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Bastion House, Oregon

Feb 28, 2023

Architects: Steelhead Architecture

Location: Oregon, USA

Bastion House Oregon USA

Photos by Jeremy Bittermann

Bastion House in Oregon

The name Bastion was inspired by the clients travels in Eastern Europe. Specifically, it references fortification and sanctuary for a structure. But more broadly it refers to strongly upholding the principals in modern and high-performance construction. The owner / contractor is in the business of building complex modern structures and tasked the design team to high standards.

Bastion House Oregon

The site is located next to an environmental zone and had been passed over by many others thinking it un-buildable. The required setbacks left a fairly small footprint but using a courtyard strategy the design is very efficient but still spacious in feel.

Bastion House Oregon

The courtyard typology also fit well with the Bastion direction. A more solid and fortified exterior shell surrounding a glassy and open courtyard facing the environmental greenery.

Bastion House Oregon USA

The form of the building is best understood from the front facade with the extruded metal box floating over the wood shell. The third layer of the composition is the brick base set into a battered and angled form which is the most tangible reference to the Bastion. The composition opens up to a covered double story entry at the corner of the property.

Bastion House Oregon USA

Bastion House Oregon

What are the sustainability features?
The Bastion House is constructed to the same level as previous net zero houses completed by the architect. The site has too many trees for solar to make sense so the focus is on super insulated assemblies and efficient HVAC. The slab on grade is fully insulated with R10 polyiso rigid insulation. The walls are built with Zip R sheathing providing exterior rigid insulation to the assembly and a tight air barrier. The roof is a ventless assembly with an approx. R60 value. The house is fully electric with a super-efficient heat pump and HRV system.

Bastion House Oregon USA

How is the project unique?
One additional unique building system on the project is the on-site storm water. Due to the environmental zone we could not construct a typical drywell or at grade planter. A full green roof had some cost / practicality challenges. The hybrid approach was to create a rooftop planter which has the same depth characteristics of an at grade planter which allowed the area to be compact. In appearance it looks like a smaller green roof but it is handling all of the storm water for the whole house.

Bastion House Oregon

Who are the clients and what’s interesting about them?
One unique hobby of the owner is his love of cars. This resulted in a garage sized to store cars both side by side and vertically on top of each other. A steel lift was installed to accomplish the vertical storage. This required extra height to the garage and strength to the slab. The garage is also conditioned for more comfort while working on or enjoying the vehicles.

Bastion House Oregon USA

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Bastion House Oregon

Photography: Jeremy Bittermann

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Location: Oregon, United States of America

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