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estudio Herreros Arquitectura News

Herreros Arquitectos News

20 Mar 2020
estudio Herreros’ architectural installation for the artwork Palabras… by Antoni Muntadas

The project Palabras… by Antoni Muntadas is transformed into a three-dimensional experience through the new installation designed by Herreros Arquitectos.

estudio Herreros Palabras artwork architectural installation
image courtesy of architects

estudioHerreros adds another project to its contributions in the art world, such as the new Munch Museum in Oslo or the public areas of the MALBA Museum in Buenos Aires, among others.

estudioHerreros has designed the installation of the project Palabras… by Antoni Muntadas, presented at international art fair ARCO-Madrid-2020.

Muntadas’s project is a work in progress on the power of words and their lose of meaning. His work represents how words can be diluted until we don’t even know what they really mean, a process that is derived from the wear and tear of language through its widespread social use, especially through the repetitive recourse of certain terms by the political class and the media.

estudioHerreros has helped to take the work of Muntadas to another sensory level. The collaboration between art and architecture contributes to transform what usually would have been a static installation into a spatial three-dimensionality that incorporates the viewer and its movements around the installation.

estudio Herreros Arquitectura Spain
image courtesy of architects

The construction looks like a folded wall that offers a sequence of perceptions that produce the discovery, overlap and contrast of the images and words emphasizing their meaning.

The width of the support and its two carefully chosen shades of grey – the grey of the dihedral walls that build the space is identical to the color of the concrete floor seeking maximum neutrality, and the grey of the freestanding exhibition wall, more weightless and in contrast to the blacks and whites of the artwork. Its formalization full of urban allusions refer to the materials of the city and the industrial condition of the pavilion where the installation is exhibited.

The relationship between Antoni Muntadas and Juan Herreros dates back about fifteen years. They have given workshops together in Montevideo and Santander, delivered lectures and colloquiums in Ecuador and Argentina and jointly published several conversations with third parties about public space.

estudio Herreros Palabras artwork architectural installation Spain
image courtesy of architects

About estudioHerreros

The studio has an ample relation with the art world with important contributions such as the new Munch Museum in Oslo that will be inaugurated this year, the re-qualification of the public areas of the MALBA Museum in Buenos Aires, the CarrerasMugica gallery in Bilbao, the SOLO Museum and the overhaul of the exhibition galleries of the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid along with a series of designs for galleries, exhibitions, art fairs and artist studios such as Luis Gordillo’s.

Casa Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
Majorca house herrerosarquitectos
photo : José Hevia

estudioHerreros is an architecture firm with offices in Madrid, New York and Mexico City. Founded by Juan Herreros, professor of projects at the Madrid School of Architecture and Full Professor at Columbia University in New York, and directed by him and his partner Jens Richter. His career has been widely awarded, published and exhibited in institutions including the MoMA and the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the biennials in Venice and Istanbul and the MACBA in Barcelona.

About Antoni Muntadas

The artist moved to New York in 1971 where he currently resides and works. His projects are presented in different formats such as photography, video, publications, the Internet, installations or even urban interventions. With a cultural and critical approach, his works address social, political and communication issues, analyzing the manipulations of advertising by the political and economic powers or the forms of censorship and promulgation of ideas that are used in the different channels of information.

His work has been exhibited in numerous museums, including the MoMa, the Berkeley Art Museum, the Montreal Contemporary Museum, the National Museum Reina Sofía Art Center in Madrid, the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires, the Art Museum Modern in Rio de Janeiro and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona.

Muntadas carries out teaching works in several centers and conducts seminars in different institutions such as the University of San Diego, the National Higher School of Fine Arts of Paris, the Fine Arts schools of Bordeaux and Grenoble, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Cooper Union in New York. He is currently professor at the Department of Architecture, of the Visual Arts Programme at the IUAV in Venice.

Images © estudioHerreros

Designs by estudio Herreros Arquitectura

17 Jan 2014
Dialogue Architecture by Juan Herreros, Venice, Italy
Dialogue Architecture by Juan Herreros brings together the materials included in the installation which Herreros Arquitectos displayed in the Central Pavilion at the most recent Venice Biennale for Architecture by invitation of David Chipperfield and under the slogan of Common Ground.

13th Biennale of Architecture in Venice
Central Pavilion: I Giardini

4 Jun 2012
Casa Garoza, Spain
Casa Garoza
photo © Javier Callejas
Casa Garoza

26 Jul 2011
Herreros Arquitectos Exhibition in Norway
Herreros Arquitectos Exhibition - Madrid architects team
photograph © Javier Callejas
Herreros Arquitectos Exhibition
The ROM Gallery, in Oslo, will present an exhibition of work by this Spanish architectural studio.

9 Feb 2010
Casa Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
Casa Mallorca herrerosarquitectos
photograph : José Hevia
Casa Mallorca

21 Apr 2009
Munch Museum, Oslo, Norway
Munch Museum Norway : Norwegian Architecture Contest
image from architects
Munch Museum

More architectural projects by Herreros Arquitectos online soon

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