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Cepa Shopping Center : Retail Building Turkey

Retail Development Turkey design by Oncuoglu Architecture-Planning

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Cepa Shopping Center

Ankara, Turkey

Design: Oncuoglu Architecture-Planning Ltd. Co.

Cepa Shopping Center - Ankara Retail Centre

Cepa Shopping Center, which is designed by Oncuoglu Architecture is one of the biggest of six shopping centers designed by the team in Ankara, Turkey. The site is on Ankara’s key commercial and public artery, Eskisehir Road, opposite Middle East Technical University.

The ground land area of the building is approximately 52.000 m², it has a total building area of 172.000 m², comprising a 12.700 m² do-it-yourself store, 14.000 m² hypermarket, 195 shops, cinemas, cafes, food court and entertainment center.

Oncuoglu+ACP Architecture-Planning Cepa Shopping Center

The principal design approach of the building is the idea of bringing a new and distinctive spatial interpretation to the shopping center concept. It is aimed to offer customers spaces with different identities composed of various facilities. The design which took shape by the boundaries of the site and the program of the shopping center is planned as a horizontal rectangular prism.

Oncuoglu+ACP Architecture-Planning building in Ankara

The large spaces and brands as two floor retail units of Carrefour and Bauhaus played an important role at the planning stage of the building. It is intended to obtain optimum size and solutions for vehicle and pedestrian circulation with respect to the large area of the site. For this purpose, the shops are designed at the ground, first and second floors despite the presence of a great variety of facilities and large number of shops.

The difference of 12 meters height between the front and back roads is exploited to create a four-storey indoor car parking at the direction of Eskisehir Road. The do-it-yourself store is located at the rear with three car parking floor height.

The shops are located at the front side on the first and second floors while the hypermarket composed of two floors runs along the rear side. The third storey is occupied by the fast food units, restaurants, food court, cinemas and entertainment center.

Cepa Shopping Center design by Oncuoglu+ACP Architecture-Planning

In contrast to the most of the shopping centers, the façade at the main street is designed to have maximum visual relation with the environment. The main façade is designed in search for different solutions as an outcome of the narrowness of the façade with respect to the ratio of the width and length of the building.

The exterior of the building is highlighted by the use of dynamic colors instead of designing the façade with typical configuration. It is aimed to maintain the façade effect of the daytime same at the night time by lightening the colored materials of the façade.

The massive surface of the administration office block is utilized to separate the shopping center from the office entrance. An urban scaled terrace and canopy are designed to define the main entrance on Eskisehir Road.

The expansion of the food court to the terrace is utilized to break the dichotomy between the interior and exterior space and to enjoy the view of the METU forest.

Cepa Shopping Centre Ankara Ankara Retail Mall Building Shopping Center Turkey Ankara Retail Mall

The main emphasis is given to the interior space instead of the façade of the building. It is aimed to integrate the urban scale layout to the interior space within the building in contrast to the simplicity of the exterior design. For this aim, café street and food court are crowned by skylights, in addition spaces with distinctive identities are designed by lighting and acoustic panels.

It is aimed to create an urban landmark for Ankara on Eskisehir Road distinctive with its architectural approach and to build a life style center by the design of the interior space that would offer relaxing and enjoyable time for customers.

Cepa Shopping Center Ankara, Turkey – Building Information

Architectural design: Oncuoglu Architecture-Planning Ltd. Co.
Architects: Enis Oncuoglu, Onder Kaya, Cem Altinoz, Cumhur Keskinok
Project team: Handan Yavuz, Mustafa Öztürk, Tuna Kiran, Tangül Kale,
SavasÇakmakkaya, Ugur Bayram, Arzu Gençaslan, Kemal Kocaili
Interior design: Oncuoglu Architecture-Planning Ltd. Co.
Structural: Ural Engineering
Mechanical: Okutan Engineering
Electrical: Yurdakul Engineering
Landscape architecture: ATK Peyzaj
Client: Ustuncelik Co.

Gross land area: 53.000 m²
Gross construction area: 172.000 m²
Leasable area: 68.500 m²
Car parking: 3786 cars

Cepa Shopping Center images / information from Oncuoglu Architecture-Planning

Oncuoglu Architecture-Planning

Location: Ankara, Turkey, western Asia

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