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Granada Architecture Walking Tours

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Granada Architecture Tour: Exclusive Guided Walks

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Granada Architecture – Introduction

Granada is a city and the capital of the province of Granada, in Andalusia, south west Spain. There is a wealth of historic architecture in the city, but also some small modern buildings.

‘The marvelous route of the white houses’

Granada Architecture Tours

Some modern buildings in the Andalusian capital city – White House I to VI

White House I

White house in Granada Architecture Tours Granada Architecture Walking Tour
photographs : Luis García Gollonet

In a first sight, the house generates distance between its composition and the surroundings. In a second reading, the plain facade and the non-existance of tradicional windows result in a whole elevation.

Silkworms never lived better and probably in its open attic butterflies contained on their lower floors emerge and fly. It is also important to understand the tradition of the Arab Granada with castles of defensive battlements and then see a comparison with small vertical fissures that open in the front of this ‘walled’ house.

The big opening of the top floor intentionally frames a typical vision of roofs in the neighborhood of Realejo in Granada. The light is collected and used as the main resource of the environment combining perfectly with the white colour.

White House II

White house in Granada Andalusia Granada architecture tours
photographs : Luis García Gollonet

As a house that has been settled in place with the passage of time in this historic quarter, has a deep relationship with their contextual elements. The scaling relationship with the street and the rest of the house is produced by the geometry and length of its basement wall, horizontal and white.

Then this house can be read as a faithful pedestal for the houses overlayed above. Horizontal lines, repeated and subtle, dance in a facade very benefited for the west sunset.

The soft color of their triple glazing with almost no carpentry, gives color and movement to a straightforward facade, really beautiful. Their small movements of openings and geometric continuities produce major and minor changes that create an alive architecture.

White House III

White house in Granada White house in Granada White house in Granada
photographs : Luis García Gollonet

Leaving the main role of the square to the church of San Cecilio, the new house of the route becomes an event in this rear space. With little space on the lot, the building rises in height and so earns presence next to the church.

This building with its own personality lies in the vicinity of the building perhaps with more personality that have been made to create city, the hotel ‘Alhambra Palace’, built by the Duke of San Pedro Galatino in the early twentieth century.

He also gains meaning with a white very well executed and the use of a double facade that accompanies and surrounds on all floors. The openings of the holes in facade deliberately exaggerated in increase the scale of the house.

Perhaps the more theoretical, more linked to trends, this home is well farthest from the context. The result is more expressive and yet beautiful in its coldly.

White House IV

White house Granada Architecture Tours White house in Granada New house in Granada Architecture Tours
photographs : Luis García Gollonet

This house makes intelligent use of the setback to bind to the core elements of the environment: the back street, the sloping street of San Cecilio and the building in the distance of ‘Carmen Rodriguez Acosta’.

The project assesses the wall as a typological element of the environment, taking a multiple meaning, topped with vegetation increases the degree of identification with the place. On the hill we find the magnificent dance between the house and the ‘Rodriguez Acosta Foundation’: product of the vision of the descent, the wall alignment of it becomes the base of the ‘carmen’ on the horizon.

White House V

White house in Granada White house in Granada
photographs : Luis García Gollonet

On the descent by the ‘Nueva Calle del Cementerio’ we find the fifth house in alignment with a street car. This results in the expression of large gestures in the front facade and a more individual project with understandable and strong shapes.

The roof is a new area of great use, a patio on the upper level. The house gets a lot of inner surface at the expense of a less direct volumetry. Facing a more aggressive environment, the house is more defensive. The use of wood near the floor and a deciduous tree on the roof soften this feeling.

White House VI

White house in Granada White house in Granada
photographs : Luis García Gollonet

Anchored in the depth of a street, the house never renounced the vision of the valley known as ‘Barranco del Abogado’. This place dominates the city of Granada with a different perspective.

The house crawls and finds the light as it increases in height, decomposes its facade to create a beneficial setback. The house serves as few to his fifth façade, white also from the viewpoints nearby, formulating the hypothesis of a new urban typological pattern.

Carmen Rodríguez Acosta:
Carmen Rodríguez Acosta Granada
photograph : Luis García Gollonet

Granada Walking Tours

Granada Architectural Tours can focus on traditional or contemporary buildings or both. The Granada Architecture Tour can be an introduction to the principal buildings or can be specific to your group’s interests. Trips can be made to cities close by such as Seville and Cordoba. We are happy to cater for your needs and interests on our Granada Architecture Tours.

We can provide information on programme, geographical areas and building types up to a year ahead of your Andalusian architecture tour. For example a group of architects interested in Andalusian houses or historic buildings could be provided with tailored information allowing a tour programme to be agreed prior to their visit to Spain.

Granada Walking Tours

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Location: Granada, Andalusia, southern Spain

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