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Vienna Matzleinsdorf ÖBB Service Centre, Austria

Vienna Matzleinsdorf ÖBB Service Centre design by Zechner & Zechner

28 May 2010

Vienna Matzleinsdorf ÖBB Service Centre

Design: Zechner & Zechner

Photos: Thilo Härdtlein

After an EU wide competition the Austrian Federal Railways ÖBB has commissioned “Wiener Team”, a consortium of planning consultants from architecture and structural design, structural planning, load bearing structural planning, traffic planning and HVACR planning for the overall planning of the new Vienna Central Train Station. Part of the main project is the construction of a service centre on the site of the former Matzleinsdorf freight terminal in the vicinity of the future central station. The architects Zechner & Zechner are responsible for the architectural design of the facility.

Vienna Matzleinsdorf ÖBB Service Centre Vienna Matzleinsdorf ÖBB Service Centre Vienna Matzleinsdorf ÖBB Service Centre

The goal of the construction work is the bringing together of servicing, maintenance and cleaning facilities for block trains, passenger train wagons and locomotives at the site. The spatial concentration of facilities for ÖBB technical services, ÖBB traction and ÖBB passenger transport produces increases in efficiency in servicing, vehicle maintenance and availability, and in this way reduces maintenance costs.

The actual reserve of trains can be reduced due to shorter out of service times. The high safety and reliability of the new facility provides better performance in making the trains available on time.

The structural plan for the works is based on an advanced maintenance concept. This provides for maintenance, within idle times determined by network operations, of among others block trains, as well as maintenance independent of the load or condition of the individual units.

In the future the RAILJETS, the new ÖBB passenger trains will also be serviced at this site. These will have short workshop service times (approx. 4 hours) with a consistently high throughput independent of the interval between services. Each block train will receive a mix of work consisting of all regular work due, repairs and necessary upgrades. The size of the facility allows for the parallel servicing of locomotives and passenger wagons without decoupling the train.

Operational Grouping
To ensure efficient operation, the services building, the block train service shed, the repair of passenger wagons and locomotives, the component replacement and industrial cleaning, as well as the temporary storage of locomotives will be situated in a compact arrangement in the centre of the project site. Both the sheds for the breakdown train, as well as the underfloor wheel lathe will be placed to the west. Access to the street is via the existing Margaretengürtel entrance and in due course via a new west-east access tunnel. The sidings for supply of the passenger wagon trainsets and disposal work are to be situated at the south of the access road.

Services Building
The approx. 240m long and approx. 13.5m wide services building has 5 floors, and in essence comprises of the administration, production, storage, personnel and service areas for the ÖBB technical services, traction and passenger divisions. Furthermore the building also serves as a support centre for train catering and for a sleeping car operator.

The necessary HVACR systems for the provision of heating, ventilation, water heating, compressed air, as well as energy are situated in the basement of the services building. The ground floor serves mainly as a handling area for goods coming in and going out. Meal preparation supplies for the catering firm arrive here for example and are taken to the production areas on the upper floors.

The ready meals are packed in transport containers, such as also used in planes, and transported to the trainsets on the sidings. Similar processes are provided for the sleeping cars. The delivery and storage of materials required for work on servicing and repair of the rolling stock is also on the ground floor. The smaller materials will be stored on computer controlled vertical lift shelving; in this way very compact storage that also has swift access is possible. The storage technology requirements are provided for with pallet, shelving and heavy duty storage solutions.

Food production for the train catering firms as well as stocking the trolleys of the sleeping car company is done on the 1st and 2nd floors. The kitchen serves as a central production point for up to 8000 meals per day. Hot meals are prepared using a cook-chill process, i.e. blast frozen to +4°C, portioned in closed GN containers, kept cold during the order picking process and delivered to the trains in transport containers. The cleaning of returned cutlery and trolleys is also done here. The remaining spaces are divided between staff areas, such as locker rooms, changing rooms and washrooms.

The 2nd and 3rd floors extend over approx. ¾ of the total length of the services building. The 3rd floor extends to the rear, projecting over the south side and in this way forming a covered terrace area, which is used by the canteen. The canteen on the 3rd floor is laid out for approx. 120 people. To the east of the canteen are ÖBB Traction training areas, which have access to the canteen and the terrace in front as break areas.

The top floor is used mainly for the offices of the various companies. The overnight rooms for train drivers are also found on this level.

Vienna Matzleinsdorf ÖBB Service Centre Vienna Matzleinsdorf ÖBB Service Centre Vienna Matzleinsdorf ÖBB Service Centre

Maintenance, repair and locomotive temporary storage sheds:
The sheds for servicing the block trains, repairing passenger wagons and locomotives, component replacement and industrial cleaning as well as locomotive storage are brought together in a shed complex. The sheds are constructed from prefabricated reinforced concrete supports; the roofs of the sheds are constructed as timber frame support shed roofs with wood roof elements. The window strips in the shed roof allow an even natural light in the shed areas.
The 240m long ÖBB shed for the technical services division contains 5 tracks for the maintenance of long distance and local block trains. Adding wagons to the train can be done from either side.

The 795cm distance between tracks is made up of the vehicle width, two minimum 80cm wide working areas alongside the vehicle, a materials preparation area and the width of the communication route which corresponds to the maximum width of the floor conveyors used.
The shed flooring is, except for a surrounding walkway on 3 sides, sunk 80cm below rail level, the tracks are elevated. Access between the sunken hall floor and the surrounding walk way is via ramps with an 8% slope. Beneath the rails 180cm wide inspection pits run through the hall. The floor gratings of the pits are 150cm below rail level. This configuration provides ergonomic working conditions in the area below the train.

The roof areas of the trainsets are serviced via mobile roof access platforms, which can be moved along crane rails running parallel to the tracks.
In the east of the hall an axle drop system will be installed, the transport of the axles is via a lateral tunnel running under the rails, and via the lifting table to street level.

The clearance height of the shed is 800cm; the catenary system is mounted approx. 575cm above track level as a power rail. Access is through sectional doors. In regular service there will only be the movement of electric vehicles in the shed (no diesel movement).
North of the block train shed are two approx. 100m long 3-track sheds, the easterly one is the ÖBB technical services division repair shed for passenger wagons and locomotives (locomotive and wagon shed).

A maximum of four locomotives can be repaired on one track. The track is elevated and mounted with fixed workstations that allow work at 3 levels. The floor of the shed is 100cm below rail level in the work areas. Beneath the rails 180cm wide inspection pits run through the shed.

Passenger wagons are repaired on the two other tracks. These tracks are equipped with mobile jacks and a 10t crane.
A further approx. 100m long 3-track shed is situated in the northwest of the shed complex. On one track the replacement of components for locomotives with electric and/or internal combustion engines as well as industrial cleaning is done. For this purpose the track is divided into three areas. A work area is equipped with a locomotive lifting station. Connected to this is a three-part working pit with elevated tracks which is used for the repair of diesel locomotives. This area is equipped with appropriate exhaust gas removal.

The third operation is industrial cleaning. This area is partitioned from the rest of the shed with walls. Water preparation is done by compact systems situated within the shed.
Two further tracks are used for the storage of electric and diesel locomotives for minor maintenance work (e.g. sand filling).
To comply with the maximum escape route length in the sheds, 3 escape tunnels will be situated under the sheds with exits between the rails. A median collector connecting with both westerly and easterly escape tunnels will be run to connect the building services centres with the extraction points in the sheds.
Two further smaller sheds are situated on the services site; one accommodates an underfloor wheel lathe, the other the ÖBB breakdown train.
The facility has been completed in December 2009 and is running since the beginning of the year.

Vienna Matzleinsdorf ÖBB Service Centre – Building Information

Client: ÖBB Bau AG
Planning: “Wiener Team” consisting of:
WERNER CONSULT (Road planning, Structure)
ISP (Road planning, Structure)
TECTON (Road planning, Structure)
STOIK (Road planning)
ZECHNER & ZECHNER (Architects)
WIMMER (Architects)
EIPELDAUER (Electrical Engineering)

Vienna Matzleinsdorf ÖBB Service Centre images / information from Zechner & Zechner

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