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Electrical Charging Stations, Gothenburg

Swedish Vehicle Charge Point design by Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture (KKA)

6 Aug 2013

Electrical Charging Stations Gothenburg Design

Design: Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture (KKA)

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Electrical Charging Stations, Gothenburg
image from architect

Gothenburg Charging Stations

More and more electrical vehicles travel the streets of Gothenburg, Sweden. Therefore the city asked KKA to design three charging stations serving electrical cars, bikes, mopeds and trucks. The loading stations should not only provide a practical function, they should also stand as symbols for a new more sustainable city.

Electrical Charging Stations Gothenburg
image from architect

The charging stations come in three sizes all with the same formal language for recognition. They are built using FSC-certified local wood. To provide a smooth and safe logistics cars are separated from bikes and mopeds as they are parked on an elevated ramp. A roof tilted towards the south and covered with solar cells provides shelter for the cars. The solar cells are estimated to provide most of the energy used for charging the vehicles.

Electrical Charging Stations Gothenburg
image from architect

As charging a car or bike might take around 15-20 minutes there are some activities offered for the people waiting for a full battery. There is a bike repair shop, an outdoor gym and free Wi-Fi. The center of the building opens up to a small courtyard housing a grass lawn and a café pavilion.

Electrical Charging Stations images / information from KKA

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden, northeast Europe

Electrical Charging Stations

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