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Plaza del Raval de Sant Josep Onda, Alicante

Onda Landscape Development, Spain – design by Raichdelrio + RdL Arquitectos

18 Apr 2012

Plaza del Raval de Sant Josep Design

Landscape in Onda, Alicante, southern Spain

Design: Raichdelrio, estudi d’arquitectura with RdL Arquitectos

Plaza del Raval de Sant Josep

Plaza competition, in Onda, Alicante: the Plaza del Raval de Sant Josep

The project solves an urban void in the middle of a historical village, part of a sequence of 3 urban voids, which is used once a year as a folk party including bulls.

Plaza del Raval de Sant Josep Plaza del Raval de Sant Josep Alicante
images : SBDA

Giving this condition, we maximize the space for the pedestrian and reduce the car traffic violence by re-distributing the circulations and putting them all in the same level to create new urban relations. This concept would be extended to the two other urban voids making a new public space for the city.

Plaza del Raval de Sant Josep Alicante Plaza Alicante Plaza in Onda Landscape in Onda
images : RdR+RdL

The entire pavement is an ecologic mixture of resins and earth, giving a permeable and durable surface which is tattooed by stone pieces that define circulations, parking spaces… but at the same time allowing it to be one big surface capable of hosting a wide range of activities.

Plaza del Raval de Sant Josep Alicante Plaza Alicante Plaza in Onda Landscape in Onda
images : RdR+RdL

Once we create a continuous base able to define and host the different circulations, we give specific conditions to each of the areas:

-The surreal planter wall: understood as an urban furniture and the main iconic element of the plaza, creates several subspaces and relations with the environment: away from the façade creates a place to play, with a circular bench to define a kids playground, next to the façade to generate an intimate corner were it becomes a fountain or in the middle as an exterior room with a planters rooftop to give an extra amount of shadow in the summer.

-Benches: punctuate specific spaces: a controlled kids’ playground, a resting corner next to the fountain, an exterior space for the church where the bride can wait and do some photos.

-Trees: next to the planters vegetation, three trees (as the three benches) make specific conditions, one for the kids, one for the fountain and one for the entrance corner.

The aim of this project is re-defining the urban relations by creating new use-opportunities and symbolise the iconic void where once a year the whole community gets together to celebrate.

Plaza del Raval de Sant Josep Alicante Plaza Alicante Plaza in Onda Landscape in Onda
images : RdR+RdL

Rendering by SBDA. All other documents by RdR+RdL. Competition done with RdL Arquitectos.

Raichdelrio, estudi d’arquitectura

Plaza del Raval de Sant Josep images / information from Raichdelrio, estudi d’arquitectura

Location: Plaza del Raval de Sant Josep, Onda, Alicante, Spain, southwestern Europe

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