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Onze22 Apartments in São Paulo

3 Aug 2023

Architects: Triptyque Architecture

Location: São Paulo, Brazil, South America

Onze22 Apartments São Paulo Brazil housing

Photos by Maíra Acayaba

Onze22 Apartments, Brazil

TRIPTYQUE Architecture presents Onze22, a residential building transcending the classic tower block as a set of overlapping, suspended slabs, interspersed with glass walls. Due to this structure framing the urban landscape in 360-degrees, Onze22 promotes total fluidity between exterior and interior. This design invites users to relate to the city not as something that is outside – here, the view composes the spaces as if it were part of the decoration.

Onze22 Apartments São Paulo

“Each point on the balcony invites you to observe São Paulo, providing endless views and, at the corners, the possibility of letting your gaze go in different directions,” says Gui Sibaud, founding partner of the TRIPTYQUE agency, which designed the project.

Onze22 Apartments São Paulo Brazil housing

The building’s transparent skin ensures that the spaces of the studios and apartments are bathed in natural light. A covered balcony surrounds them entirely, expanding the spaces and ensuring protection against excess sun.

Onze22 Apartments São Paulo Brazil

TRIPTYQUE’s fourth project for IdeaZarvos! in Vila Madalena, São Paulo, Onze22 seems to emerge from a green belt, as if it were a dominant living tree.

Onze22 Apartments São Paulo housing

The building is “planted” at Rua Agissê 287, close to a large tree-lined square, and manifests the activism of the French-Brazilian agency for a new pact between nature and the city. On the ground floor of the development, comprised of two towers (home and studio), the 6m high pillars facilitate dialogue with the surroundings.

Onze22 Apartments São Paulo housing

Onze22 Apartments São Paulo housing

“Pilotis allow for a smooth and diffused transition between the public (the street) and the private,” explains Olivier Raffaëlli, founding partner of TRIPTYQUE.

Onze22 Apartments São Paulo São Paulo real estate by Triptyque Architecture

The landscaping, designed by Rodrigo Oliveira, extends the exuberant vegetation of the neighbouring square into the grounds in an exercise of continuity. This tropical garden envelops the common areas — also entirely glazed — of a building without fences, whose original geometry makes it difficult to differentiate between the facade and the back of the building (in Onze22, all sides are facades).

SP home design by Triptyque Architecture

São Paulo home design by Triptyque Architecture

The first floors overlook the square and, from the upper floors, the open panorama of the neighbourhood offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Onze22 Apartments São Paulo Brazil Modern SP home design - Brazil housing

Casa D31 in São Paulo Brazil – Building Information

Client: Idea!Zarvos
Architecture: Triptyque Architecture – https://triptyque.com/en/
Authors: Gui Sibaud, Olivier Raffaëlli, Carol Bueno and Greg Bousquet
Project coordinator: João Vieira, Renata Cupini and Julio Prieto
Team: Larissa Higa, Victor Hertel, Marina Olivi, Natália Shiroma
Landscaping: Rodrigo Oliveira

Onze22 Apartments São Paulo housing

Program: Residential
Total built area: 18,188.10 sqm
Land area: 2,402.91
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Year: 2023

Onze22 Apartments São Paulo Brazil

About Triptyque
Triptyque is a French-Brazilian architecture and urbanism agency known for its naturalist and rationalist approach. It is led by Guillaume Sibaud and Olivier Raffaëlli, founding partners, trained at the Paris La Seine School of Architecture and the Paris Institute of Urbanism.

Driven by a common interest in contemporary metropolises and the desire to confront other realities, they founded Triptyque agency in São Paulo in 2000 and in Paris in 2008.

For more than two decades, Triptyque has been developing public and private architecture, urbanism, and interior projects in Latin America and Europe in various sectors such as residential, corporate, education, hospitality, healthcare, and research. In addition, the agency has also taken part in several exhibitions and biennials. Models of some of their designs have been included in museum collections, such as the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Triptyque has received numerous international awards and their work has been published in many countries,

Onze22 Apartments São Paulo Brazil

Photography: Maíra Acayaba

Casa D31, São Paulo Brazil images / information received 030823

Location: São Paulo, SP, Brasil, South America

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