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Franson Wreland Architects News

Franson Wreland – Latest Projects

Villa Scott, Jönköping, Sweden
under construction
Villa Scott Jönköping Sweden design by Franson Wreland Architects Stockholm

Villa Westmar, Habo, Sweden
under construction
Villa Westmar design by Franson Wreland Architects Villa Westmar Sweden by Franson Wreland Architects

Villa Hägersten, Stockholm, Sweden
under construction
Villa Westmar Sweden design by Franson Wreland Architects

Key Building

Villa Holmer, Jönköping, Sweden
Villa Holmer Villa Holmer Sweden design by Franson Wreland Architects

Overlooking Lake Vättern and the sunrise this house is made up of two volumes.
A wall sets a peaceful backdrop towards the street. From the entrance, as well as throughout the house, one has a visual connection with the lake. A large skylight is located in the middle of the structure letting daylight cut through the volume. This light well also serves as communication between the two floors. From the balcony a spiral staircase leads up to the roof terrace.

Franson Wreland – Key Projects

Key Buildings by Franson Wreland Architects, alphabetical:

Barnvik, Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden

Loftahammar, Västervik, Sweden
Villa Westmar Sweden by Franson Wreland Architects
Master plan housing – 36 prefabricated small villas

Saltsjö – Duvnäs, Stockholm, Sweden
under construction

Villa Jensen, Stockholm, Sweden
Villa Westmar Sweden Villa Westmar Sweden

Villa Såthen, Jönköping, Sweden
Villa Westmar Sweden Villa Westmar Sweden

Villa Vestervall, Björknäs, near Stockholm, Sweden
under construction

More projects by Franson Wreland online soon

Location: Stockholm, Sweden, northeast Europe

Stockholm Architects Practice Information

Franson Wreland – Swedish architecture studio led by Per Franson Mattias Wreland

Swedish Architects

Is a full service Architectural and Design firm ffering design services for new and remodeled residences, public buildings, retail and commercial structures.
Corner pillars in our work process are creativity and engagement.
We have earned a reputation for smart, functional and beautiful design as well as first-rate customer service.

Two partners, Per Franson and Mattias Wreland (both born 1971), formed Franson Wreland Architecture and Design Studio in Stockholm in 2001. Since then the duo has gained valuable experience in the field of residential design, as well as a variety of other projects, including interior design, office spaces and retail design.
They also take part in numerous architectural competitions.
Since 2007 Franson Wreland has a third partner, Thorbjörn Såthen who is now managing the office.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of our practice. Using the term in its most inclusive sense, we bring together the clients, with their vision and resources, the site and its history, context and unique features and our creativity and experience, giving all a voice. The resulting dialogue reveals the opportunities and limitations of a given project. These are seen and used by us as a framework within which to innovate and create, be it in a modern or historic language.

The importance of listening carefully to the client, the site and our experience is revealed in completed projects that are of enduring value, appropriate to their occupants and surroundings, with a reserved sense of belonging.

We begin by collecting any and all information and documentation necessary for a thorough understanding of the client’s wishes, their site and local conditions and regulations. We extensively explore subjective and conceptual aspects of the project using visual references and functional preferences from the client and our own reading of the site and the context.

We use this information to establish an overarching conceptual direction, which is explored through an iterative process in collaboration with the client. The final version of this concept is developed through a supporting selection of materials, details and ongoing critique.

The final design is thoroughly documented, both to maintain a clear understanding of the process and direction with the client and to ensure that the finished project represents both the design intent and quality and material specifications. Our involvement through construction ensures the inevitable ambiguities and opportunities that arise during construction are resolved to the satisfaction of the client and in support of the original design concept.

This architecture studio is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Swedish Architecture Designs – architectural selection below:

Magnolia restaurant, Stora Sköndal, Southern Stockholm
Design: Kjellander Sjöberg Arkitektkontor
Magnolia Restaurant Stockholm interior design
image Courtesy architecture office
Magnolia Restaurant
KS was commissioned to design a vibrant meeting place by the new square, a building with a flexible programme serving as a restaurant and a gathering point.

Jo¨nko¨ping Bathhouse, Lake Vättern, Jönköping, southern Sweden
Design: White Arkitekter
Jo¨nko¨ping Bathhouse, Sweden Kallbadhus
White Arkitekter © Jo¨nko¨ping Bathhouse
Jo¨nko¨ping Bathhouse Building in Sweden
Scandinavian practice White Arkitekter has won an architectural competition for Jo¨nko¨ping Bathhouse; an all-season bathhouse located on the shores of Lake Vättern, in the city of Jönköping in southern Sweden.

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