfeldarchitektur, Aachen
Patrizia Headquarters
photo : Gerhard Hagen
Patrizia Headquarters
Patrizia Headquarters is located in the historic center of Augsburg. Its tilted glass creates a respectful distance bridging the gap between two landmark buildings: the existing headquarters from the 1960s and the Hong Kong House, which are both protected as historic sites.

Major Building by Kada Wittfeld Architektur

Aachenmünchener Headquarters, Aachen, Germany
Date built: 2010
Aachenmünchener Headquarters design by kadawittfeldarchitektur
photo : Jens Kirchner, Düsseldorf
Aachenmünchener Headquarters
The annex occupies two blocks of late 19th-century city fabric, and provides a new interpretation of the typical perimeter development with its semi-public and leafy courtyards.
The urban sequence of expansions and squares is extended by a flight of stairs and a plaza evolving from it. Existing and new buildings are connected by the “boulevard”.
“Not a house, but a new piece of the city” was the title given by the Aachener Zeitung in January 2006 to the biggest building project by kadawittfeldarchitektur up until then.

Kada Wittfeld Architektur – Key Projects

Major Buildings by kadawittfeldarchitektur:

adidas LACES, Herzogenaurach, Germany
Date built: 2009
adidas LACES Germany design by Kada Wittfeld Architektur
image from kadawittfeldarchitektur
adidas LACES

Kindergarten Sighartstein, Land Salzburg, Austria
Date built: 2009
Kindergarten Sighartstein design by Kada Wittfeld Architektur
photograph : Angelo Kaunat, Salzburg
Kindergarten Sighartstein

Special Pedagogical Centre, Hallein, Austria

More architectural projects by Kada Wittfeld Architektur online soon

Location: Aachen, Germany ; Graz, Austria, Europe

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