Newton 200 Singapore, Southeast Asian Offices, Design, Architect

Newton 200 : Singapore Tower Building

200 Newton Rd Building Development design by SCDA Architects Pte Ltd

18 May 2012

Newton 200 Singapore

Architect: SCDA Architects Pte Ltd

Newton 200 - Singapore Tower building
photo from Singapore Institute of Architects

Newton 200 Building

Category B: Commercial Projects (Office Buildings)

Client / Owner: SC Global Developments Ltd

The simple trapezoidal tower is a simple and elegant solution for this sliver of land sited at a difficult junction. The shape is efficient for overcoming severe issues posed by a constrained site.

The simplicity in design belies the skill it took to create a building which could otherwise have simply been extruded vertically in the odd shape of the site itself, or, over-compensated in being over-designed. Rather, in the form of an elegantly proportioned crystal-shape tower with spliced ends set atop the podium, it has become a modest, elegant, yet, notable landmark at the junction.

Wavy glass fins on the short elevation animate the building just enough. The jury appreciates the designer’s conviction that clarity, not complexity in this case, was all that was needed for this project.

Newton 200 images / information from Singapore Institute of Architects

Singapore Institute of Architects Architectural Design Awards

Location: 200 Newton Rd, Singapore 307983, Southeast Asia

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