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230 Halsey Street : Teachers Village in Newark

New Jersey Mixed-Use Building design by Richard Meier & Partners, USA

Sep 25, 2013

New Jersey, USA

Design: Richard Meier & Partners Architects

The opening of 230 Halsey Street in Newark, New Jersey

Richard Meier Completes 230 Halsey Street In Newark, New Jersey

230 Halsey Street in Newark
picture © Steven Sze

230 Halsey Street in Newark

New York, September 24, 2013 – Richard Meier & Partners Architects has completed its first project in Newark, New Jersey with the opening of 230 Halsey Street on September 25, 2013. The new building will house two charter schools and is an important component of the Teachers Village project, a mixed-use development that is revitalizing a large portion of the city’s downtown and promises to spur future urban growth. 230 Halsey Street has been designed with bright classrooms full of natural light to promote learning and it is intended to become the center of an active, 24-hour neighborhood.

Teachers Village consists of two new school buildings, residential apartments for Newark-based educators, and retail space in downtown Newark, south of Market Street and west of Broad Street. It will encompass eight new buildings, including Workforce Housing, school buildings that currently house charter schools and a day-care center, and small to mid-scale retail located along Halsey Street between Branford Place and Hill Street.

These elements will provide approximately 200 residential units for teachers, three charter schools, a daycare center and a variety of retail spaces at street level. Sustainable design, new landscaping and streetscape improvements are integral to the goal of creating an exemplary development for a flourishing community in Newark.

230 Halsey Street in Newark
picture Courtesy Richard Meier & Partners

Richard Meier comments:
“Teachers Village is one of the most exciting of several new urban development initiatives in New Jersey. The construction and design of 230 Halsey Street reflects our commitment to the revitalization of downtown Newark. The new building is located at the center of the development. Natural light has been an important consideration and all the different classrooms and commercial spaces on the ground floor will be full of natural light with various views to the neighborhood. 230 Halsey Street will contribute to the rich urban fabric of Newark and the vibrant social activity along the urban corridor of Halsey Street.”

230 Halsey Street is located on a 30,000 sf lot on the east side of Halsey Street between William Street and the planned extension of Maiden Lane. The four story, 90,000 sf building provides approximately 20,000 sf of retail on the ground floor, and space that houses two charter schools in the upper three floors. The building includes a 5,850 sf space with a basketball court and a 1,400 sf fitness room which will be accessible to residents of the apartments and the public when not being used by the schools. The North wing houses one 37,600 sf charter school. The second 10,000 sf charter school and gym spaces are located in the South wing.

Teachers Village in Newark Teachers Village Newark 230 Halsey Street Teachers Village 230 Halsey Street in Newark
pictures © Steven Sze

Each new building of Teachers Village will be site specific and has been designed relative to its context. Street wall heights have been designed in accordance with the Newark Living Downtown Plan and will provide a rich variety of street conditions. The new Halsey Street retail corridor is at the heart of the development and offers a mix of venues for vibrant street life. The residential spaces and schools are designed with generous windows that are open to the light and activity of the environment. As required by the Newark Living Downtown Plan, all of the new building fronts facing Halsey Street will be four-stories tall, not exceeding 60 feet in height.

Teachers Village is one of the first developments in America to pursue the LEED Neighborhood Development designation by the US Green Building Council, indicating that the project meets the highest levels of sustainable design and that the neighborhood integrates the principles of smart growth, urbanism and green building strategies. Former parking lots are being transformed into a sustainable new neighborhood that offers its teacher residents opportunities to live where they work and to experience high-quality healthy living in an affordable, safe environment downtown.

Teachers Village, developed by Newark-based RBH Group, is intended to restore a sense of place by activating the streetscape along Halsey and William Streets, attracting residents, students, shoppers and visitors to this dynamic new community and to the existing cultural, entertainment and educational infrastructure of local institutions. 230 Halsey Street within the Teachers Village neighborhood is the piece of the puzzle that completes the picture of a healthy, vital downtown, creating a 24/7 environment and destination for diverse populations to linger and enjoy what downtown Newark can offer.

On September 25, 2013, a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony will take place at the corner of Maiden Lane and Halsey Street, as part of the festivities to celebrate Teachers Village and the new building.

230 Halsey Street Newark Newark Teachers Village
pictures Courtesy Richard Meier & Partners

230 Halsey Street – Building Information

Design Principals: Richard Meier, Dukho Yeon
Project Manager: Vivian Lee
Project Architect: Remy Bertin
Collaborators: Scott Johnson, Chris Townsend, Dongkyu Lee, Diana Liu, Hee-Joo Shi, Jonathan Bell, Chris Layda, Adam Nicholson, Adam Greene, Hyung Sok Moon, Aki Koike, Takumi Nakagawa, Techan Abe, Aung Kyaw, Katie Kasabalis, YuangYang Teng

230 Halsey Street – Teachers Village in Newark images / information from Richard Meier & Partners, New York City, USA

Teachers Village Newark : background information on this NJ development
Teachers Village Building Newark
picture © Richard Meier & Partners

Richard Meier

Location: 230 Halsey Street, Newark, United States of America

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