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post updated 28 May 2022

Chyutin Architects News

Architecture News – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

28 May 2022
Office Complex – Jerusalem City Hall District Regeneration, Israel
Architects: Chyutin Architects with Jacques Dahan architect
Jerusalem City Hall District Regeneration
images courtesy of architect office
Jerusalem City Hall District Regeneration
The regeneration scheme deals with the overall planning of Jerusalem’s city hall district and its Municipal square. The origins of its construction, may be traced to the emergence of Jewish neighborhoods outside of the Old City Walls during the latter half of the 19th Century.

21 May 2013
Municipal Civic Center Masterplan, Hod-Hasharon, Israel
Hod-Hasharon Buildings design by Chyutin Architects
image from architects
Municipal Civic Center Masterplan
The municipality of Hod-Hasharon was established as a cluster of four colonies or neighborhoods, each of which has its own center of public activities. The aim of the proposed municipal civic center is to create a complex of public services in an area common to the four neighborhoods, to unite them into a municipal fabric.

26 Apr 2012
University Senate Center Beer-Sheva, Israel
University Senate Center Beer-Sheva BGU University Be'er Sheva Building
photograph : Ardon Bar Hama
University Senate Center Beer-Sheva
The Senate Center complex at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev serves as the university’s administrative center. It contains an office building, the Senate Hall, and an exhibition space. The office building, which faces the campus’s main entrance plaza, on the main lengthwise pedestrian axis, is shaped like a monolithic cube with sandstone cladding, and encloses a circular inner courtyard. The main entrance to the plaza and to the complex is designed like a cleft carved into the rock of a canyon.

Recent Chyutin Architects Designs

Jerusalem District Courthouse, Israel
Jerusalem Court House Building design by Chyutin Architects
picture from architects
Jerusalem District Courthouse
The courthouse in Jerusalem is located on a newly designed main public square in the city center of Jerusalem. The building houses all the judiciary levels except the Supreme Court, and contains 113 courtrooms and 135 judges’ chambers.

The Polonsky Academy, Israel
Date built: 2011-
Van-Leer Institute Building design by Chyutin Architects
render : Chyutin Architects
The Polonsky Academy
The Polonsky Academy of Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences is situated on the cliff facing south towards the Jerusalem Theater. Its northern side faces the Main Garden Court which will function as the heart of the campus in the new master plan. This court has two levels, with a one storey differential between them which makes it possible to create two entrances to the structure on different levels: main entrance near the Van Leer Institute and secondary entrance near the Council for Higher Education.

Museum + Archive – Jabotinsky Center, Ramat-Gan, Israel
Date built: 2011-
Jabotinsky Center Israel design by Chyutin Architects
image from Chyutin Architects
Jabotinsky Center
The Jabotinsky Institute engages in archival collation and display of materials connected with Ze’ev Jabotinsky and with the underground Jewish nationalist movements prior to the establishment of the State of Israel.
The building will be erected on a triangular plot with roads on either side of it and its apex pointing to an intersection.

Chyutin Architects – Key Projects

Featured Buildings by Chyutin Architects, alphabetical:

Tel Aviv House, Israel
Date built: 2011
Tel Aviv House design by Chyutin Architects
photograph from Chyutin
Tel Aviv House

Fashion & Art Graduate School, Tel Aviv, Israel
Date built: 2011
Fashion & Art Graduate School Israel
image from Chyutin
Fashion & Art Graduate School Tel Aviv

Haifa Court House Building, Israel
Date built: 2011
Haifa Court Building design by Chyutin Architects
photograph from Chyutin
Haifa Court Building

BGU University Entrance Square & Art Gallery, southern Israel
Date built: 2011
BGU University Building
picture from Chyutin
BGU University Art Gallery

Haifa University Student Center Building, north Israel
Date built: 2010
Haifa University Student Center
photograph : Amit Giron
Haifa University Student Center

More designs by Chyutin Architects online soon

Location: 53415, Givataim, Israel

Chyutin Practice Information

Chyutin architecture studio based in Givataim, Israel

This Israeli design studio was founded by architects Bracha Chyutin and Michael Chyutin in 1978.

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Tel Aviv Showroom Building
picture : Amit Geron

First Inclusive School, Tel-Aviv
Design: Sarit Shani Hay Design Studio
First Inclusive School Tel Aviv Israel
photo : Roni Cnaani
First Inclusive School Tel-Aviv

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