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Casa Malota, Jundiai – SP, Brazil

18 July 2023

Architect: Aresto Arquitetura

Location: Chácaras de Recreio Malota Allotment, Jundiai, SP, Brazil

casa malota

Photos by Adriano Pacelli

Casa Malota, Jundiai, Brazil

Casa Malota Jundiai

The flat terrain of generous dimensions is located in a very wooded region with preserved areas of native forest, very close to Serra do Japi. Considered a national heritage due to its biodiversity, this mountain is home to an extensive reserve of Atlantic Forest.

Observations of this exuberant environment were fundamental for the general direction of the project, which started from the premise of a single-story house that was positioned in such a way as not to remove any existing trees, and harmoniously coexist with the local nature.

Casa Malota SP

As a reference to the natural permeability of the treetops, we made a series of gaps in the roof slab, totaling 14 gaps. These gaps allow the entry of sun and wind and the creation of gardens inside the house, in addition to generating interesting contrasts of light and shade and allowing views of the treetops.

The volumetry is composed of four blocks. Longitudinally, there are: the service block, the intimate pavilion for the bedrooms and the TV room and the sauna block. Positioned transversely, in a more prominent way is the social block with higher ceilings and that houses the living rooms and the kitchen. The social, intimate, and sauna blocks are interconnected by a metal structure roof that protects the bedroom veranda and the barbecue veranda.

Casa Malota Jundiai, São Paulo

As soon as you pass through the social gate, what you see are two blocks fitted together, with different materials, one of which houses the garage covered in gray mass and with a bottom of concrete slats fitted under a larger white box. And right in the center, there is a large glazed area that allows the view of the bottom of the land. This central transparency aims to generate curiosity and surprise to the visitor, inviting him to enter.

Casa Malota Jundiai in São Paulo Casa Malota

For those who see the house from the back, the biggest highlight is the roof in a metallic structure painted in black with wood-finished lining. Due to its elongated and “L” shape, this cover brings a dynamic movement to the facade and ends up “hiding” behind the sauna block, which is coated with the same gray mass that covers the garage box. Under this cover, there are sliding panels made of perforated sheet metal to provide greater privacy and control of solar incidence in the bedrooms.

Casa Malota Jundiai, São Paulo, Brasil

The simple materiality of a few elements such as the black of the metal roof and windows, the concrete and the gray and white tone of the external paint, is also brought to the choice of internal finishes. The unity of the internal spaces is obtained through the choice of the same woody pattern for the floor, ceiling and MDF of the custom furniture, a single pattern of porcelain tiles and by choices that refer to the external finishes for the countertops, such as the gray granite of the bathrooms that refers to concrete and black granite, which refers to the black tone of the windows and metal roof.

Casa Malota, São Paulo – Building Information

Project name: Casa Malota
Office: Aresto Arquitetura
Pinterest: @arestoarquitetura
Instagram: @aresto.arquitetura
Youtube: @arestoarquitetura
Contact email:
Office Location: Avenida Nove de Julho 3405 Edifício Mondial, room 318 – Anhangabaú, Jundiaí – SP, CEP 13208-056

Home in Jundiai, São Paulo

Project completion year: 2022
Gross built area: 528.25 m²
Project location: : Chácaras de Recreio Malota Allotment, Lot 4A Block C
City: Jundiaí Country: Brazil
Program: garage, warehouse, maid’s dormitory, service area, drying patio, kitchen, pantry, sauna, external bathroom, swimming pool, living room, dining room, tv room, toilet, office, office bathroom, suite 01 , suite 01 bathroom, , suite 02, suite 02 bathroom, master suite, master suite closet, master suite bathroom.

Lead Architect: Danillo Mazzani
Lead architect contact email:
Lead Architect (interior architecture): Suelem Leite
Lead architect contact email (interiors):

Photo credits: Adriano Pacelli
Photographer’s email:
Photographer profile on Instagram: @adrianopacelli
Video credits: Adriano Pacelli

Casa Malota, Jundiai – SP images / information received 180723 from Aresto Arquitetura, Brazil

Location: Jundiai, São Paulo, SP, Brasil, South America

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