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post updated 27 Apr 2021

Paul de Ruiter – Latest News

Paul de Ruiter – Häuser Award 2010 – 2nd place winner
Villa Röling, Kudelstaart, Aalsmeer, North Holland (link lower down this page)

Latest Buildings / Designs by Architectenbureau Paul de Ruiter:

Valschermkade office building, Amsterdam
Date built: 2009
Valschermkade office Amsterdam by Architectenbureau Paul de Ruiter
photo : Pieter Kers
Valschermkade office building – recent building
On Valschermkade in the creative industry hotspot De Schinkel, Paul de Ruiter Architects has developed its own new sustainable office building. A former steel workshop was entirely renovated and transformed into a new multi-business building, which presently serves as a business location for various creative companies.

Bijlmer Park Theatre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Date built: 2009
Bijlmer Parktheatre  by Architectenbureau Paul de Ruiter
photo : Pieter Kers
Bijlmer Park Theatre
This building is located in the heart of the Bijlmer neighbourhood at the edge of the Bijlmer park, beside the lake. The cultural building consists of an ellipse shape, with the upper two floors slightly displaced in relation to the ground floor. This provides a covered entrance area located in a logical position in the urban development plan’s routing.

Paul de Ruiter – Key Projects

Key Projects by Architectenbureau Paul de Ruiter, alphabetical:

Mercator I, Nijmegen, eastern Holland
Date built: 1998
Mercator I Nijmegen  by Architectenbureau Paul de Ruiter
photograph : Rien van Rijthoven
Mercator I Nijmegen
Mercator I is a facility-sharing building for medical/chemical R&D and therefore contains both offices and laboratories. The starting point for the design was the construction of a clear, transparent building with a high-tech appearance that expresses a strong sense of environmental responsibility.

Mercator II, Nijmegen, eastern Holland
Date built: 2001
Mercator II design by Architectenbureau Paul de Ruiter
photo : Rien van Rijthoven
Mercator II Nijmegen
Mercator II is the following phase of the Mercator Technology & Science Park to be designed by Paul de Ruiter. This second Mercator building is a facility-sharing building for knowledge-intensive companies in information and communication technology, or ICT.

Rijkswaterstaat Zeeland, Middelburg, Zeeland, southwest Holland
Date built: 2004
Middelburg Building  by Architectenbureau Paul de Ruiter
image : Rob ‘t Hart
Rijkswaterstaat Zeeland
The building of Rijkswaterstaat contains an office building, a crisis center, state archives and an 100% guaranteed computer center which, in case of an emergency, can direct all the sluice gates of the province of Zeeland, including the Delta works. During the project the wishes of the client, urban planners and end users were kept constantly in mind, and this led to the construction of a modern building that satisfies the specified conditions.

Veranda multi-storey car park, Rotterdam, Holland
Date built: 2005
Veranda multi-storey car park Rotterdam
photograph : Rien van Rijthoven
Veranda Rotterdam
Paul de Ruiter took the opportunity of this commission to improve the image of multi-storey car parks. He designed a building that has not only an exterior that is attractive to look at, but an interior that is a pleasant place to be in. Instead of the cars, people are the central issue of the design.

Villa Berkel, Veenendaal, Holland
Date built: 2005
Veenendaal Property
image : Pieter Kers
Villa Berkel

Villa Deys, Rhenen, Holland
Date built: 2002
Rhenen house
photo : Rien van Rijthoven
Villa Deys

Villa Röling, Kudelstaart, Aalsmeer, North Holland
Date built: 2008
Villa Röling
picture : Pieter Kers
Villa Röling

Zuidkas office building – study, Amsterdam, Holland
Date built: 2009
Zuidkas Amsterdam
image from architects

More projects by Architectenbureau Paul de Ruiter online soon

Location: Valschermkade 36D, NL- 1059 CD, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, western Europe

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