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Mandalay Beach Villas, Thailand

Thai Contemporary Property – design by Mandalay Samui Developments

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Thailand Beach Houses

Design: Mandalay Samui Developments

Location: Koh Samui, Thailand

Mandalay Beach Villas - Thailand Residences

Photos by Anne Sophie Maestracci (SamuiPics)

Mandalay Beach Villas Thailand

The philosophy of Mandalay Beach Villas is crisp, clear and simple. Against a backdrop of unerring modern style and sophistication, we exist to create an unforgettable contemporary tropical experience for you. Beyond the design-led, classy environs, our team members are on a personal mission to create an impressive balance between form and function, inside and out, modern and tropical.

Mandalay Beach Villas - Thailand Residences

“Imagine a stylish development of ultimate prominence and impact designed to far exceed the ultimate aspirations of today’s sophisticated, fashion conscious individuals, people who demand the finer things in life.”

Mandalay Beach Villas consist of seven beachfront pool villas in contemporary modern design. The project offers the ultimate in island accommodation, matching exclusivity with privacy. Facing the white sandy expanse of Laem Noi Beach and backed by lush palm stands, each of the seven exclusive villas has its own private courtyard, giving approximately 350 square metres of living space, with 17m beach frontage each, on land plots ranging from 800 to 900 square metres.

Each Client has the option to participate in a Rental Management Program, that has been created for all those who wish to own their property as a form of a lifestyle & investment product.

Mandalay Beach Villas Thailand

Modern Edge

“Attuned to Thailand’s dynamic architectural culture, Mandalay Beach Villas harmonize with the rich heritage of its surrounds.”

This progressive project reflects the very latest European thinking on contemporary modern living, tailored for the Koh Samui experience. Well known as award-winning developer of unique contemporary homes, Mandalay Samui envision a confident form that encompasses bold geometry and an inspired use of light and shade.

“The most revolutionary perspectives often start from a simple thought: how to connect the dots and seamlessly merge different forms and functions into one continuous experience.”

Mandalay Beach Villas - Thailand Residences

Mandalay Beach Villas provide an impressive, cutting edge visual experience. The architects have introduced a distinctive and cohesive design aesthetic across the seven three bedroom luxury villas. Mandalay Beach Villas are an impressive balance between form and function, inside and out, modern and tropical. The rectangular forms and vertical fins that articulate the building’s façade offer residents privacy and frame views over the white sand beach. Beyond the façade lies a lush tropical garden that provides natural light and a private place to relax. The visitor enters through the back side of the building. The design concept focused on establishing additional open air spaces so as to create a pleasant habitat in the plot. Thus, the pond in the entry of the plot separates the common use areas from the more secluded spaces thus creating the essential privacy.

Mandalay Beach Villas Thailand

“Connecting Spaces”

The characteristic element of the floor plan which was developed on the basis of the proportions of the human body, is the minimization of corridors and the enhancement of the fluid motion of the individual volumes of the building. As a result, in the Living Area which communicates naturally and visually with the surrounding space, we have the welcoming / community spaces (living room, breakfast bar, dining room, kitchen) which through large interior and exterior openings utilize all natural light to the largest extent, while at the same time they appear to complement the outdoor / open spaces since they are directly connected.

The right side of the Living Area is a massive rock wall, while the left side opening in the living area works to connect the ‘public’ and ‘private’ spaces of the residence over the stepping stones. The three bedrooms with balconies without railings and transparent glass for maximization of the view. The Master Bedroom has infinite view and a vast veranda. The back side comprises of additional secondary ‘functional rooms’ as well as the maid room.

Mandalay Beach Villas Thailand

Interior Design

“The simplest appearance often belies the most complex thinking. Thin worktops, matt and glossy surfaces, floating elements, and purity of lines combine to refine the visual experience.”

Sunlight streams into the Mandalay Beach Villas through full height windows and reflects off the high ceilings to give a sense of openness and space. The architects have ensured each villa is oriented to its best vantage point. The heart of each villa is the spacious open plan living area where the kitchen, dining room and lounge form one integrated space for entertaining or relaxing. Bright and awash with light, this space offers residents the ultimate in flexibility and style.

The sleek contemporary kitchen segues effortlessly across an island bench into the living space. A clean slate for residents to arrange, personalize and express themselves. Perfect for relaxing and winding down or getting together with friends, the space expands with ease by opening the sliding doors to the garden and outside world. When it comes to the bedrooms and accompanying en-suites, it is the richness in the detail that makes them so attractive and appealing.

Mandalay Beach Villas Thailand

True to the modernist ideals of simplicity, neutrality and tranquillity, Mandalay Beach Villas interiors are a smart blend of tone, texture and stylish materials. Mandalay Beach Villas’s light option is a warm combination of muted light browns, greys and organic elements that enrich the sense of sanctuary. Terazzo underfoot spells indulgence and luxury, and when combined with bamboo flooring and sandwash floor in the bathrooms provides a seamless visual terrain.

Mandalay Beach Villas - Thailand Residences

Generously proportioned yet warm, they reflect a desire for private retreats with a feeling of tranquillity. Spaces where residents can ease into the day on holidays and return to their busy lives rested, relaxed and rejuvenated. Mindful of the latest market trends, Mandalay Beach Villa’s three-bedroom villas offer en-suite dual bathrooms, making them supremely private and convenient for residents, and ultimately more desirable for investors.

The combined design of the mechanical elements of the utilities and equipment so as not to interfere visually or sound wise with the overall architectural composition of the building, assisted in meeting this end. The leading edge technology in the kitchen including the stovetop, oven and integrated dishwasher, is sleek and timeless.

Mandalay Beach Villas - Thailand Residences

It is constructed in accordance with the specifications of a smart home where all operations including lighting, the movement of shutters, video surveillance cameras, multi room sound system and air conditioning are all enables remote controlling most cases via iPhone/iPad.

Mandalay Beach Villas - Thailand Residences

Ethical Luxury

Energy efficiency, sustainability, and eco-friendly measures are important factors for us. “Going Green” means us to pursue knowledge and practices that can lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles, which can help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations.

Mandalay Beach Villas Thailand Mandalay Beach Villas Thailand Mandalay Beach Villas Thailand Mandalay Beach Villas Thailand

Some of our Energy Efficiency and Eco-Friendly Measures :

– Heat Exchange System for producing hot water

– Indirect low consumption LED and fiber optic lighting throughout the compound contributes to significant power savings. Intelligent Lighting System enabling full control via iPhone/iPad, allowing our client to turn on or off lights, even when they are not at the property or even in the country.

– Eco-Friendly Bamboo Flooring. Bamboo is proving to be a durable and attractive alternative to hardwoods for flooring. It is rapidly renewable, growing to maturity in five to seven years, compared to 50-150 years for many hardwoods.

– All pools are mineral treated with copper/silver ionization, eliminating the extensive use of corrosive chemicals, such as chlorine.

– Minimizing tree removal when building, and using only botanical (plant-based) herbicides & pesticides in garden & grounds.

– Use biodegradable cleaning products.

– Take additional specific actions to preserve the local habitat.

Mandalay Beach Villas Thailand Mandalay Beach Villas Thailand Mandalay Beach Villas Thailand Mandalay Beach Villas Thailand

Photographs courtesy of Anne Sophie Maestracci (SamuiPics)

Mandalay Beach Villas information / images received from Mandalay Samui Developments

Location: Koh Samui, Thailand, Southeast Asia

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